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From flood forecasting to crisis management
14. Nov 2018 - 16. Nov 2018 • Avignon, Frankreich
NERC advanced training short course — Natural Flood Risk Management
19. Nov 2018 - 23. Nov 2018 • Lancaster, Großbritannien
Free course, designed for PhD students, postdocs, MSc students and other early career researchers, taught by experts in flood risk management, monitoring and modelling from JBA Consulting & Lancaster University Open course flyer The course is free to successful applicants (including accommodation and a travel subsidy). If you would like further details &/or an application form, please write to Dr Nick A Chappell via n.chappell@lancaster.ac.uk Closing date for applications is 28 Sep 2018.
Email: n.chappell@lancaster.ac.uk
Hydrology National Conference — Hydrology and Community Involvement
20. Nov 2018 • Mullingar, Co. Westmeath, Irland
The conference will focus on the interaction between hydrology and communities. Interactive community engagement and involvement is crucial for the successful implementation of water policies and projects. Allowing all stakeholders to bring forth their concerns and opinions can lead to reduced delays and costs, improved design, and a higher level of acceptance amongst the community.
Symposium on the Impacts of Climate Change on Lake Victoria
03. Dez 2018 - 04. Dez 2018 • Kampala, Uganda
The „Symposium on the Impacts of Climate Change on Lake Victoria“ is being organised to gather and promote information on climate change initiatives being undertaken by African and non-African organisations and scientists undertaking projects and performing research on climate change in the Lake Victoria Basin.
10th International Perspectives on Water and Environment
04. Dez 2018 - 07. Dez 2018 • Cartagena, Kolumbien
Moist Processes in the Atmosphere
17. Feb 2019 - 23. Feb 2019 • Oberwolfach, Deutschland
Processes related to water in the atmosphere lead to severe uncertainties in weather forecasting and climate research. Atmospheric water vapor and cloud water strongly influence the Earth's energy budget through, e.g., energy conversions associated with phase changes, fluid dynamical effects associated with buoyancy, and through their influence on radiative transport properties of the atmosphere. Given the critical green-house effect of water vapor, it seems astounding that climate modellers cannot with certainty state whether the Earth's cloud system has a positive or negative influence on the global mean temperature. The formation of clouds involves small-scale processes currently unresolved by climate models, and thus cloud cover is one of the main sources of uncertainty. This large uncertainty has its roots in the extremely wide range of length and time scales associated with moist processes, which pose an equally wide range of challenges to mathematical and computational modelling.

New and innovative methods, modelling frameworks, efficient compu-tational techniques, and complex statistical data analysis procedures as well as their mathematical analysis are urgently needed in order to make progress in this new field - from the mathematicians point of view. One of the main goals of this workshop is to show the path forward for current and future applied mathematical scientists, to work hand in hand across the disciplines of mathematics, physics, and atmospheric science, in order to tackle the complex problem of dynamical and thermodynamical processes associated with clouds and moisture, both from the theoretical and the applied view points.

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2019 IECA Annual Conference and Expo
19. Feb 2019 - 22. Feb 2019 • Denver, Colorado, Vereinigte Staaten
The IECA Annual Conference and Expo brings together the industry’s most innovative minds in the erosion and sediment control and storm water industry. Attend this one-of-a-kind conference to connect with thousands of colleagues from over 25 countries, engage in cutting-edge educational sessions while earning professional development hours and access one of the largest expo halls in the industry.
Verwandte Fachgebiete:
EGU2019 — European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2019
07. Apr 2019 - 12. Apr 2019 • Vienna , Österreich
LuWQ2019 — International Conference on LAND USE and WATER QUALITY
07. Apr 2019 - 12. Apr 2019 • Aarhus , Dänemark
LuWQ2019 is an international and interdisciplinary conference on the cutting edge of science, management and policy to minimise effects of agriculture and land use changes on the quality of groundwater and surface waters.
LuWQ2019 — 4th International Interdisciplinary Conference on LAND USE and WATER QUALITY: Agriculture and the Environment
03. Jun 2019 - 06. Jun 2019 • Aarhus, Dänemark
LuWQ2019 is an interdisciplinary conference on the cutting edge of science, management and policy to minimise effects of agriculture and land use changes on the quality of groundwater and surface waters. The conference aims to discuss the entire ’policy cycle’ to enable enhancing the quality of the water environment, which includes problem recognition, formulation of technical options, policy formulation, interaction between policy makers and stakeholders (i.e. pressure groups), policy implementation, monitoring and research. The conference also aims to facilitate networking opportunities between scientists of different discipline backgrounds i.e. economic, social and natural sciences, as well as between scientists, water managers and policy makers.
Karel KOVAR;     Tel.: [+31 6 2039 5029];     Email: karel.kovar@dce.au.dk
agriculture, agronomy, agro-economics, agro-sociology, farming, water quality, water management, water policy, hydrology, aquatic ecosystems, terrestrial ecosystems, unsaturated zone, groundwater, surface waters, drinking water, monitoring, modelling, nutrients, nitrate, phosphorus, pesticides, agrochemicals, heavy metals
Gordon Research Seminar — Catchment Science: Interactions of Hydrology, Biology and Geochemistry
22. Jun 2019 - 23. Jun 2019 • Proctor Academy, Andover, NH, Vereinigte Staaten
Gordon Research Conference — Catchment Science: Interactions of Hydrology, Biology and Geochemistry
23. Jun 2019 - 28. Jun 2019 • Proctor Academy, Andover, NH, Vereinigte Staaten

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