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Flow Chemistry
08. Jun 2017 - 09. Jun 2017 • Barcelona, Spanien
The Scale-Up of Chemical Processes
21. Jun 2017 - 23. Jun 2017 • Rochester, Vereinigte Staaten
Whether you are a chemist, chemical engineer, QA or safety specialist, your aims when scaling up your process are often the same: Designing and developing safe processes; Achieving greater process efficiency, yield and throughput; Eliminating unsafe and non-green processes and materials; Decreasing the costs and number of steps involved. Since the first conference in 1994, The Scale-Up of Chemical Processes Conference has become the major international forum for the discussion of all these aspects of scale-up and more, in the pharmaceutical, fine chemical and allied fields. Key speakers will present case studies and examples of some of the pitfalls and problems they encountered and how they overcame them. With unparalleled networking opportunities, this broad-based conference is the best place to learn about and discuss the latest novel ideas and techniques with the key people in the industry.
Dr. Claire Francis;     Tel.: [0044 (0)1435 873062];     Email: sciup@scientificupdate.co.uk
Organic Chemistry, Scale-up, Process Chemistry
Verwandte Fachgebiete:
Heterogeneous Catalytic Hydrogenation
27. Jun 2017 - 28. Jun 2017 • Lisbon , Portugal
Practical Management of Impurities and Development of Effective and Comprehensive Control Strategies
06. Jul 2017 - 07. Jul 2017 • Newcastle, Großbritannien
GCNPC2017 — Green Chemistry and Nanotechnologies in Polymer Chemistry
06. Sep 2017 - 08. Sep 2017 • Prag, Tschechische Republik
Conference combines two popular areas of current research: the green approach utilizing renewable resources and mild reaction conditions together with innovative nanotechnologies enabling to design novel polymer materials with advanced properties. The 8th Workshop on Green Chemistry and Nanotechnologies in Polymer Chemistry organized by the Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry AS CR offers a friendly environment to encourage open discussions, to exchange ideas and to initiate collaboration with other participants.
Hynek Beneš;     Tel.: [+420-296809331];     Email: sympo@imc.cas.cz
green chemistry, nanotechnologies, natural polymers, fibers, biodegradation, environmental issues, bioplastics for packaging, nanostructured polymers, biocomposites, nanocomposites, nanofillers, polymer nanofibers, sustainable nanomaterials
Secrets of Batch Process Scale-Up
26. Sep 2017 - 28. Sep 2017 • Madrid , Spanien
Design Development & Scale-Up of Safe Chemical Processes and Operations
23. Okt 2017 - 25. Okt 2017 • Princeton NJ, Vereinigte Staaten
Chemical Development & Scale-Up in the Fine Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries
30. Okt 2017 - 01. Nov 2017 • New Orleans, Vereinigte Staaten
Applied Chemistry — 2nd International Conference on Applied Chemistry
25. Nov 2017 - 28. Nov 2017 • Hurgada, Ägypten
On behalf of the International Society of Applied Chemistry and Community Development (ISAC-CD) and Sohag University, it is a great pleasure to invite you to attend the
Prof. Dr. Ahmed M. El-Saghier;     Tel.: [+201067600636];     Email: el.saghier@science.sohag.edu.eg
TOPICS will include, but not be limited to: [1] Nanotechnology and Materials Science [3] Catalysis and Polymer Science. [5] Green and Environmental Chemistry. [7] Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Chemistry [9] Organic chemistry, Biochemistry and Natural Products [11] Petroleum and Petrochemicals. [2] Inorganic Chemistry and Analytical Chemistry. [4] Physical and Theoretical Chemistry [6] Environmental Chemistry and Renewable Energy. [8] Industrial and Petroleum Chemistry [10] Food and Agricultural Chemistry. [12 Geochemistry and Mineral Chemistry [13] Chemical Education
Hazardous Chemistry for Streamlined Large Scale Synthesis
28. Nov 2017 - 29. Nov 2017 • Antwerp, Belgien
This 3rd international conference and exhibition has been designed to showcase synthetic chemistry involving hazardous reagents, intermediates and/or reaction conditions carried out on an industrial scale. Safety aspects and changes to reaction conditions to avoid dangerous operating conditions will be highlighted.
Claire Francis;     Tel.: [0044 (0)1435 873062];     Email: sciup@scientificupdate.co.uk
The conference will include examples involving: azide and diazo chemistry, flow chemistry, pressure reactions such as carbonylations, halogenations, nitrations and nitro-compounds, organometallic chemistry, hydride reductions, chlorination and sulfonation chemistry, Vilsmeier chemistry

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