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29th International Conference on Diamond and Carbon Materials
02. Sep 2018 - 06. Sep 2018 • Valamar Lacroma Dubrovnik, Dubrovnik, Kroatien
AEM 2018- Advanced Energy Materials
10. Sep 2018 - 12. Sep 2018 • University of Surrey, Großbritannien
AEM 2018- Advanced Energy Materials will take place between 10-12 September 2018 at the University of Surrey, England. International Conference on: Advanced Energy Materials Advanced Nano Materials Hydrogen Energy Solar Energy Materials Polymer Energy Materials Crystalline Porous Materials Catalysis and Energy Materials Advanced Graphene Materials
11ICG — 11th International Conference on Geosynthetics
16. Sep 2018 - 21. Sep 2018 • Seoul, Republik Korea
The Korean Geosynthetics Society (KGSS) will have the privilege of hosting the 11th International Conference on Geosynthetics (11ICG), which will be held in Seoul, Korea from September 16 to 21, 2018. The 11ICG is held under the auspices of the International Geosynthetics Society which represents over 3,500 individual members composed of engineers and researchers from over 43 chapters with 161 global corporate members. With more than 1,000 industrial, academic, and research experts attending from over 50 countries, the 11ICG promises to be an event you won’t want to miss. The 11ICG will provide all participants a firm platform for a meaningful academic, professional, social and cultural experience. The theme of the 11ICG is “Geosynthetics: Innovative Solutions for Sustainable Development,
Tel.: [82-2-566-5950, 6031];     Email: secretariat@11icg-seoul.org
Sustainability and Green Technology with Geosynthetics, Geosynthetic Barriers, Geosynthetics in Filtration, Drainage and Erosion Control, Reinforced Walls and Slopes, Ground Improvement Using Geosynthetics, Roads, Railways and Other Transportation Applications, Soil-Geosynthetic Interaction, Hydraulic Applications, Innovative Uses and New Developments, Case Histories, Durability and Long Term Performance, Physical and Numerical Analysis, Geosynthetics Properties and Testing, Quality Control and Quality Assurance, Design Approaches and Other Applications
Thermosetting Resins 2018 - From Basics to Applications
25. Sep 2018 - 27. Sep 2018 • Berlin, Deutschland
International Conference on Thermosetting Resins from Basics to Applications including the following topics: Chemistry of thermosetting resins, Processing of thermosetting resins, Characterization of thermosetting resins, Modeling and Simulation, New and sustainable thermosetting resin chemistry, Repair and recycling aspects as well as Applications of thermosetting resins, e.g. fiber reinforced thermosets, adhesives, coatings. The conference program will include plenary and bi-parallel sessions as well as a poster exhibition. Furthermore, industry is invited to present their innovations in products and technics in a small industrial exhibition.
Email: contact@thermosetting-resins.de
thermosets, thermosetting resins, fiber reinforced plastics
4th International Conference on Bioinspired and Biobased Chemistry & Materials
14. Okt 2018 - 17. Okt 2018 • Nizza, Frankreich
4th Edition International Smart Materials and Surfaces - SMS 2018 - Conference
23. Okt 2018 - 25. Okt 2018 • Venedig, Italien
The 4th Edition Smart Materials & Surfaces conference, SMS 2018, is a three-days event targeting researchers interested in the design, modification, characterization and applications of Novel Smart Materials, Surfaces and Structures. It covers the most promising areas of the smart and multifunctional materials R&D and report recent advances on creatively modified Materials. The goal of conference is to provide a global platform for researchers and engineers coming from academia and industry and different regions of the world to present their research results and activities in this emerging research field.
Tel.: [+33 6 44 10 12 82];     Email: malika.ardhaoui@setcor.org, t.benissa@setcor.org
EICC-2018 — Egyptian Fourth International Conference in Chemistry
05. Nov 2018 - 08. Nov 2018 • Marsa Alam, Ägypten
Email: info@egy-chem-soc.org
Analytical Chemistry, Organic and Inorganic Chemistry, Environmental and Green Chemistry, Petrochemicals, Industrial and Engineering Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Biotechnology, Nano and Composite Materials, Physical and Theoretical Chemistry
9th International Workshop on Advanced Materials Science and Nanotechnology
07. Nov 2018 - 11. Nov 2018 • Ninh Binh, Vietnam
The 6th, 7th and 8th International Workshop on Advanced Materials Science and Nanotechnology (IWAMSN2012, IWAMSN2014 and IWAMSN2016) were successfully held in Ha Long City. The 9th one (IWAMSN 2018) will be held in Ninh Binh City on 7 - 11 November 2018. Ha Long is about 170 km north-east of Hanoi, is a beautiful bay with thousands of variously-shaped islands that are considered to be a World Heritage under protection by UNESCO. Ninh Binh is about 100 km south of Hanoi, is a fascinating place with hundreds of limestone cliffs emerging on the rice fields, and is named the “Halong Bay in land”. From Ninh Binh City, you can easily visit the old capital, Hoa Lu, of an ancient Vietnamese Kingdom, and many beautiful sights nearby.

- https://north-vietnam.com/ninh-binh/

- http://justglobetrotting.com/ninh-binh-the-hidden-gem-of-vietnam/

- https://www.tripadvisor.fr/Attractions-g303945-Activities-Ninh_Binh_Ninh_Binh_Province.html#MAPVIEW

The scientific area includes six Topics and correspondingly six Sections:

Materials for Electronics and Photonics (code: MEP)

Nanostructured Materials and Devices (code: NMD)

Nanotechnology in Life Science and Environment Technology (code: NLE)

New Materials for Energy (code: NME)

Two-dimensional Hexagonal Semiconductors (code: THS)

Advanced Metals and Composites (code: AMC)

The Workshop is co-organized by Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology (VAST) and the National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS), and an External Activity of Asia Pacific Center for Theoretical Physics (APCTP), Pohang, Korea.

Materials for Electronics and Photonics ; Nanostructured Materials and Devices; Nanotechnology in Life Science and Environment Technology; New Materials for Energy; Two-dimensional Hexagonal Semiconductors; Advanced Metals and Composites
Verwandte Fachgebiete:
MCIC 2018 — 2nd Materials Chain International Conference
12. Nov 2018 - 14. Nov 2018 • Bochum, Deutschland
The second Materials Chain International Conference, MCIC 2018, will take place from November 12 to November 14 2018 in Bochum, Germany. MCIC 2018 will highlight recent trends in materials science and production technology by giving insight into current top-class research and future prospects in this area. It figures as a platform for connecting materials research across borders and boundaries – covering the complete materials chain from basic research on materials to applied technologies and from the fundamental description of materials on the atomic scale to the properties of technical components and their manufacturing. 12 leading international guest speakers will present their current research in materials science and technology at MCIC 2018.
Adaptive and Smart Materials, Energy Conversion and Storage, Interface-dominated Materials, Materials for Communication Technologies and IT, Quantum Computing, High-performance Materials for Harsh Environments, Functional and Structural Characterization, Modelling and Simulation, Processing and Synthesis, Production Engineering.
2018 Materials Research Society Fall Meeting and Exhibit
25. Nov 2018 - 30. Nov 2018 • Boston Massachusetts. , Vereinigte Staaten
C&FC 2018 — Catalysis and Fine Chemicals 2018
10. Dez 2018 - 14. Dez 2018 • Bangkok, Thailand
The C&FC originated from Japan in 2001 at Waseda University, Tokyo. C&FC was initially organized by Catalysis and Fine Chemicals (C&FC) division, Catalysis Society of Japan (CATSJ). The symposiums were then held in Hong Kong (2004), Singapore (2007), Seoul Korea (2009), Nara, Japan (2011), Beijing, China (2013), Teipei, Taiwan (2016).
Tel.: [+66 81 801 7345];     Email: secretariat@cfc2018.org
Fine chemical, catalysis, industrial catalysis
Verwandte Fachgebiete:
2019 2nd International Joint Conference on Materials Science and Mechanical Engineering
18. Jan 2019 - 20. Jan 2019 • Phuket, Thailand
Verwandte Fachgebiete:
Advanced Materials 2019 — Advanced Materials and Engineering Meeting
18. Feb 2019 - 20. Feb 2019 • San Francisco, Vereinigte Staaten
United Scientific Group warmly welcomes you to join us in an “Initiative to connect the opportune people and technology” on the global platform, namely “Advanced Materials and Engineering Meeting (AMEM 2019)”, the first of its kind, at San Francisco, CA, USA. The AMEM 2019 aims to converge the breakthrough developments from the fields of chemistry, physics, materials science and engineering to address genuine technology needs, while also considering the translational path from bench to bedside. AMEM is an ideal setting for this endeavor. For 3 days, scientists, industrialists, and students with different backgrounds and expertise convene to synergistically advance the field of materials science by presenting their latest research, attending stimulating workshops and symposia and having lively discussions during breaks and social events. We are confident that AMEM will encourage these activities in the best possible manner. AMEM provides a dynamic environment for innovative science and technological applications.
Tel.: [+14084264832];     Email: contact@amemeeting.org
Advancement in Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology, Hard Tissue Engineering, Development of New Characterization, Modeling, Data Analytics and Design Methods, Structural Materials and Metallurgy, Scanning Probe Microscopy for Energy Applications, Materials for Energy Storage, Production & Harvesting Applications, Simulation of Materials Processing and Technologies, Additive Manufacturing, Surface Coating and Tribology, Failure Analysis and Prevention Techniques, Adhesives and Joining Technologies, Polymer Science and Engineering, Particular and Fibre Composites, Finite Element analysis of Automotive, aerospace structure, Graphene
Zr Alloy Corrosion and Hydrogen Pickup Mechanisms Seminar
14. Mär 2019 - 15. Mär 2019 • Palma de Mallorca, Spanien
5th Euro BioMAT - European Symposium and Exhibition on Biomaterials and Related Areas
08. Mai 2019 - 09. Mai 2019 • Weimar, Deutschland
Based on the huge success of the previous four Euro BioMAT Symposia 2011 in Jena and in 2013, 2015 and 2017 in Weimar this international conference will be held every two years in the Jena-Weimar region. The symposium Euro BioMAT 2019, 08.-09. May 2019, addresses the growing interest of science and industry in the different aspects of the creation, characterization, testing and application of biomaterials and closely related areas. The motivation is not only the recent scientific progress and new challenges of this exciting, strongly interdisciplinary field of science and engineering. Materials scientists, physicists, chemists, biologists in industrial R&D as well as medical professionals are increasingly facing situations, where materials are confronted with high performance requirements and a challenging biological environment at the same time.
Tel.: [+49 (151) 2122 7448];     Email: biomat@dgm.de
Gordon Research Seminar — Self-Assembly and Supramolecular Chemistry
18. Mai 2019 - 19. Mai 2019 • Les Diablerets Conference Center, Les Diablerets, Schweiz
Gordon Research Conference — Self-Assembly and Supramolecular Chemistry
19. Mai 2019 - 24. Mai 2019 • Les Diablerets Conference Center, Les Diablerets, Schweiz
MC14 — 14th International Conference on Materials Chemistry
08. Jul 2019 - 11. Jul 2019 • Birmingham, Großbritannien
The 'MC' conference series has provided a showcase for materials chemistry for two decades, and is the flagship event of the RSC's Materials Chemistry Division.
4th International Conference on the Periodic Table: Mendeleev 150
26. Jul 2019 - 28. Jul 2019 • Saint-Peterburg, Vereinigte Staaten
Tribochemistry Hakodate 2019 — 8th international forum on tribochemistry
12. Sep 2019 - 14. Sep 2019 • Hakodate, Hokkaido, Japan

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