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New directions in porous crystalline materials: Faraday Discussion
05. Jun 2017 - 07. Jun 2017 • Edinburgh, Großbritannien
MC13 — 13th International Conference on Materials Chemistry
10. Jul 2017 - 13. Jul 2017 • Liverpool, Großbritannien
9th International Conference on Borate Glasses, Crystals and Melts and 2nd International Conference on Phosphate Glasses
24. Jul 2017 - 28. Jul 2017 • Oxford, Großbritannien
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ECI — Ultra-High Temperature Ceramics: Materials for Extreme Environment Applications IV
17. Sep 2017 - 20. Sep 2017 • Windsor, Großbritannien
Ultra-High Temperature Ceramics are a family of compounds that display a unique set of properties, including extremely high melting temperatures (>3000°C), high hardness and good chemical stability and strength at high temperatures. Structural materials for use in high-temperature oxidizing environments are presently limited mostly to SiC, Si3N4, oxide ceramics and composites of these materials. The maximum use temperatures of silicon-based ceramics is limited to ~1600°C due to the onset of active oxidation (lower temperatures in water vapour environments), whilst oxides have exhibited high creep rates at higher temperatures. The development of structural materials for use in oxidizing and rapid heating environments at temperatures above 1600°C is therefore of great engineering importance.

Arlene Conway;     Tel.: [212-514-6760];     Email: info@engconfintl.org
Ceramics Carbides nitrides borides transition metals compounds divertors hypersonic vehicles plasma electrodes fusion nuclear fuels furnace elements nuclear defence aerospace matrix composites structural materials
Verwandte Fachgebiete:
3rd MMAP — 3rd Molecules and Materials for Artificial Photosynthesis Conference
02. Mär 2018 - 05. Mär 2018 • Cancun, Großbritannien
The replacement of fossil fuels by a clean and renewable energy source is one of the most urgent and challenging issues our society is facing today, which is why intense research is devoted to this topic recently. Nature has been using sunlight as the primary energy input to oxidize water and generate carbohydrates (a solar fuel) for over a billion years. Inspired, but not constrained, by nature, artificial systems can be designed to capture light and oxidize water and reduce protons or other organic compounds to generate useful chemical fuels. Significant progress has been made recently in artificial photosynthesis based on molecular chemistry and material science. However, developments in these two areas have occurred more independently than what is perhaps desired. In the present meeting, we will bring together researchers in these two scientific communities to explore possible synergistic effects of “fusion” between molecular and materials systems.
Sarah Trundle;     Email: sarah@fusion-conferences.com
Molecules, Materials, Artificial Photosynthesis, Fundamentals of light capturing and conversion, Water oxidation catalysis, Proton and CO2 reduction catalysis, Interfacing molecules and materials for photosynthesis, Complete cells for the generation of solar fuels
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