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Salish Sea Ecosystem Conference
19 avr 2020 - 22 avr 2020 • Vancouver, BC, Canada
Salish Sea Institute at Western Washington University
The Salish Sea Ecosystem Conference is the largest, most comprehensive event of its kind in the region. The purpose of the conference is to assemble scientists, First Nations and tribal government representatives, resource managers, community and business leaders, policy makers, educators, and students to present the latest scientific research on the state of the ecosystem, and to guide future actions for protecting and restoring the Salish Sea ecosystem.
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2020 AOCS Annual Meeting & Expo
26 avr 2020 - 29 avr 2020 • Montréal, Québec, Canada
The American Oil Chemists' Society (AOCS)
The AOCS Annual Meeting & Expo is a premier international science and business forum on fats, oils, surfactants, proteins and related materials. The extensive technical program, with 10 interest areas, will feature more than 600 invited and volunteer oral and poster presentations.
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ICSC 2020 — 8th International Crop Science Congress
21 jui 2020 - 25 jui 2020 • Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
We are pleased to invite you to participate in the 8th International Crop Science Congress (ICSC) that will be held in Saskatoon, Canada from June 21 – 25, 2020. Saskatoon is the agricultural hub of the province of Saskatchewan, which has over 40% of Canada’s agricultural land; on a global scale, this area produces one-third of the canola and durum wheat, two-thirds of the lentils, and significant peas and flax production. Crop research presented at this congress will span from fundamental to field-based work, and will also address recent advances in translating fundamental research discoveries to crop improvement in the field. Under the theme of the 2020 ICSC - Food Security & Safety – Globally, the congress will address how the very multidisciplinary of 21st century crop research is critical to the development of unique, sustainable, agricultural systems having the capacity to support animal and human health, on a global scale, while being mindful of our custodial responsibilities towards the health our planet Earth.
Congress Secretariat;     Tél.: [+1 604 688 9655];     Email.:
Crop Sciences, Crops, Agriculture, physiology, genomics, genetics, evolution, biotechnology, breeding, climate change, production, environment, biology, technology, agronomy, society, Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Canada, international, agri-food, food
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30 aou 2020 - 02 sep 2020 • St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada
World Aquaculture Society
Joint meeting of Aquaculture Association of Canada, Newfoundland Aquaculture Industry Association and World Aquaculture Society
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