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Model Theory, Combinatorics and Valued fields: Trimester at the Institut Henri Poincaré
00 Dec 0000 - 06 Apr 2018 • Paris, France
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Geometric and Topological Combinatorics
14 Aug 2017 - 15 Dec 2017 • Mathematical Sciences Research Institute, Berkeley, United States
Combinatorics is one of the fastest growing areas in contemporary Mathematics,and much of this growth is due to the connections and interactions with other areas of Mathematics. This program is devoted to the very vibrant and active area of interaction between Combinatorics with Geometry and Topology. That is, we focus on (1) the study of the combinatorial properties or structure of geometric and topological objects and (2) the development of geometric and topological techniques to answer combinatorial problems. Key examples of geometric objects with intricate combinatorial structure are point configurations and matroids, hyperplane and subspace arrangements, polytopes and polyhedra, lattices, convex bodies, and sphere packings. Examples of topology in action answering combinatorial challenges are the by now classical Lovasz's solution of the Kneser conjecture, which yielded functorial approaches to graph coloring, and the more recent, extensive topological machinery.
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ANALCO18 — Analytic Algorithmics and Combinatorics
08 Jan 2018 - 09 Jan 2018 • Astor Crowne Plaza - New Orleans French Quarter, N, United States
The aim of ANALCO is to provide a forum for the presentation of original research in the analysis of algorithms and associated combinatorial structures. We invite both papers that study properties of fundamental combinatorial structures that arise in practical computational applications (such as permutations, trees, strings, tries, and graphs) and papers that address the precise analysis of algorithms for processing such structures, including: average-case analysis; analysis of moments, extrema, and distributions; probabilistic analysis of randomized algorithms, and so on. Submissions that present significant new information about classic algorithms are welcome, as are new analyses of new algorithms that present unique analytic challenges. We also invite submissions that address tools and techniques for the analysis of algorithms and combinatorial structures, both mathematical and computational. The scientific program will include invited talks, contributed research papers, and ample time for discussion and debate of topics in this area.
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Ramsey Theory of Equations and related topics
16 Feb 2018 - 17 Feb 2018 • Pisa, Italy
In 2016 two long standing open problems in Ramsey Theory of equations and polynomial configurations have been solved: the Boolean Pythagorean triples problem and the partition regularity of the configuration {x,x+y,xy}. For this reason, problems regarding the partition regularity of nonlinear Diophantine equations and polynomial configurations are now in the spotlight of the mathematical community. An interesting feature of this topic is that different non-elementary techniques, including ultrafilters, ergodic theory, nonstandard analysis, semigroup theory and topological dynamics, can be applied to attack problems. The aim of this Workshop is to present aspects of several of these different techniques, as well as to discuss some interesting related problems.
Lorenzo Luperi Baglini;     Email:
Ramsey Theory, combinatorics, Diophantine equations, partition regularity, ultrafilters.
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Forty-Ninth Southeastern International Conference on Combinatorics, Graph Theory, and Computing
05 Mar 2018 - 09 Mar 2018 • Florida Atlantic University Boca Raton, United States
The Forty-Ninth Southeastern International. Conference on Combinatorics, Graph Theory, and Computing will be held March 5-9, 2018, in the Student Union at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, south of Palm Beach and north of Fort Lauderdale and Miami. Celebrating its forty-ninth year, the Conference brings together mathematicians and others interested in combinatorics, graph theor and computing, and their interactions. The Conference lectures and contributed papers, as well as the opportunities for informal conversations, have proven to be of great interest to other scientists and analysts employing these mathematical sciences in their professional work in business, industry, and government. The Conference includes special sessions, as well events for graduate and undergraduate students.
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Enumerative Combinatorics
13 May 2018 - 19 May 2018 • Oberwolfach, Germany
GRWC — Graduate Research Workshop in Combinatorics
21 May 2018 - 01 Jun 2018 • Ames, IA, United States
The Graduate Research Workshop in Combinatorics (GRWC) is an annual two-week collaborative research workshop for advanced graduate students and postdocs from all areas of combinatorics. Participants work in small collaborative groups with faculty and postdocs on research problems from across the discipline. The workshops also host a variety of professional development workshops to prepare students and postdocs for industrial and academic careers.
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6th workshop on combinatorics of moduli spaces, cluster algebras, and topological recursion
04 Jun 2018 - 09 Jun 2018 • Moscow, Russia
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ECCO 2018 — Combinatorics Meets Algebra, Geometry, and Optimization
04 Jun 2018 - 15 Jun 2018 • Universidad del Norte, Barranquilla, Colombia
This summer school is the sixth "Encuentro Colombiano de Combinatoria (ECCO)" (Colombian Meeting on Combinatorics). Previous ones took place in Bogot?, Colombia in 2003, 2008, 2012, and 2014, and in Medell\'in, Colombia in 2016. The main objectives of the school are to bring young mathematicians from Latin America, Canada, USA, and Europe into close contact with each other along with world experts in various fields of combinatorics and related areas and to promote mathematics among young students in a motivating environment. A long term objective of the school is to build a broad and dynamic network of researchers around quality research, regional and international cooperation, dissemination of knowledge, and commitment to the new generations in all aspects of society.
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Retrospective Workshop on Combinatorial Algebraic Geometry
18 Jun 2018 - 22 Jun 2018 • Toronto, Canada
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Combinatory Analysis 2018: A Conference in Honor George Andrews' 80th Birthday
21 Jun 2018 - 24 Jun 2018 • Penn State University, United States
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Building Bridges II: Laszlo Lovasz is 70
02 Jul 2018 - 06 Jul 2018 • Budapest, Hungary
Celebrating the achievments of László Lovász in Combinatorics and Computer Science.
Sali Attila;     Phone: [+3614838300];     Email:
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FPSAC 2018 — International Conference on Formal Power Series and Algebraic Combinatorics
16 Jul 2018 - 20 Jul 2018 • Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH, United States
The 30th International Conference on Formal Power Series and Algebraic Combinatorics (FPSAC) will take place at Dartmouth College in Hanover, NH in 2018. Topics include all aspects of combinatorics and their relations with other parts of mathematics, physics, computer science, and biology. The conference will include invited lectures, contributed presentations, poster sessions, and software demonstrations.
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AIM Workshop: Additive combinatorics and its applications
20 Aug 2018 - 24 Aug 2018 • American Institute of Mathematics, San Jose, United States
This workshop, sponsored by AIM and the NSF, will be devoted to additive combinatorics and its applications in mathematics and computer science.
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2nd IMA Conference on Theoretical and Computational Discrete Mathematics
14 Sep 2018 - 15 Sep 2018 • Derby, United Kingdom
Discrete mathematics poses a wide range of challenging research problems, giving rise to important applications in other fields such as computer science, engineering, industry, business, finance and the physical/biological sciences. It is a dynamic subject in which techniques, theories and algorithms are drawn from many different areas, and it offers a diverse and stimulating environment for those whose work lies within it. The conference will showcase theoretical and computational advances in the general field of discrete mathematics. It is open to researchers working with mathematical structures and abstract constructs, and to those involved in the theory and practise of discrete algorithmic computing. The purpose of this event is to highlight progress in the field through the development of novel theories, methodologies and applications accordingly, and to inspire future work.
Pamela Bye;     Email:
Theoretical Computer Science, Algorithms, Automata, Codes, Cryptography, Image Processing, Logic Gates and Circuits, Number Theory, Computational, Elementary, Additive, Combinatorial, Set Relations, Orderings, Words, Permutation Patterns, Graph Theory and Network Problems, Number Sequences, Arithmetic Functions and Partitions, Combinatorics, Algorithmic, Algebraic, Analytic, Enumerative, Extremal, Probabilistic, Topological, Geometric, Theory of Designs, Matroids, Percolation, Optimization, Discrete, Combinatorial, Game Theory, Operations Research
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Combinatorial Optimization
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