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ICM 2018 Satellite Conference in Harmonic Analysis
24 Jul 2018 - 29 Jul 2018 • Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
Harmonic Analysis is a foundational area of mathematics which plays a crucial role in numerous other areas of pure and applied mathematics. This ICM Satellite conference will fulfill not only the immediate function of gathering some of the leading specialists in the area to discuss and present new results, but also the broader goal of making the area more visible to Brazilian mathematicians and students, and to make the Brazilian harmonic analysts more visible to the world. The conference will include specialists from many subtopics of Harmonic Analysis such as weighted inequalities and dyadic harmonic analysis, product spaces and multilinearity, extremal inequalities, frames, Fourier analysis and the restriction problem, as well as specialists in other areas that have some intersection with Harmonic Analysis or which use it as a tool, e.g., combinatorics/number theory, PDE's, and geometric measure theory.
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CCA 2018 - 15th International Conference on Computability and Complexity in Analysis
05 Aug 2018 - 08 Aug 2018 • Lake Kochel, Germany
Geometric Methods of Complex Analysis
12 Aug 2018 - 18 Aug 2018 • Oberwolfach, Germany
CMI-LMS Research School: New Trends in Analytic Number Theory 2018
13 Aug 2018 - 17 Aug 2018 • University of Exeter, Exeter, United Kingdom
Mid Year School on Analysis, Geometry, and Applications (MYSAGA) 2018
13 Aug 2018 - 18 Aug 2018 • Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB), Bandung, Indonesia
A mid year school focusing on recent developments in analysis, geometry, and their applications, is a new initiative from Analysis and Geometry Group, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Institut Teknologi Bandung (Bandung, Indonesia). The school will be held in six days, including social programs. The lectures will be delivered by three experts in the field. The school's name is Mid Year School on Analysis, Geometry, and Applications, abbreviated MYSAGA. The first MYSAGA will be held on August 13-18, 2018, including a one-day trip to Tangkuban Perahu Volcano. The focus of MYSAGA 2018 will be on Morrey Spaces and Related Topics. Besides the lectures, there will be 12 slots for 20-minute contributed talks by participants. For interested participants, please send an abstract of 75-150 words by email to hgunawan(at) by May 12, 2018, together with the Registration Form.
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Hamiltonian systems, from Topology to Applications through Analysis
13 Aug 2018 - 14 Dec 2018 • Mathematical Sciences Research Institute, Berkeley, United States
The interdisciplinary nature of Hamiltonian systems is deeply ingrained in its history. Therefore the program will bring together the communities of mathematicians with the community of practitioners, mainly engineers, physicists, and theoretical chemists who use Hamiltonian systems daily. The program will cover not only the mathematical aspects of Hamiltonian systems but also their applications, mainly in space mechanics, physics and chemistry. The mathematical aspects comprise celestial mechanics, variational methods, relations with PDE, Arnold diffusion and computation. The applications concern celestial mechanics, astrodynamics, motion of satellites, plasma physics, accelerator physics, theoretical chemistry, and atomic physics. The goal of the program is to bring to the forefront both the theoretical aspects and the applications, by making available for applications... (see website for more details).
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Introductory Workshop: Hamiltonian Systems, from Topology to Applications through Analysis
20 Aug 2018 - 24 Aug 2018 • Mathematical Sciences Research Institute, Berkeley, United States
The introductory workshop will cover the large variety of topics of the semester: weak KAM theory, Mather theory, Hamilton-Jacobi equations, integrable systems and integrable planar billiards, instability formation for nearly integrable systems, celestial mechanics, billiards, spectral rigidity, Astrodynamics, motion of satellites, Plasma Physics, Accelerator Physics, Theoretical Chemistry, and Atomic Physics. The workshop will consist of approximately eighteen lectures to introduce the main topics relevant to the semester. That will leave time for discussions and exchange between the participants.
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Summer School on Microlocal Methods in Global Analysis
27 Aug 2018 - 30 Aug 2018 • Mathematical Institute, University of Göttingen, Germany
The Summer School on "Microlocal Methods in Global Analysis" will offer a string of lecture series on recent exciting developments in global analysis and related fields. The lecture series are loosely connected through the methods used which are microlocal by nature. This summer school addresses doctoral students and postdoctoral researchers, but also welcomes more experienced researchers.
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ICAAM 2018 — Fourth International Conference on Analysis and Applied Mathematics
06 Sep 2018 - 09 Sep 2018 • Near East University, Lefkosa, Turkey
The Organizing Committee of ICAAM and Near East University, Lefkosa (Nicosia), Mersin 10, Turkey are pleased to invite you to the Fourth International Conference on Analysis and Applied Mathematics, ICAAM 2018. The conference is focused on various topics of analysis and its applications, applied mathematics and modeling. The aim of the conference is to bring mathematicians working in the area of analysis and applied mathematics together to share new trends of applications of mathematics.
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69th Workshop: Variational Analysis and Applications
08 Sep 2018 - 05 Sep 2018 • Erice, Italy
WCO18 - 11th International Workshop on Computational Optimization
09 Sep 2018 - 12 Sep 2018 • Poznan, Poland
EUCCO 2018 — 5th European Conference on Computational Optimization
10 Sep 2018 - 12 Sep 2018 • Trier, Germany
ICAA-2018 — International Conference on Analysis and Its Applications
11 Sep 2018 - 14 Sep 2018 • Ahi Evran University, Turkey
We are pleased to inform you that an "International Conference on Analysis and Its Applications (ICAA-2018)" will be held at Ahi Evran University, K\ir\c{s}ehir, Turkey during September 11- 14, 2018. It is an honor and privilege to be able to invite you as an active participant for a talk. All topics related to analysis and its applications, including, but not limited to: Approximation by Linear and Nonlinear Operators, Fixed Point Theory and its Applications, Applications in Differential Equations and Partial Differential Equations, Fourier, Wavelet and Harmonic Analysis Methods in Function Spaces, Variational Analysis Including Variational Inequalities, Optimization and its Applications, Convex Analysis and its Applications, Spectral Theory and Diferential Operators , Geometry of Banach Spaces, Modern Methods in Summability and Approximation, Sequence Spaces and Matrix Transformation.
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The 2018 Northeast Analysis Network Conference
14 Sep 2018 - 15 Sep 2018 • University at Albany SUNY, Albany, United States
The Northeast Analysis Network (NAN) brings together once a year the Mathematical Analysis communities in the state of New York and neighboring states. The NAN conference series is a forum for researchers at all stages in their career (finishing graduate students; post-docs; tenured/tenure-track faculty) to showcase their most recent work, share new ideas, and promote new synergies. Magnet lectures by leading researchers, the Excelsior Lectures, named after the motto of the state of New York, serve as a catalyst for each conference. Within each edition, the first Excelsior Lecture is of expository nature and accessible to young mathematicians and non-experts.
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HAA VII — 7th International Conference on Harmonic Analysis and Approximations
16 Sep 2018 - 22 Sep 2018 • Tsaghkadzor, Armenia
Yerevan State University, joint with the Institute of Mathematics of the Armenian National Academy of Sciences, is organizing the next international conference in Harmonic Analysis and Approximations on September 16 - 22, 2018. The conference will be held at the Yerevan State University guesthouse, Tsaghkadzor (Armenia). The aim of the conference is to bring together young and prominent researchers to present latest advances and problems in the field, and to provide a scientific forum to discuss and communicate on the issues and challenges in the field of Harmonic Analysis, Approximations and related fields.
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Analysis of Differential Operators on Manifolds
24 Sep 2018 - 26 Sep 2018 • Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany
The aim of the meeting is to bring together mathematicians working at the interface between Geometric Analysis, PDEs and Mathematical Physics through the talks by some of the most known and active international researchers. This event represents an important occasion to review recent achievements and to start fruitful discussions on the open issues and on the directions of future research.
Geometric Analysis, Mathematical Physics, Partial Differential Equations.
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ICVNS 2018 - 6th International Conference on Variable Neighborhood Search
04 Oct 2018 - 07 Oct 2018 • Sithonia, Halkidiki, Greece
The 6th International Conference on Variable Neighborhood Search will be held in Sithonia, Halkidiki, Greece (Porto Carras Meliton Hotel) October 4-7, 2018. VNS is a metaheuristic based on systematic changes in the neighborhood structure within a search, for solving optimization problems and related tasks. The main goal of the ICVNS 2018 is to provide a stimulating environment in which researchers coming from various scientific fields can share and discuss their knowledge, expertise and ideas related to the VNS Metaheuristic and its applications.
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Hamiltonian Systems, from Topology to Applications through Analysis I
08 Oct 2018 - 12 Oct 2018 • Mathematical Sciences Research Institute, Berkeley, United States
This is a main workshop of the program "Hamiltonian systems, from topology to applications through analysis" and is a companion to the workshop next month (November 26-30). Both workshops will feature current developments pertaining to finite and infinite-dimensional Hamiltonian systems, with a mix of rigorous theory and applications. A broad range of topics will be included, e.g., existence of and transport about invariant sets (Arnold diffusion, KAM, etc.), techniques for projection/reduction of infinite to finite systems, and the role of topological invariants in applications.
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Sixth Abel Conference: A Mathematical Celebration of Robert P. Langlands
14 Nov 2018 - 16 Nov 2018 • University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, MN, United States
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Hamiltonian Systems, from Topology to Applications through Analysis II
26 Nov 2018 - 30 Nov 2018 • Mathematical Sciences Research Institute, Berkeley, United States
This is a main workshop of the program "Hamiltonian systems, from topology to applications through analysis." It will feature current developments pertaining to finite and infinite-dimensional Hamiltonian systems, with a mix of rigorous theory and applications. A broad range of topics will be included, e.g., existence of and transport about invariant sets (Arnold diffusion, KAM, etc.), techniques for projection/reduction of infinite to finite systems, and the role of topological invariants in applications.
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NCMAMM-2018 — National Conference On Mathematical Analysis And Mathematical Modelling
07 Dec 2018 - 08 Dec 2018 • AE-374, Sector-I, Salt lake City, Kolkata-700064, India
The main objective of NCMAMM-2018 is to promote mathematical research and to focus the recent advances in the Mathematical Analysis and Mathematical Modelling. The conference aims to provide ideal platform for the young researchers to interact with senior scientists, to exchange their views and ideas and to initiate possible scientific collaboration in different domains.
Phone: [+919830913554];     Email:
Real Analysis, Complex Analysis, Geometric Analysis, Functional Analysis, Topology, Mathematical Models and Computational Methods, Approximation Theory, Astrophysics and Cosmology, Earth Science.
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International School-Conference "Sobolev Readings" dedicated to the 110th anniversary of the birthday of Sergei L. Sobolev
10 Dec 2018 - 16 Dec 2018 • Novosibirsk, Russia
The Sobolev Institute of Mathematics of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences jointly with Novosibirsk State University are organizing the International School-Conference "Sobolev Readings", which continues a series of conferences dedicated to Sergei L'vovich Sobolev, an outstanding scientist of the 20th century. The conference will be held in Novosibirsk, December 10-16, 2018. This year the School-Conference will be dedicated to the 110th anniversary of the birthday of S.L. Sobolev. The scientific program will include lecture courses, plenary lectures, and short communications. By tradition, one of the lecture courses will be devoted to S.L. Sobolev's article.
Partial Differential Equations, Equations of Mathematical Physics, Ordinary Differential Equations, Delay Differential Equations, Operator Theory, Spectral Theory, Function Spaces, Embedding Theorems, Approximation Theory, Cubature Formulas
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NCMAC 2018 — National Conference on Mathematical Analysis and Computing
13 Dec 2018 - 14 Dec 2018 • Chennai, India
The National Conference on Mathematical Analysis and Computing (NCMAC - 2018) is a premier conference which is being organized during December 13-14, 2018 at SSN College of Engineering, Kalavakkam, Tamil Nadu. It is a prestigious event organized with a motivation to provide an excellent platform for the leading academicians, researchers, industrial participants and budding students to share their research findings with the renowned experts. The conference seeks original contributions in the areas of Mathematical Analysis and Computing or related fields.
Phone: [+91 8056033544];     Email:
Real and Complex Analysis, Harmonic Analysis, Functional Analysis, Numerical Analysis, Approximation Theory, Sampling Theory, Topology, Wavelets, Algebra, Differential Equations, Fluid Mechanics, Continuum Mechanics, Dynamical Systems, Stability Analysis, Fixed Point Theory, Control Theory, Soft Computing, Fuzzy Set Theory, Signal and Image Processing, Neural Networks, Probability, Statistics and Operations Research.
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International Conference "Geometry, Differential Equations and Analysis" in memory of Aleksei Vasilyevich Pogorelov for his 100th birthday anniversary
17 Jun 2019 - 21 Jun 2019 • Kharkiv, Ukraine
The conference is dedicated to the 100th birthday anniversary of an outstanding mathematician A.V. Pogorelov. He is famous for proving rigidity of general (non-smooth) closed convex surfaces in spaces of constant curvature and rigidity of regular surfaces in Riemannian spaces; for solutions of Weil's, Minkowski's, and Hilbert's fourth problem. A.V. Pogorelov created a theory of elliptic Monge-Ampere equations and a non-linear theory of thin elastic shells. The conference topics include: geometry of submanifolds, global differential and Riemannian geometries, geometric PDEs and analysis. The Program Committee: M. Gromov (IHES, France), S.P. Novikov (MSU, Russia; University of Maryland, USA), Yu.G. Reshetnyak (Sobolev Institute of Mathematics, Russia), S.-T. Yau (Harvard University, USA), Yu.A. Aminov (ILTPE, Ukraine), A.A. Borisenko (ILTPE, Ukraine), E.Ya. Khruslov (ILTPE, Ukraine), V.A. Marchenko (ILTPE, Ukraine), L.A. Pastur (ILTPE, Ukraine).
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Positivity X
08 Jul 2019 - 12 Jul 2019 • Pretoria, South Africa
The conference Positivity X is the tenth in a series of international conferences, devoted to ordered structures in analysis and their applications. While of intrinsic interest, ordered structures in mathematical analysis has a wide range of applications, including to stochastic processes, mathematics of finance, economics and partial differential equations. Both the purely mathematical aspects of the theory as well as its applications, as mentioned above, will be dealt with at this event.
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Microlocal Analysis (MLA)
12 Aug 2019 - 13 Dec 2019 • Mathematical Sciences Research Institute, Berkeley, United States
Microlocal analysis provides tools for the precise analysis of problems arising in areas such as partial differential equations or integral geometry by working in the phase space; i.e., the cotangent bundle, of the underlying manifold. It has origins in areas such as quantum mechanics and hyperbolic equations, in addition to the development of a general PDE theory, and has expanded tremendously over the last forty years to the analysis of singular spaces, integral geometry, nonlinear equations, scattering theory,... This program will bring together researchers from various parts of the field to facilitate the transfer of ideas, and will also provide a comprehensive introduction to the field for postdocs and graduate students.
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