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Flat Surfaces and Algebraic Curves
16 Sep 2018 - 22 Sep 2018 • Oberwolfach, Germany
Analysis of Differential Operators on Manifolds
24 Sep 2018 - 26 Sep 2018 • Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany
The aim of the meeting is to bring together mathematicians working at the interface between Geometric Analysis, PDEs and Mathematical Physics through the talks by some of the most known and active international researchers. This event represents an important occasion to review recent achievements and to start fruitful discussions on the open issues and on the directions of future research.
Geometric Analysis, Mathematical Physics, Partial Differential Equations.
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INI Workshop HHHW03 — Derived algebraic geometry and chromatic homotopy theory
24 Sep 2018 - 28 Sep 2018 • Cambridge, United Kingdom
AIM Workshop: Discrete Geometry and Automorphic Forms
24 Sep 2018 - 28 Sep 2018 • American Institute of Mathematics, San Jose, United States
This workshop, sponsored by AIM and the NSF, will be devoted to exploring the consequences of Viazovska's recent solution of the sphere packing problem in eight dimensions, in which she developed new connections with automorphic forms.
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BUGCAT — Binghamton University Graduate Conference in Algebra and Topology
13 Oct 2018 - 14 Oct 2018 • Binghamton, United States
The Binghamton University Graduate Conference in Algebra and Topology (BUGCAT) is a friendly venue for early career mathematicians, especially graduate students and post-docs in algebra and topology. In addition to attending talks given by keynote speakers, participants are encouraged to present their work, practice giving talks, and network with other mathematicians sharing related research interests.
Ulysses Alvarez;     Phone: [(949)683-4803];     Email:
topology, geometry, algebra, group theory
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Semester Program Workshop: Real algebraic geometry and optimization
15 Oct 2018 - 19 Oct 2018 • ICERM/ Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island, United States
This workshop will focus on techniques and structures in real algebraic geometry and optimization, including computational tools for semi-algebraic sets, semidefinite programming techniques for polynomial optimization, and applications of these tools to problems in computer vision. Real algebraic geometry provides powerful tools to analyze the behavior of optimization problems, the geometry of feasible sets, and to develop new relaxations for hard non-convex problems. On the other hand, numerical solvers for semidefinite programs have led to new fast algorithms in real algebraic geometry. Algebraic methods over the real numbers are essential for many real-world applications. This workshop aims to explore the cutting edge of techniques in real algebraic geometry and convex optimization as well as applications of these tools to problems in computer vision and other information sciences.
real algebraic geometry and optimization, computational tools for semi-algebraic sets, semidefinite programming techniques for polynomial optimization
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Workshop on dynamics and moduli spaces of translation surfaces
22 Oct 2018 - 26 Oct 2018 • Toronto, Canada
Interval exchange transformations, translation surfaces, quadratic dierentials and Teichmüller geodesic flow are interconnected subjects linked with smooth dynamics, homogeneous spaces and algebraic geometry. Dynamicists have studied interval exchanges and translation surfaces since the 60's as a source of examples and to understand related phenomena like billiards in polygons and C \infty flows on surfaces. From work of Masur and Veech it became fundamentally connected with Teichmüller theory and it has subsequently interacted with smooth dynamics, homogeneous dynamics and algebraic geometry. This workshop will focus on these connections, the classication of SL (2; \mathbb{R} orbit closures, and the dynamics of translation surfaces and interval exchange transformations.
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Enveloping Algebras and Geometric Representation Theory
25 Nov 2018 - 01 Dec 2018 • Oberwolfach, Germany
Borel seminar 2018: topology and dynamics in the Swiss Alps
02 Dec 2018 - 07 Dec 2018 • Les Diablerets, Switzerland
INI Workshop HHHW04 — Manifolds
03 Dec 2018 - 07 Dec 2018 • Cambridge, United Kingdom
International Workshop and Conference on Topology and Applications (in honour of Prof. T. Thrivikraman) and Annual Conference of Kerala Mathematical Association
05 Dec 2018 - 11 Dec 2018 • Rajagiri School of Engineering & Technology, Kochi, India
Objective: To Inspire And Motivate Researchers And Students Working In The Areas Of Topology And Its Applications Workshop Themes: Topological Dynamical Systems (TDS) Topological Data Analysis (TDA) Invited talks and Contributory papers in the conference: Topological Dynamical Systems General Topology Algebraic Top0logy Differential Topology Fuzzy Topology Topological Dynamical Systems Topological Groups Linear Dynamics Dynamics of Operators Network topology Topological Data Analysis Iterated Function Systems Applications of Topology
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Convex Geometry and its Applications
09 Dec 2018 - 15 Dec 2018 • Oberwolfach, Germany
Geometry of Moduli Spaces for Low Dimensional Manifolds
07 Jan 2019 - 10 Jan 2019 • Kyoto, Japan
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The Rough High-Dimensional Landscape Problem
07 Jan 2019 - 01 Mar 2019 • Santa Barbara, United States
Engages computer scientists, probabilists and mathematicians with statistical physicists and glass and disordered system researchers and interdisciplinary scientists, to unify new concepts and methods dealing with rough high-dimensional landscapes.
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Master class on groups and geometries
21 Jan 2019 - 25 Jan 2019 • Marseille, France
The scientific objective of this Master Class project « Groups and Geometries » at CIRM is to allow master students and PhD students to discover and develop their knowledge of several aspects of geometric group theory, through 5 mini-courses. Geometric group theory is the general framework to study the interplay between groups and the geometric spaces they act on.
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Groups, spaces and geometries, in honor of Alessandra Iozzi's 60th birthday
22 Jan 2019 - 25 Jan 2019 • Zurich, Switzerland
With the support of the Forschungsinstitut für Mathematik of ETH Zürich, we are organizing a conference on groups, spaces and geometries, which will honor Alessandra Iozzi's 60th birthday.
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Derived Algebraic Geometry
22 Jan 2019 - 24 May 2019 • Mathematical Sciences Research Institute, Berkeley, United States
Derived algebraic geometry is an extension of algebraic geometry that provides a convenient framework for directly treating non-generic geometric situations (such as non-transverse intersections in intersection theory), in lieu of the more traditional perturbative approaches (such as the "moving" lemma). This direct approach, in addition to being conceptually satisfying, has the distinct advantage of preserving the symmetries of the situation, which makes it much more applicable. In particular, in recent years, such techniques have found applications in diverse areas of mathematics, ranging from arithmetic geometry, mathematical physics, geometric representation theory, and homotopy theory. This semester long program will be dedicated to exploring these directions further, and finding new connections.
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Birational Geometry and Moduli Spaces
22 Jan 2019 - 24 May 2019 • Mathematical Sciences Research Institute, Berkeley, United States
Birational Geometry and Moduli Spaces are two important areas of Algebraic Geometry that have recently witnessed a flurry of activity and substantial progress on many fundamental open questions. In this program we aim to bring together key researchers in these and related areas to highlight the recent exciting progress and to explore future avenues of research. This program will focus on the following themes: Geometry and Derived Categories, Birational Algebraic Geometry, Moduli Spaces of Stable Varieties, Geometry in Characteristic p>0, and Applications of Algebraic Geometry: Elliptic Fibrations of Calabi-Yau Varieties in Geometry, Arithmetic and the Physics of String Theory.
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CTIC2019 — 7th Workshop of Computational Topology in Image Context
24 Jan 2019 - 25 Jan 2019 • School of Telecommunication Engineering and Inform, Spain
The general aim of CTIC workshops is to gather researchers dealing with the study of topological invariants and features from computational point of view, and/or who want to use topological information in image engineering applications.
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Thematic month Complex Geometry, CIRM (Marseille), February 2019
28 Jan 2019 - 01 Mar 2019 • CIRM, Marseille, France
The month in Complex Geometry will start with a Master Class for young researchers (with lectures on Hodge Theory, K3 surfaces, Special curvature metrics on manifolds). This will be followed with 4 conferences: Singular metrics in complex Kähler geometry ; Birational geometry and Hodge theory ; Entire curves, rational curves and foliations; Ball quotient surfaces and lattices. Registration for the programme is free but mandatory. Important: the deadline for pre-registration is November 1rst, 2018. [Julien Grivaux , Julien Keller , Xavier Roulleau , Erwan Rousseau (AMU)]
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Finite Geometry Workshop 2019
31 Jan 2019 - 03 Feb 2019 • Szeged , Hungary
A 4-days workshop about finite geometry, Galois fields, coding theory and combinatorics
Finite fields and Galois geometries, Algebraic graph theory, Independent sets in hypergraphs, Arcs and caps from cubic curves and their applications in coding theory, Geometry of the Hermitian varieties, Objects in finite planes and their collineation groups
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Introductory Workshop: Derived Algebraic Geometry and Birational Geometry and Moduli Spaces
31 Jan 2019 - 08 Feb 2019 • Mathematical Sciences Research Institute, Berkeley, United States
The workshop will survey several areas of algebraic geometry, providing an introduction to the two main programs hosted by MSRI in Spring 2019. It will consist of seven expository mini-courses and seven separate lectures, each given by top experts in the field. The focus of the workshop will be the recent progress in derived algebraic geometry, birational geometry, and moduli spaces. The lectures will be aimed at a wide audience including advanced graduate students and postdocs with a background in algebraic geometry.
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MATRIX — Australian–German Workshop on Differential Geometry in the Large
04 Feb 2019 - 15 Feb 2019 • University of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Elliptic curves: arithmetic and computation, a CIMPA research school
11 Feb 2019 - 22 Feb 2019 • Montevideo, Uruguay
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Arizona Winter School: Topology and Arithmetic
02 Mar 2019 - 06 Mar 2019 • University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ, United States
Probabilistic Methods in Negative Curvature
11 Mar 2019 - 22 Mar 2019 • ICTS, Bangalore, India
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Geometry and Learning from Data in 3D and Beyond
11 Mar 2019 - 14 Jun 2019 • Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics (IPAM),, United States
Fast acquisition and routine use of 3D data due to the advance of modern technology and computer power makes 3D description of the real world imminent and practical in many applications such as 3D modeling, GL2019 Imagevirtual reality, 3D camera, 3D printing and prototyping, etc. It is increasingly important and urgent for efficient processing, analysis, and intelligent use of a large variety of 3D data. The goals of this program are to (1) further advance mathematical and computational techniques for 3D modeling and shape analysis, (2) design effective problem specific approaches combining geometry and machine learning, i.e., learning geometry from geometry, (3) generalize our understandings and techniques for shape analysis to geometric data analysis in higher dimensions.
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Derived Algebraic Geometry and its Applications
25 Mar 2019 - 29 Mar 2019 • Mathematical Sciences Research Institute, Berkeley, United States
This workshop will bring together researchers at various frontiers, including arithmetic geometry, representation theory, mathematical physics, and homotopy theory, where derived algebraic geometry has had recent impact. The aim will be to explain the ideas and tools behind recent progress and to advertise appealing questions. A focus will be on moduli spaces, for example of principal bundles with decorations as arise in many settings, and their natural structures.
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Geometry at Infinity
01 Apr 2019 - 05 Apr 2019 • Münster, Germany
This is the first of two international conferences representing the full scope of the DFG priority programme "Geometry at Infinity", a research network in differential geometry, geometric topology, and global analysis based at more than 20 German and Swiss universities. Organizers: Christian Bär (Potsdam), Bernhard Hanke (Augsburg), Anna Wienhard (Heidelberg), Burkhard Wilking (Münster)
Differential geometry, Geometric topology, Global analysis
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Priority programme of the DFG — SPP Conference “Geometry at Infinity”
01 Apr 2019 - 05 Apr 2019 • University of Münster, Germany
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AIM Workshop: Symmetry and convexity in geometric inequalities
20 May 2019 - 24 May 2019 • American Institute of Mathematics, San Jose, United States
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Némethi60 — Geometry and Topology of Singularities
27 May 2019 - 31 May 2019 • Budapest, Hungary
The aim of the conference is to bring together researchers from algebraic geometry, singularity theory and low dimensional topology in order to present and discuss the new results and perspectives for recent and old problems in the fusion of these fields. At the same time, this would give a good opportunity to celebrate the scientific achievements of András Némethi in honor of his 60th birthday.
algebraic geometry, singularity theory, low dimensional topology, geometry and topology of singularities
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Random and arithmetic structures in topology Summer Graduate School
10 Jun 2019 - 21 Jun 2019 • Mathematical Sciences Research Institute, Berkeley, United States
Elliptic integrable systems, special functions and quantum field theory
17 Jun 2019 - 21 Jun 2019 • Stockholm, Sweden
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International Conference "Geometry, Differential Equations and Analysis" in memory of Aleksei Vasilyevich Pogorelov for his 100th birthday anniversary
17 Jun 2019 - 21 Jun 2019 • Kharkiv, Ukraine
The conference is dedicated to the 100th birthday anniversary of an outstanding mathematician A.V. Pogorelov. He is famous for proving rigidity of general (non-smooth) closed convex surfaces in spaces of constant curvature and rigidity of regular surfaces in Riemannian spaces; for solutions of Weil's, Minkowski's, and Hilbert's fourth problem. A.V. Pogorelov created a theory of elliptic Monge-Ampere equations and a non-linear theory of thin elastic shells. The conference topics include: geometry of submanifolds, global differential and Riemannian geometries, geometric PDEs and analysis. The Program Committee: M. Gromov (IHES, France), S.P. Novikov (MSU, Russia; University of Maryland, USA), Yu.G. Reshetnyak (Sobolev Institute of Mathematics, Russia), S.-T. Yau (Harvard University, USA), Yu.A. Aminov (ILTPE, Ukraine), A.A. Borisenko (ILTPE, Ukraine), E.Ya. Khruslov (ILTPE, Ukraine), V.A. Marchenko (ILTPE, Ukraine), L.A. Pastur (ILTPE, Ukraine).
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ISMM 2019 — International Symposium on Mathematical Morphology
08 Jul 2019 - 10 Jul 2019 • Saarbrücken, Germany
The International Symposium on Mathematical Morphology (ISMM) has established itself as the main scientific event in the field. We will be delighted to host the 14th International Symposium on Mathematical Morphology (ISMM 2019) at the Saarland University in Saarbrücken, Germany. The goal of the conference is to bring together researchers, students, and practitioners of mathematical morphology and related methodologies, to present and discuss new advances in the field, be they purely theoretical developments or novel applications.
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YTM2019 — Young Topologists Meeting 2019
22 Jul 2019 - 26 Jul 2019 • EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland
The Young Topologists Meeting is an annual event for graduate students, recent PhDs and other junior researchers in topology. Previous editions were organised by the University of Copenhagen, jointly by Stockholm University and the Royal Institute of Technology, and the EPFL. The Young Topologists Meeting 2019 will take place July 22-26 at the EPFL.
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Floer Homotopy Theory and Low-Dimensional Topology
05 Aug 2019 - 07 Aug 2019 • Eugene, Oregon, United States
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Illustrating Mathematics (Semester Program)
04 Sep 2019 - 06 Dec 2019 • ICERM/ Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island, United States
The Illustrating Mathematics program brings together mathematicians, makers, and artists who share a common interest in illustrating mathematical ideas via computational tools. The goals of the program are to: introduce mathematicians to new computational illustration tools to guide and inform their research; spark collaborations among and between mathematicians, makers and artists; and find ways to communicate research mathematics to as wide an audience as possible.
Geometry and Topology, Algebra and Number Theory, Dynamics and Probability,
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Topological Quantum Matter: From Fantasy to Reality
30 Sep 2019 - 03 Oct 2019 • UC Santa Barbara, United States
While the role of topology in the modern condensed matter physics is difficult to overstate, and despite numerous experimental corroborations of theoretically predicted symmetry-protected topological phases (such as topological insulators), most of these advances can be formulated in the language of non-interacting particles. Real-world realizations of interacting topological phases are, meanwhile, very sparse, with the fractional quantum Hall effect being a notable counterexample. Similarly, the question of stability of topological phases at finite temperatures – a prerequisite for their experimental realizations – is poorly explored. This conference will address these and related questions
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Spintronics Meets Topology in Quantum Materials
12 Nov 2019 - 15 Nov 2019 • UC Santa Barbara, United States
This conference is intended to kickstart the program "Spin and Heat Transport in Quantum and Topological Materials" which combines the fields of spintronics, quantum magnetism, topological matter, and quantum criticality. It explores connections between the most recent experimental and theoretical progress in these areas, setting the stage for the program and establishing targets and key grand challenges.
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Geometry from the Quantum
13 Jan 2020 - 17 Jan 2020 • UC Santa Barbara, United States
A complete understanding of quantum gravity, as it pertains to our universe, remains one of the biggest challenges in theoretical physics. As our observational constraints on the early universe and black hole physics improve, this theoretical challenge has become even more urgent. This conference aims to explore the latest developments in quantum gravity and string theory, ranging from ideas motivated from holographic dualities to new results developing the landscape of string theory vacua.
structure of the landscape of string theory solutions; emergence of spacetime from other degrees of freedom; quantum information aspects of quantum gravity; recent developments in AdS/CFT; QFT methods applied to gravitational problems, such as the analytic conformal bootstrap and UV deformations of QFT; perturbative amplitudes in gravity and string theory
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Stability, Boundedness and Fano Varieties
28 Aug 2027 - 01 Sep 2027 • Beijing, China
Stability, Boundedness and Fano Varieties at the Beijing International Center for Mathematical Research.
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