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Poisson 2018 - International Conference on Poisson Geometry
16 Jul 2018 - 20 Jul 2018 • Fields Institute, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Summer school on Teichmüller theory and its connections to geometry, topology and dynamics
20 Aug 2018 - 24 Aug 2018 • Toronto, Canada
The aim of this course will be to prove that any Zariski dense discrete subgroup of a higher rank simple Lie group which intersects cocompactly the unipotent radical of a proper parabolic subgroup is an arithmetic lattice. This work with Miquel extends previous work of Selberg and Hee Oh and answers an old question of Margulis.
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Workshop on geometry of Teichmüller space
27 Aug 2018 - 31 Aug 2018 • Toronto, Canada
This workshop will examine and compare the different natural metrics on Teichmüller space, from the point of view of coarse geometry, dynamics, and differential geometry. The Teichmüller metric, the Weil-Petersson metric, and Thurston's "asymmetric" metric emphasize and reflect different aspects of the geometry of surfaces, and their similarities and differences are a fascinating and subtle object of study. There are interesting generalizations of these metrics to other settings, notably the asymmetric metric on Culler-Vogtmann Outer Space, and the pressure metric on Hitchin representations in higher rank.
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Workshop on dynamics and moduli spaces of translation surfaces
22 Oct 2018 - 26 Oct 2018 • Toronto, Canada
Interval exchange transformations, translation surfaces, quadratic dierentials and Teichmüller geodesic flow are interconnected subjects linked with smooth dynamics, homogeneous spaces and algebraic geometry. Dynamicists have studied interval exchanges and translation surfaces since the 60's as a source of examples and to understand related phenomena like billiards in polygons and C \infty flows on surfaces. From work of Masur and Veech it became fundamentally connected with Teichmüller theory and it has subsequently interacted with smooth dynamics, homogeneous dynamics and algebraic geometry. This workshop will focus on these connections, the classication of SL (2; \mathbb{R} orbit closures, and the dynamics of translation surfaces and interval exchange transformations.
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