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WT SGP 18 — WT | Wearable Technologies Conference 2018 ASIA – SINGAPORE
30. Aug 2018 - 31. Aug 2018 • Marina Bay Sand, Singapur
Interested in Wearables and IoT? Then you should not miss the 30th WT | Wearable Technologies Conference 2018 ASIA! On August 30-31 the B2B conference will be taking place in line with Medical Fair Asia at Marina Bay Sands and the 2nd Medical Fair Asia Medicine + Sports conference. Learn how wearables digitize the healthcare industry, find out more about the new era of fitness wearables and the latest enabling technologies in our extravagant line-up and benefit from substantial networking opportunities. Join the world’s biggest Wearable Technologies Conference Series – purely focused on wearables!
Jessica Brereton;     Tel.: [02 9213 4000];     Email: jessica.brereton@mci-group.com
WearableTech, Technology, Wearables, Big Data, Medical Devices, Science, Smart Watches, Tech, Med Tech, Innovation, Healthcare, Emerging Tech, IoT, Medicine, VR, AR, Fashion Tech
Summer School Microelectronics — "Automated Driving Vehicles – Reliability, Safety and Security Challenges in Electronic Systems"
02. Sep 2018 - 08. Sep 2018 • Frankfurt (Oder)/Potsdam, Deutschland
The event will take place at IHP - Innovations for High Performance Microelectronics, Frankfurt (Oder) and University of Potsdam from 2nd until 8th of September 2018. The objective of this summer school is to transfer and exchange knowledge on reliability, safety, and security challenges in electronic systems for autonomous driving through a number of tutorials presented by the experts from academia and industry. The target audience are bachelor and master students.
Tel.: [+49 335 5625207];     Email: summerschool@ihp-microelctronics.com
Mikroelektronik, autonomes Fahren, Sicherheit, Informatik
Railway RoSe — Railway RoSe: The 1st International Workshop on Robots and Sensors Networks for Railway Systems
09. Sep 2018 • Bologna, Italien
Wireless Sensors and Actuators Networks constitute one of the staples of Railroad’s Infrastructure and Rolling Stock management. With the distances, environments and costs involved in the domain, a remote and reliable surveying is the ever-present objective of all the actors in the industry. The autonomous cooperative systems, made of highly mobile self-organizing robots, may survey tracks and stations, increase operators’ security in maintenance interventions and scout for sudden obstacles in long and isolated tracks. Such applications foresee technological advancements that consider the fields of both Ad-Hoc Networks and Wireless Sensors and Actuators Networks. As the objectives are different from purely civilian or end-user applications, the beneficial possibilities are endless. At the same time, the challenges are as high as the stakes. Whether the innovation comes from 5G COTS or from breakthrough independent solutions, for railway operations, the networking part of the system has to show higher levels of reliability, compared to the end-user domain, as well as increased capabilities.
Wireless Sensors and Robots Networks for Railway Systems, Wireless Autonomous Systems for Rail Networks, Networked Cyber-physical Systems for Railway Applications, Innovative Sensor-Network applications for Railway Industry, Nature-inspired protocol design for WSRN in Railways, Sensor and Robot Networks for Train Safety and Security, Sensor-network-based Train Health Monitoring Systems (HMS), Unmanned Aerial/Ground Vehicles networks for Railway Systems, Railway Infrastructure Monitoring using Wireless Sensor and Robot Networks, Railway Networks Mapping using Multi-sensor fusion, Machine-learning Railway Applications for Network Control and Management, The Internet of Things (IoT) for Railway Systems., Train-to-Infrastructure and Train-to-Train Wireless Communications, Robust Localization using Wireless Sensors for Railway Systems, Energy-Efficient Wireless Protocols for Railway Monitoring Applications, Innovative analysis of sensor data for Railway Systems, 5G and beyond-5G Networks for Railways
CHES — Workshop on Cryptographic Hardware and Embedded Systems
09. Sep 2018 • Amsterdam, Niederlande
CHES 2018 — Cryptographic Hardware and Embedded Systems 2018
09. Sep 2018 - 12. Sep 2018 • Amsterdam, Niederlande
EURFID — 2018 6th International EURASIP Workshop on RFID Technology
11. Sep 2018 - 12. Sep 2018 • Brno, Tschechische Republik
RFID has evolved into an active multidisciplinary area of research and development, composed by a broad spectrum of fields. The 6th international EURASIP workshop on RFID technology will provide a premium forum for presentation of the most recent research in this technology.
IOSec 2018 — International workshop on Information & Operational Technology (IT & OT) security systems
13. Sep 2018 • Heraklion, Griechenland
The recent advancements of ICT have given the opportunity to companies, public administrations and various Critical Infrastructures to offer new and innovative services and at the same time lower their operational costs. These advancements however, were quickly adopted without proper evaluation of their impact on security, leaving current IT (Information Technology) and OT (Operation Technology) systems vulnerable to various kinds of cyberattacks. The International workshop on Information & Operational Technology (IT & OT) security systems aims to bring together viewpoints from diverse areas to explore the commonalities of security problems and solutions for advancing the collective science and practice of IT and OT security protection.

CIPSEC EU project

In recent years, the majority of the world’s Critical Infrastructures CIs evolved to become more flexible, cost efficient and able to offer better services and conditions for business opportunities. Towards this evolution, CIs and companies offering CI services had to adopt many of the recent advances of the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) field. As part of this framework CIPSEC offers a complete security ecosystem of additional services that can support the proposed technical solutions to work reliably and at professional quality. These services include vulnerability tests and recommendations, key personnel training courses, public-private partnerships (PPPs) forensics analysis, standardization and protection against cascading effects. All solutions and services will be validated in three pilots performed in three different CI environments (transportation, health, environment). CIPSEC will also develop a marketing strategy for optimal positioning of its solutions in the CI security market.

Papers will be judged on novelty, significance, correctness, and clarity. We expect all papers to provide enough detail to enable reproducibility of their experimental results.

Important Dates

Submission Deadline: July 10, 2018

Notification to Authors: August 5, 2018

Final version: August 15, 2018

Submission Guidelines

Each paper must include an abstract and a list of keywords, and must not exceed 10 pages in total length, formatted in LNCS-style and including the bibliography and any appendices. Position papers of maximum 4 pages describing early research work are also accepted. Papers can be submitted on the following link: https://easychair.org/conferences/?conf=iosec2018

Apostolos Fournaris;     Email: apofour@ece.upatras.gr
Security architectures and frameworks for enterprises, SMEs, public administration or critical infrastructures, Threat models for systems and communication, networks, Threat detection, classification and profiling, Incident management, Security training, Risk assessment – safety and security, Security validation, testing platforms and developments, Hardware security, Cryptographic engineering, Intrusion Detection, Intrusion Prevention, Secure Software Development, Malicious Code Analysis, Digital Forensics, Identity and access management, Privacy Enabling Technologies
PROOFS — The 7th International Workshop on Security Proofs for Embedded Systems
13. Sep 2018 • Amsterdam, Niederlande
RFID-TA — 2018 IEEE International Conference on RFID Technology & Application
26. Sep 2018 - 28. Sep 2018 • Macao, China
Topics of Interests include, but not limited to: – Antenna and design – Tags and Readers – Circuits and systems – Protocols and networks – Signal propagation and processing – Energy Harvesting – Data and Power transfer – Modulation schemes – Modeling, simulation, implementation – RFID sensors – RFID applications in Health care, Finance, Transportation, security, inventory management, and RFID tracking of information, location, asset, energy, and people – Near fifield communications – Smart and programmable tags – RFID Manufacturing processes – Internet of Things
ESWeek — 2018 Embedded Systems Week
30. Sep 2018 - 05. Okt 2018 • Turin, Italien
Embedded Systems Week (ESWEEK) is the premier event covering all aspects of embedded systems and software. By bringing together three leading conferences (CASES, CODES+ISSS, EMSOFT), a special track on Internet of Things (IoT), 3 symposia (ESTIMedia, RSP, NOCS) and several workshops and tutorials, ESWEEK allows attendees to benefit from a wide range of topics covering the state of the art in embedded systems research and development
EMSOFT — ACM International Conference on Embedded Software
30. Sep 2018 - 05. Okt 2018 • Turin, Italien
CASES — 2018 International Conference on Compilers, Architectures and Synthesis for Embedded Systems
30. Sep 2018 - 05. Okt 2018 • Turin, Italien
CASES is a premier forum where researchers, developers and practitioners exchange information on the latest advances in compilers and architectures for high-performance, low-power embedded systems. The conference has a long tradition of showcasing leading edge research in embedded processor, memory, interconnect, storage architectures and related compiler techniques targeting performance, power, predictability, security, reliability issues for both traditional and emerging application domains. In addition, we invite innovative papers that address design, synthesis, and optimization challenges in heterogeneous and accelerator-rich architectures.
Verwandte Fachgebiete:
BODYNETS 2018 - 13th EAI International Conference on Body Area Networks
02. Okt 2018 - 03. Okt 2018 • Oulu, Finnland
Wearable Computing; Embedded Devices and Medical Applications; In-, On- and Off-Body Communications and Networking; Systems and Applications; Antennas and Propagation
Verwandte Fachgebiete:
ISWC : International Symposium on Wearable Computer
08. Okt 2018 - 12. Okt 2018 • Singapore, Singapur
UbiComp — ACM Conference on Pervasive and Ubiquitous Computing
09. Okt 2018 - 11. Okt 2018 • the Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Cen, Singapur
EPEPS — 2018 IEEE 27th Conference on Electrical Performance of Electronic Packaging and Systems
14. Okt 2018 - 17. Okt 2018 • San Jose, Kalifornien, Vereinigte Staaten
A forum for the latest advances in the electrical design, analysis, modeling, and characterization of interconnections and packaging structures of electronic systems covering all the application families and frequency ranges namely, digital, RF, microwave, and mm-wave applications.
Verwandte Fachgebiete:
SENSYS — ACM Conference on Embedded Networked Sensor Systems
04. Nov 2018 - 07. Nov 2018 • Shenzhen, China
CARDIS 2018 — Smart Card Research and Advanced Application Conference
12. Nov 2018 - 14. Nov 2018 • Montpellier, Frankreich
WECON — 2018 6th Edition of International Conference on Wireless Networks & Embedded Systems
16. Nov 2018 - 17. Nov 2018 • Rajpura, Indien
The prime theme of WECON 2018 is Contributing Toward Improving Quality of Life Through Technology. We seek researchers from academic institutions, industry, government research organizations from India & Abroad to present their high impact & original research work, where they have used embedded systems & wireless communication to improve/innovate the existing systems, improve performance & efficiency, and reduce power consumption & cost etc. Submissions are solicited in following five track areas:- 1) Smart & Intelligent Electronics 2) Energy Efficient And Alternate Energy Based Electronic Systems. 3) Real Time Embedded Systems, 4) Wireless Communication, 5) Wireless Networks
NordSec 2018 — 23nd Nordic Conference on Secure IT Systems
28. Nov 2018 - 30. Nov 2018 • Oslo, Norwegen
ISED — 2018 8th International Symposium on Embedded Computing and System Design
13. Dez 2018 - 15. Dez 2018 • Cochin, Indien
The past few decades have witnessed rapid advances in sophisticated circuits, algorithms and systems to tackle many difficult problems and the hardware/software platforms to realize these solutions in physical form. Many of these solutions have been in the form of portable, embedded or wearable devices and systems while others have been distributed, decentralized and massively networked. Systems on Chip (SoC) technology embodies and symbolizes much of these advances. A SoC system comprises of several cooperating, interacting, potentially heterogeneous hardware/firmware/software sub-systems. ISED (International Symposium on Embedded computing and system Design) strives to spur and share, examine and accelerate innovations and studies in a range of related areas.
EMO — Evolutionary Multi-Criterion Optimization
10. Mär 2019 - 13. Mär 2019 • East Lansing, Vereinigte Staaten
TEI 2019 — Thirteenth International Conference on Tangible, Embedded, and Embodied Interaction
17. Mär 2019 - 21. Mär 2019 • Tempe, AZ, Vereinigte Staaten
The ACM International Conference on Tangible, Embedded and Embodied Interaction (TEI) addresses issues of human-computer interaction, novel tools and technologies, interactive art, and user experience. The work presented at TEI has a strong focus on how computing can bridge atoms and bits into cohesive interactive systems.
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