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FUZZ-IEEE — 2017 IEEE International Conference on Fuzzy Systems
09. Jul 2017 - 12. Jul 2017 • Napels, Italien
The scope of Fuzz-IEEE 2017 is to disseminate the latest research on the theory and application of fuzzy sets.
ICAC — 2017 IEEE International Conference on Autonomic Computing
17. Jul 2017 - 21. Jul 2017 • Columbus, OH, Vereinigte Staaten
ICAC is the leading conference on autonomic computing, its foundations, principles, engineering, technologies, and applications. Nowadays, complex systems of all types, like large-scale data centers, cloud computing infrastructures, cyber-physical systems, the internet of things, self-organizing systems, organic computing systems, cognitive computing systems, or self-aware computing systems, are increasingly complex, involving many active, interconnected components requiring careful coordination. Being impossible for a human to manage such systems, the autonomic computing paradigm with its support for self-management capabilities becomes increasingly indispensable for the components of our IT world. The conference seeks latest research advances on science and engineering concerning all aspects of autonomic computing.
Aspects of Computation
21. Aug 2017 - 15. Sep 2017 • Singapore, Singapur
This four-week program on aspects of computation will focus on recent developments in parametric complexity theory, computability theory with applications in algebra, algorithmic randomness, model theory, etc. The program will focus on the following topics: (i) Parametric Complexity; (ii) Algorithmic Randomness; (iii) Classic Computability Theory; and (iv) Computable Structures and Reverse Mathematics
Trends XVII — Trends in Logic XVII
12. Sep 2017 - 15. Sep 2017 • Lublin, Polen
The 17th Trends in Logic international conference will be held at The John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin, Poland, from September 12 to September 15, 2017 under the title “Traditional and new perspectives on deontic logic and agency modeling”. It is organized by the Department of the Foundations of Computer Science at the Faculty of Philosophy of the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin, in co-operation with the journal Studia Logica (see http://www.studialogica.org and http://link.springer.com/journal/11225). We call for relevant contributions applying the different approaches to: deontic logic, normative aspects of action theory, formal ethics,legal theory, handling norms in computer systems. A special session on obligations derived from permissions, related to the a special issue of Studia Logica, will be a part of the conference. Extended abstracts of a length between 1 and 3 pages (including references), which will undergo a short reviewing process should be submitted in LaTeX preferably (but not mandatorily) according to the Trends style, available for downloading at http://www.studialogica.org. All papers should be submitted via EasyChair (https://easychair.org/conferences/?conf=trends2017), by May 31, 2017. At least one of the authors of an accepted paper must register for and attend the conference for the contribution to be presented.
Michael Musielewicz;     Email: trends@kul.pl
deontic logic, normative aspects of action theory, formal ethics, legal theory, handling norms in computer systems
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QINFO17 — Quantum Physics of Information
18. Sep 2017 - 15. Dez 2017 • Santa Barbara, California, Vereinigte Staaten
This program will explore the new possibilities offered by quantum information science (quantum mechanics and computer science) to information processing and computation as well as applications to condensed matter, thermodynamics and quantum gravity.

Contact form: https://www.kitp.ucsb.edu/contact/program-manager

ParaoptXI — 11th International Conference on Parametric Optimization and Related Topics
19. Sep 2017 - 22. Sep 2017 • Charles University, Prague, Tschechische Republik
Parametric optimization is a part of mathematical programming and has emerged as an exciting research area in theory, numerics and applications. It investigates the properties of solutions to optimization problems under data perturbations or uncertainty. Many relations to other disciplines of operations research, like stochastic programming, complementary problems, mixed-integer problems, model-building, numerical methods, multi-objective optimization and optimal control, originate from these properties. ParaoptXI welcomes papers as well as proposals for special sessions on any area in parametric optimization or related topics.
2017 51st Asilomar Conference on Signals, Systems, and Computers
29. Okt 2017 - 01. Nov 2017 • Pacific Grove, CA, Vereinigte Staaten
The Asilomar Conference provides an informal venue for technical exchange in the areas of signal processing, communication, system theory, biomedical signal processing, array processing, and computer architecture and arithmetic.
ITW — 2017 IEEE Information Theory Workshop
06. Nov 2017 - 10. Nov 2017 • Kaohsiung, Taiwan
The scope of IEEE ITW2017 will be in all areas of information theory with special emphasis on the following: • Information Theory for Content Distribution − Distributed data storage − Peer-to-peer network coded broadcasting − Coded caching for wireless and wireline transmissions − Delay-constrained communications • Information Theory and Biology − Information theory and intercellular communication − Information theory and neuroscience − Information-theoretical analysis of biologically-inspired communication systems • Information Theory and Quantum Communication − Quantum information − Quantum computation − Quantum cryptography • Information Theory and Coding for Memories − Inter-cell interference in nonvolatile memories − Rank modulation and constrained codes for nonvolatile memories
iFUZZY — 2017 International Conference on Fuzzy Theory and Its Applications
13. Nov 2017 - 15. Nov 2017 • Pingtung, Taiwan
2017 International Conference on Fuzzy Theory and Its Applications (iFUZZY 2017) will be hosted by National Ilan University (NIU), Yilan, Taiwan, on November 13-15, 2017. iFUZZY 2017 is soliciting novel research results on fuzzy theory and its applications on related topics. Jointly organized by Taiwan Fuzzy Systems Association (TFSA) and National FORMOSA University (NFU), this conference provides a very good opportunity for research scientists, investigators, industrial practitioners and government representatives to present their results and to exchange their ideas.
Building Bridges II: Laszlo Lovasz is 70
02. Jul 2018 - 06. Jul 2018 • Budapest, Ungarn
Celebrating the achievments of László Lovász in Combinatorics and Computer Science.
Sali Attila;     Tel.: [+3614838300];     Email: ll70@renyi.mta.hu
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