Konferenzen zum Thema Neuronale Netze und Künstliche Intelligenz, Maschinelles Lernen in Thailand

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27. Mai 2021 - 28. Mai 2021 • BANGKOK, Thailand
The state-of-the-art image processing research works are dedicated to cover a wide range of computational intelligence techniques with a completely new way of neural networks organization concept called Capsule Networks [CapsNets] that opens up a new era of advanced image-processing applications. It is being organized on May 27-28, 2021 in association with King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi, Thailand, Dayeh University, Taiwan, and Tribhuvan University, Nepal. Moreover, the 2nd International Conference on Image Processing and Capsule Networks [ICIPCN 2021] initiates a capsule network perspective to leverage an authoritative and detailed representation to deliver an enhanced image and video recognition and adaptive processing mechanisms which were closely related to the humanistic way of thinking. This extended ICIPCN 2021 conference will be a dedicated platform for researchers, academicians and scholars to share and exchange their valuable research insights, which may clearly define the image and the family of image processing techniques and applications. Henceforth, this premier International conference motivates the researchers to discover more information from images and perform innovative image analysis procedures by efficiently utilizing the evolving capsule network models.
Tel.: [09600368297];     Email: icipcn.conf@gmail.com
Image Processing Image recognition and Analysis Image Registration Image segmentation and edge detection Image texture analysis Medical imaging systems Image acquisition, reconstruction and synthesis Feature Extraction techniques Medical image diagnosis Image reconstructions and losses Medical interpretability and explainable deep learning frameworks Image processing for multispectral images Image enhancement and restoration Image formation principles Pattern recognition and capsule networks in object tracking Face and gesture recognition techniques Genetic algorithms Signal identification and representation Speech and audio processing Optical signal processing Capsule based biometric technologies Cognitive vision of image processing Multi-fusion imaging Capsule Networks Capsules in image analysis Deep learning in image analysis Pattern recognition Machine Learning Data mining Big data analytics and imaging Visual content analysis Fuzzy systems Human-visual systems Robotic vision of image processing Capsules in adaptive image processing Machine learning in capsule neural networks Capsule implementation in image systems Capsules and digital image processing techniques Routing mechanisms Machine Intelligence Artificial neural networks Artificial Intelligence Techniques
ICSADL 2021 — International Conference on Sentimental Analysis and Deep Learning
18. Jun 2021 - 19. Jun 2021 • Hat Yai, Thailand
Pulchowk Campus, Institute of Engineering, Tribhuvan University,Nepal.
International Conference on Sentimental Analysis and Deep Learning (ICSADL 2021) is a prominent event organized with the motivation for providing an international forum for all researchers, academicians and students for sharing their research findings on the different facets of Deep Learning and Sentimental Analysis techniques. ICSADL 2021 organized in association with Tribhuvan University, Nepal and Prince of Songkla University, Thailand is held on 18- 19 June, 2021. ICSADL 2021 aims to exchange and share new ideas and research results about all aspects of Sentimental analysis and deep learning which includes Artificial Intelligence, Innovations in robotics, Big Data and also converse the practical challenges encountered and the solutions adopted. ICSADL 2021 will highlight the areas of Statistical Learning Methods, Applied Intelligence, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and Cognitive Computing.
Tel.: [+91 6382925489];     Email: icsadl.conf@gmail.com
Sentiment Analysis Cognitive Computing Deep Learning Semantics & Syntactic Analysis Natural Language Processing Emotion-Driven Systems Data Mining for Ontology Matching, Instance Matching and Search Recommender Systems Applications in Social Networks AI Driven Sentiment Analysis Information Retrieval and Document Analysis Intelligent Decision Making Deep Learning Fog Computing Data Analytics and Computing Reinforcement Learning Image Processing Cognitive Networks Evolutionary Computing Genetic Algorithms Statistical Learning Methods Fuzzy Models Security and Privacy Methods in Deep Learning Big Data Analytics Foundational Theoretical or Computational Models for Big Data Big Data Quality Evaluation and Assurance Technologies Artificial Intelligence for Big Data Visualization Analytics for Big Data Real-Time Big Data Services and Applications Big Data Services and Applications for Healthcare Web Intelligence Cryptographic Algorithms and Protocols Web Mining and Graph Mining Machine Learning in Cloud Computing

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