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8th Annual China Aerospace Propulsion Technology Forum 2018
12 sep 2018 - 13 sep 2028 • Chengdu, Chine
The aero engine industry chain is long and has a wide coverage, which has a huge driving effect on the national economy and technological development. Aero engine project is also a key project in China in recent years. In 2015, the government work report for the first time included aero engine and gas turbine manufacturing in the report, reflecting the unprecedented importance of the state.
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advanced large-scale engine fan system, advanced pressure ratio/high-pressure compressor, advanced low pollution combustor, single crystal / ceramic matrix composites high-pressure turbine blades, advanced health management system, advanced high performance and long life transmission system, advanced full authority digital electronic control system.
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CAE SH2019 — 4th Annual Commercial Aero Engine Shanghai International Forum 2019
20 mar 2019 - 21 mar 2019 • Shanghai, Chine
The forum will analyze optimized solutions that could accelerate the establishment and improvements of aero engine fundamental technology support, R&D and production, modification and verification, product configuration through keynote speech, panel discussions, exhibitions, business meetings and media interviews. Commercial Aero Engine Shanghai International Forum 2019, as an authoritative and timely platform, promises to unite more than 200 distinguished delegates from government bureau, aero engine designer, manufacturer, tester, components providers and software companies.
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Future design concept of civil aero engine (Lower fuel consumption / lower noise / lower emission / higher safety / higher reliability / higher cycle life), Advanced aero engine assembly and testing technology, Advanced aero engine materials R&D trends and application status (High-temperature alloy / CMC / RMC etc.), Advanced aero engine materials and processing technology
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ICUASA 2019 — 2nd International Conference on Umanned Aerial Systems and Aerospace
21 mar 2019 - 24 mar 2019 • Shenzhen, Chine
Over the three days of this conference, you’ll have an opportunity to hear about the latest developments and changes in an incredibly exciting field.
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4th China AIR LOGISTICS Conference & Exhibition 2019
28 mar 2019 - 29 mar 2019 • Guangzhou City, Chine
With the great support and suggestion of China Civil Aviation Administration, the International Air Cargo Association, and Association of Asia Pacific Airlines, GICC Group will continue to organise the 4th China Air Logistics Development Conference 2019 in Guangzhou City on March 28-29, 2019. We are expecting more than 30 speakers,20 sponsors/exhibitors and 200 delegates from both China and Overseas in this premier industry gathering. We believe the ALDC 2019 will be the best platform for you to learn about the air cargo and logistics market and policy of China, communicate and do networking with China air cargo and logistics players and develop your business in China.
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CAIF — 8th Annual Civil Avionics International Forum 2019
16 avr 2019 - 17 avr 2019 • Shanghai City, Chine
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1.Recent Progress In Establishing Technical Confidence In Bilateral Cooperation Between China And The United States 2.Civil Aviation Administration of China’s Specific Requirements For Airborne Hardware And Software Review And Trends In Future Policy Reviews 3.Integrated Innovation Of Human Machine Interface In Cockpit Design 4.System Architecture Design Of Model-based Development 5.Ergonomic Evaluation Of Avionics System For Civil Aircraft 6.Discuss The Prognostic And Health Management  (PHM) Technology In The Life Cycle Of Avionics Equipment 7.Digital Platform 8.Application Of Integrated Modular Avionics System In Civil Aircraft 9.Communication System. 10.Advanced Cockpit Usage Requirements Based On User Flight Experience 11.Discussion On The Strategic Layout And Development Of General Aviation Avionics System. 12.Airworthiness Safety Design Of Electronic Flight Control System. 13.Detection Technology Of Meteorological Radar In The Process Of Entering And Approaching 14.Aviation Electronic System Simulation Technology For Health Management 15.How To Form A Practical Interface Control Document(ICD) In The Joint Definition Phase 16.Design And Implementation Of Airborne AFDX Network Management System 17.New Technology And Equipment For Monitoring Open Space In Cooperation With Civil Aviation Airspace 18.Artificial Intelligent Navigation System
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CAC — Connected Aircraft China Congress 2019
17 avr 2019 - 18 avr 2019 • Shanghai, Chine
The Connected Aircraft Congress China (CAC) will take place in the city of Shanghai, from April 17th - 18th in 2019. The two days event will feature keynote speakers from world-renowned brands and numerous speakers from the world’s top airlines. The CAC is a powerful relationship-building and marketing opportunity – giving you access to executives representing some of the world’s largest airlines, fast-paced companies, and dynamic organizations in the aerospace and avionics industries, and a chance to truly understand the concept of global connectivity beyond the passenger experience in order to increase efficiency and offer cutting-edge services. This unique event is the only industry event dedicated to complete connected solutions, with a protected networking environment for attendees and sponsors to help you have the one-on-one, personal conversations that will you’re your business forward.
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Improve passenger experience, improve airline and passenger safety, grow ancillary revenues and improve operational efficiency
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Aircraft Interiors Exhibition China 2019
11 jui 2019 - 13 jui 2019 • Shanghai, Chine
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