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ICNSNT — 2017 The International Conference on Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
14 dec 2017 - 15 dec 2017 • Colombo, Colombie
ICNSNT 2017 will address a range of critically important areas in relation to Nanoscience and Nanotechnology in today’s world under the theme “ Emerging Nanotechnologies for Sustainable Development ”. The rapid growth in Nanotechnology across the world illustrates the impact of continued and significant investments in Nanoscience and Nano-engineering by governments and the private sector. There is now not a single country without organizations involved in this cutting-edge field. Every continent should have landmarks of a Nanotechnological establishment to ensure the advancements of the sector. The unified network of Nanotechnology hubs will create a compass to Nanotechnology.
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ICNSNT-2017 — 4th International Conference on Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
14 dec 2017 - 15 dec 2017 • Colombo, Sri Lanka
Chemists, Physicists, Material Scientists, Biomedical Researchers, Engineers and other Researchers who are active at the frontiers of this diverse and multidisciplinary fields are encouraged to send their original research abstracts and spread knowledge through the upcoming international conference ICNSNT-2017, a global platform.
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SPIE AL18 — SPIE Advanced Lithography 2018
25 fév 2018 - 01 mar 2018 • San Jose, États-Unis
SPIE Advanced Lithography is the leading global lithography event. Attend the meeting for optical lithography, metrology, or EUV. Hear the latest advancements where leaders come to solve challenges in lithography, patterning technologies, and materials for the semiconductor industry. SPIE Advanced Lithography draws more than 2,200 attendees, 50 exhibitors, and 600 technical papers representing the most talented researchers and managers working in the lithography industry. Leading experts offer courses that will keep you and your team current.
Customer Service;     Tél.: [360-676-3290];     Email.:
Lithography, Semiconductors, Metrology, Semiconductor, Patterning, Etch, Optical Lithography, EUV, EUVL
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Polymers 2018 — Polymers: Design, Function and Application
22 mar 2018 - 23 mar 2018 • Barcelona, Espagne
It is our firm belief that this conference will play host to a scientifically inspiring two-day meeting in Barcelona with its exciting history, architecture, and environment. Registration is now open. A first-draft agenda and further updates will be sent out in the next weeks and months. For organizational concerns and sponsorship opportunities, please direct your questions to the Secretariat.
Dr. Lucia Russo;     Tél.: [+34 936397662];     Email.:
Polymer chemistry, engineering, nanotechnology, biomaterials, characterization, composites, computation and theory, energy, polymers and soft materials, surface Science
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19 avr 2018 - 21 avr 2018 • Dubai, Émirats arabes unis
The Universal leading organization Scientific Cognizance and the organizing committee are looking forward to welcoming you in Dubai ( Nanotechnology 2018 conference in Dubai ). This conference provides opportunities for renowned speakers, professors, assistant professors scientists, students and delegates to exchange new concepts and application experiences face to face, to ascertain business or research relations as well on realize world partners for future collaboration and with a target to support young personalities and their analysis talents by giving an opportunity to fulfil the specialists within the field of nanotechnology.
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SPIE EPE18 — SPIE Photonics Europe 2018
22 avr 2018 - 26 avr 2018 • Strasbourg, France
SPIE Photonics Europe is the only cross-disciplinary optics and photonics event covering the most significant photonics technologies—from digital optics to quantum technologies to attosecond science. Look for new topics in 2018, including 3D printed optics, photonic glasses, optical biopolymers, and unconventional optical imaging. Don’t miss these exciting 2018 plenary speakers: Alain Aspect, Rainer Blatt, Anne L’Huillier, Jeremy J. Baumber, Frank Koppens, and Jens Limpert.
Custumer Service;     Tél.: [+44 29 2089 4747];     Email.:
photonics, fotonica, digital optics, electronic, electronics, sensing, metrology, optical, displays, optical imaging, quantum technologies, attosecond, Alain Aspect, Rainer Blatt, Anne L’Huillier, Jeremy J. Baumber, Frank Koppens, Jens Limpert, 3D printed optics, optical biopolymers
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Fundamental Characterisation for Nanotechnology
23 avr 2018 - 29 jui 2018 • Oxford, Royaume-Uni
The Fundamental Characterisation for Nanotechnology course provides a justification for materials characterisation, and a framework for considering strategic and tactical issues. It also gives an overview of the most common techniques and methodologies available to determine the nature and composition of nanoparticles (both organic and inorganic), thin films and nanostructures. The course presents generic descriptions of techniques and methodologies, together with representative case studies. In addition to the course material and online tutorials, the course incorporates interactive team projects, whereby iterative 'proposals' are presented to experts, who then provide feedback and guidance for further development. The course includes a residential weekend in Oxford where students have an opportunity to see the latest characterisation methods at the University of Oxford's Begbroke Science Park. The Fundamental Characterisation for Nanotechnology online course can be taken alone, with or without academic credit, or as part of the MSc in Nanotechnology.
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Nanotech France 2018 Conference and Exhibition
27 jui 2018 - 29 jui 2018 • Paris, France
The conference covers all frontier topics in nanotechnology. The conference includes plenary lectures, Keynote lectures and invited talks by eminent personalities from around the world in addition to contributed papers both oral and poster presentations.
Mr. Ben Madhi;     Tél.: [+33645574009];     Email.:
Graphene, Nanotechnology safety, Nanoscale Electronics, Nanoparticles, Nano Medicine, Advanced Materials, Smart Materials, NanoDDS, nanotechnology exhibition, Biomedical Nanotechnology, Carbon Nanotubes, Cognotechnology, Nanosystems, Nano Robots, Molecular Biology
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Gordon Research Seminar — Thin Film and Small Scale Mechanical Behavior
14 jul 2018 - 15 jul 2018 • Bates College, Lewiston, ME, États-Unis
This year's featured topics include experimental and computational efforts in understanding small scale mechanics, in-situ mechanical testing, nanoindentation, failure mechanisms, environmental effects, and microscopy.
Exploiting Small-Scale Mechanics – From Theoretical to Functional
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Gordon Research Conference — Thin Film and Small Scale Mechanical Behavior
15 jul 2018 - 20 jul 2018 • Bates College, Lewiston, ME, États-Unis
IEEE-NANO — 2018 IEEE 18th International Conference on Nanotechnology
23 jul 2018 - 26 jul 2018 • Cork, Irlande
METANANO 2018 — International Conference on Metamaterials and Nanophotonics
17 sep 2018 - 21 sep 2018 • Sochi, Russie
METANANO is annual international conference where the latest research in the field of metamaterials, nanophotonics, terahertz radiation and optical engineering is presented. METANANO-2018 will be a hub for the researchers working in the fields of nanoscience, metamaterials, photonics and related topics, providing great opportunity for sharing the results of their research. The conference is organized by the Nanophotonics and Metamaterials Department of the ITMO University and is supported by Mediterranean Institute of Fundamental Physics. The conference will take place in Sochi, the unique city surrounded by Caucasus mountains from one side and by the Black Sea from another.
METANANO Organizing Committee;     Email.:
Plasmonics and Nanophotonics, Quantum Photonics, Photonic Crystals, Bionanophotonics, Nanomaterials and Nanoengineering, Metasurfaces and their applications, Nonlinear Optics, Physics of Excitons, Nanoantennas and Nanocircuits, Solar Energy, THz Technologies, Imaging and Sensing, Acoustic and Elastic Metamaterials, Microwave and Optical Metamaterials, Emerging Applications, Medical Applications
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NMDC — 2018 IEEE 13th Nanotechnology Materials and Devices Conference
15 oct 2018 - 17 oct 2018 • Portland, OR, États-Unis
Covers all electronic materials and devices fields that involve nanotechnology
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