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EDTM — 2017 1st Electron Devices Technology and Manufacturing Conference
28 fév 2017 - 02 mar 2107 • Toyama City, Toyama, Japon
IEEE Electron Devices Technology and Manufacturing Conference (EDTM) is intended to serve as a forum for the electron devices community to collaborate on topics ranging from devices, materials, and tools, to create new and innovative technologies.
Tél.: [+81 3 5657 0777];     Email.:
Devices and Manufacturing for
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IEEM — 2018 IEEE International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management
16 dec 2018 - 19 dec 2018 • Bangkok, Thaïlande
All topics related to engineering and technology management, including applicable analytical methods and economical/social/human issues to be considered in making engineering decisions.
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IEEM 2018 - IEEE International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management
16 dec 2018 - 19 dec 2019 • Bangkok, Thaïlande
The IEEE International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management (IEEM) is the leading international forum to disseminate, to all branches of industries, information on the most recent and relevant research, theories and practices in IEEM. All submissions are subjected to rigorous review before an acceptance decision is made. This conference has been hosted by leading universities in Asia and has been attended by around 500 participants from 50 countries each time.
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2019 ASHRAE Winter Conference
12 jan 2019 - 16 jan 2019 • Atlanta, GA, États-Unis
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ICIAES — 2019 International Conference on Industrial Applications of Engineering Sciences
09 fév 2019 • Dubai, Émirats arabes unis
The INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON INDUSTRIAL APPLICATIONS OF ENGINEERING SCIENCES (ICIAES) serves as a premier international forum for presenting the interdisciplinary research and development activities at the crossroads of industry and engineering science that will shape tomorrow’s advanced systems.
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ICIT — 2019 IEEE International Conference on Industrial Technology
13 fév 2019 - 15 fév 2019 • Melbourne, Australie
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Advanced Manufacturing Expo Anaheim 2019
15 fév 2019 - 17 fév 2019 • Anaheim, CA, États-Unis
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ICISS2019 — 2nd International Conference on Intelligent Sustainable Systems
21 fév 2019 - 22 fév 2019 • Palladam, Inde
2nd International Conference on Intelligent Sustainable Systems (ICISS 2019) is being organized on February 21-22, 2019 by SCAD Institute of Technology at Palladam, Tirupur, India -641 664 .Sustainable Systems 2019 will provide an outstanding international forum for scientists from all over the world to share ideas and achievements in the theory and practice of all areas of inventive systems which includes artificial intelligence, automation systems, computing systems, electronics systems, electrical and informative systems etc. Presentations should highlight computing methodologies as a concept that combines theoretical research and applications in automation, information and computing technologies. All aspects of Sustainable systems are of interest: theory, algorithms, tools, applications, etc.
Tél.: [+918754818524];     Email.:
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12th International Conference on Thermal Engineering: Theory and Applications
23 fév 2019 - 26 fév 2019 • Gandhinagar, Gujarat, Inde
This year, the conference is sponsored by Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University in collaboration with Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada. The conference will be held in Gandhinagar the capital of the state of Gujarat.
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NCSL International 2019 Technical Exchange
25 fév 2019 - 27 fév 2019 • Orlando, États-Unis
Three Days of Measurement Training Conducted by Experts in the Field of Metrology! February 25-27, 2019 in Orlando, Florida. The NCSL International Technical Exchange will build and enhance specific hands-on skills in the calibration of measurement and test equipment. This three-day training will also teach best practices along with introducing new and innovative calibration hardware, software and calibration services. Each training session is taught by measurement science experts from throughout the industry.
Tél.: [303-440-3339];     Email.:
metrology, measurement science, training, ISO/IEC 17025, Calibration, New SI, Measurement Uncertainty, RF, microwave, torque, dimensional, temperature, humidity, Gage Blocks, Traceability
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IFPAC® - 2019 — Advancing the Understanding & Control of Manufacturing Processes
03 mar 2019 - 06 mar 2019 • Washington, D.C., États-Unis
Process Analytical Technology is one of the most exciting and important advanced technology areas meeting both the current challenges, as well as the future needs of industry. Each year the IFPAC Scientific Board consisting of industry, regulatory, and academic leaders works collaboratively to create a comprehensive program that addresses important mainstay topics, as well as the latest trends, technologies and applications.
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TSAE 2019 — The 12th Thai Society of Agricultural Engineering International Conference
14 mar 2019 - 15 mar 2019 • Chonburi, Thaïlande
The 12th Thai Society of Agricultural Engineering International Conference (TSAE 2019) is the premier forum for the presentation of new technologies, innovation and research results in the field of agricultural engineering
Tél.: [+66851333257];     Email.:
Engineering, Agriculture, Agricultural engineering, renewable energy
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36th International Conference on VIBROENGINEERING
15 mar 2019 - 17 mar 2019 • Dubai, Émirats arabes unis
36th International Conference on VIBROENGINEERING will be held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. We are delighted to organize a conference in Dubai for the 2nd time as Dubai is at the epicenter in the Middle East of Civil Engineering problems in construction and Fault Diagnostics in oil industry. The conference will cover a wide range of Vibration Engineering problems and applications related to aerospace, transport, energy, seismic, infrastructure, environmental, military, civil engineering and other industries.
Tél.: [+37069822456];     Email.:
Accoustics, noise control and engineering applications; Mechanical vibrations and applications; Fault diagnosis based on vibration signal analysis; Vibration generation and control; Seismic engineering and applications; Modal analysis and applications; Vibration in transportation engineering; Flow induced structural vibrations; Oscillations in biomedical engineering; Chaos, nonlinear dynamics and applications; Oscillations in Electrical Engineering; Fractional dynamics and applications;
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CFD — Potential und Entwicklungsbedarf von CFD für die Verfahrenstechnik
18 mar 2019 - 20 mar 2019 • Frankfurt am Main, Allemagne
Die Fachgruppe CFD wurde vor über 20 Jahren als interdisziplinäres Forum etabliert, um Entwicklungen im Bereich CFD (computational fluid dynamics) besser in andere Fachgebiete der Verfahrenstechnik zu transferieren. In der Zwischenzeit ist CFD ein bedeutendes und eigenständiges Element in der Forschung und Entwicklung in der Verfahrenstechnik geworden. Daher steht das Jahrestreffen der Fachgruppe CFD in 2019 unter dem Motto: Potential und Entwicklungsbedarf von CFD für die Verfahrenstechnik
Tél.: [0049-69-7564-267];     Email.:
CFD, Verfahrenstechnik, Numerische Strömungsmechanik, Mehrphasenströmungen
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ICIEAM — 2019 International Conference on Industrial Engineering, Applications and Manufacturing
25 mar 2019 - 29 mar 2019 • Sochi, Russie
The aim of the conference is to promote informing the scientists and practitioners of the most promising areas of research and achievements in the field of industrial engineering.
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MECSPE — The reference fair for the manufacturing industry
28 mar 2019 - 30 mar 2019 • Parma, Italie
Thanks to the synergy of 12 thematic halls that offer visitor a complete overview of materials, machines and innovative technologies and to the innovative initiatives such as Digital Factory beyond Automation©, the exhibition represents the Italian way to industry 4.0.
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IRPS — 2019 IEEE International Reliability Physics Symposium
31 mar 2019 - 04 avr 2019 • Monterey, Californie, États-Unis
Meeting of academia and research professionals to discuss reliability challenges.
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8. Kongress Sustainability Management for Industries — Industrial Life Cycle Management: Innovation durch Lebenzyklusdenken
03 avr 2019 • Leoben, Autriche
Der 8. SMI-Kongress widmet sich dem Thema Innovation durch Lebenszyklusdenken. Im Fokus stehen dabei der fortdauernde Bedarf und die Chancen, Synergien zwischen industriellen Systemen und der Umwelt zu suchen. Viele Akteure aus Wirtschaft und Wissenschaft sind erforderlich, um diese Herausforderungen und Chancen wahrzunehmen und innovative Lösungen zu finden, die eine erfolgversprechende Kombination ökologischer und ökonomischer Effizienz und Effektivität ermöglichen.
Tél.: [03842/402-6003];     Email.:
Nachhaltigkeit, Industrie, Innovation, Life Cycle, Management, Effizienz, Ressourcenmanagement, Industrie 4.0
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INCER 2019 — International Conference of Engineering Risk
03 avr 2019 - 05 avr 2019 • Beirut, Liban
Main Topics: Naturals : earthquake, landslide, forest fire, flood, tsunami, avalanche Transport and storage of hazardous materials Accidentals: well, platforms Chemical: pollution, explosion, Fire Civil infrastructures : bridges, structures, dams … Sustainable development : climate change, air and water pollution, waste treatment Data uncertainty and security Fault tolerant systems, diagnosis and prognosis
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SysCon — 2019 IEEE International Systems Conference
08 avr 2019 - 11 avr 2019 • Orlando, FL, États-Unis
addresses the discipline of systems engineering, including theory, technology, methodology, and applications of complex systems, system-of-systems, and integrated systems of national and global significance.
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CSP'19 — 4th International Conference on Combustion Science and Processes
10 avr 2019 - 12 avr 2019 • Rome, Italie
The 4th International Conference on Combustion Science and Processes (CSP'19) aims to become the leading annual conference in fields related to combustion science and processes.
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High-Tech Systems 2019
11 avr 2019 • Eindhoven, Pays-Bas
High-Tech Systems is a conference with the focus on high-end system engineering and disruptive mechatronics. The conference programme focuses on high-end system development for markets where smart engineering and technology make a difference. The target audience consists of developers, technical managers and decision makers in the advanced mechanical engineering. At the sponsor area there is the opportunity to meet people and companies that can help you with the development, production and marketing of complex systems.
Tél.: [024 350 5195];     Email.:
Smart manufacturing, opto mechatronics, advanced thermal design, high-end system engineering, disruptive mechatronics
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SoutheastCon 2019
11 avr 2019 - 14 avr 2019 • Huntsville, AL, États-Unis
The annual IEEE SoutheastCon conferences promote all aspects of theories and applications of engineering disciplines. Sponsored by the IEEE Region-3 and IEEE Huntsville Section, this event will attract researchers, professionals, and students from the Southeastern region of the U.S. SoutheastCon 2019 will feature tutorial sessions, workshops, Technical Programs, and student Hardware, Software, Ethics, Paper, Web competitions.
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ASTFE — 4TH Thermal and Fluids Engineering Conference
14 avr 2019 - 17 avr 2019 • Las Vegas, NV, États-Unis
The 2019 American Society of Thermal and Fluids Engineers (ASTFE) Conference will be held April 14-17, 2019 in the Westin Las Vegas Hotel & Spa, Las Vegas, NV, USA. ASTFE is the premier international society by and for professionals within the thermal and fluids science and engineering community.
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Wear of Materials 2019
14 avr 2019 - 18 avr 2019 • Miami, FL, États-Unis
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Gordon Research Seminar — Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage
04 mai 2019 - 05 mai 2019 • Les Diablerets Conference Center, Les Diablerets, Suisse
Gordon Research Conference — Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage
05 mai 2019 - 10 mai 2019 • Les Diablerets Conference Center, Les Diablerets, Suisse
WCSB9 — 9th World Conference of Sampling and Blending
06 mai 2019 - 09 mai 2019 • Beijing , Chine
The conference aims to cover current research and theory in the field of sampling and blending, and share the latest technological knowledge, operational practices and advances in the field. The application areas covered by the conference will include mining, cement, food, feed, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, biology, and environmental protection.
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TOOLING 2019 — 11th TOOLING 2019 conference & exhibition
12 mai 2019 - 16 mai 2019 • Aix-la-Chapelle, Allemagne
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Sujets apparentés:
4th Joint International Symposium on Deformation Monitoring
15 mai 2019 - 17 mai 2019 • Athènes , Grèce
The symposium aims to connect research in deformation measurement, techniques, analysis and interpretation with advanced practice. Bringing together leading experts from academia, industry and representatives from public authorities with promising young scientists, the symposium has been established as a reference point for scientific discussion and interaction.
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IISE Annual Conference & Expo 2019
18 mai 2019 - 21 mai 2019 • Orlando, États-Unis
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PFMC-17 — 17th International Conference on Plasma-Facing Materials and Components for Fusion Applications
21 mai 2019 - 24 mai 2019 • Eindhoven, Pays-Bas
The performances of fusion devices and of future fusion power plants strongly depend on the plasma-facing materials and components. Resistance to heat and particle loads, compatibility in plasma operations, thermo-mechanical properties, as well as the response to neutron irradiation are critical parameters which need to be understood and tailored from atomistic to component levels.

The 17th International Conference on Plasma-Facing Materials and Components for Fusion Applications addresses these issues.

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4SMARTS 2019 - Symposium für smarte Strukturen und Systeme
22 mai 2019 - 23 mai 2019 • Darmstadt, Allemagne
Das dritte Symposium für Smarte Strukturen und Systeme – 4SMARTS wird vom 22.–23. Mai 2019 in Darmstadt stattfinden. Ziel des Symposiums ist es den Austausch zwischen Forschung und Industrie fortzusetzen und weiter zu intensivieren. Im Fokus steht das interdisziplinäre Themenfeld der aktiven, intelligenten und adaptiven – kurz: smarten – Strukturen und Systeme. Ausgehend vom Material über die Virtualisierung und Optimierung von Bauteilen und die Integration von Funktionen bis hin zur Absicherung der Zuverlässigkeit cyberphysikalischer Systeme umfasst das Symposium alle relevanten Technologiefelder. Neben den klassischen Anwendungen der aktiven Schwingungs-, Schall- und Gestaltkontrolle werden zahlreiche weitere Anwendungen, u. a. Condition und Structural Health Monitoring oder Autonome Systeme adressiert. Ein Augenmerk liegt auf dem Technologietransfer mit Fragestellungen u. a. zu Service and Repair, Systemintegration oder Wirtschaftlichkeit. Transfer innovativer Ideen von der Forschung in die industrielle Anwendung durch eine fokussierte Vernetzung – die dritte 4SMARTS soll dieses Konzept im Bereich der Mechatronik und Adaptronik weiter vorantreiben und als Keimzelle für Kooperationen und Innovationen im Themenfeld der smarten Strukturen und Systeme wachsen.
Vincent Lima;     Tél.: [02241 2355449];     Email.:
Additive Fertigungsverfahren, Neue Aktorik und Sensorik, Virtualisierung und Optimierung, Signalverarbeitung, Funktionsintegration, Cyberphysikalische Systeme, Aktive Schwingungsbeeinflussung, Feinpositionierung, Aktive Schallbeeinflussung, Aktive Schwingungsbeeinflussung, Aktive Gestaltkontrolle / Morphing Condition und Structural Health Monitoring, Predictive Maintenance, Energy Harvesting, Haptische Systeme, Autonome Systeme, Service and Repair, Zuverlässigkeit, Systemintegration, Validierung und Test, Geschäftsmodelle und Wirtschaftlichkeit
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SOFE 2019 — 28th IEEE Symposium on Fusion Engineering
02 jui 2019 - 06 jui 2019 • Jacksonville, Florida, États-Unis
The Symposium is dedicated to the scientific, technological and engineering issues of fusion energy research and is a mixture of oral presentations and poster sessions allowing for extensive interactions among the participants.
Experimental devices, Next step devices and power plants, MFE and IFE Alternate Concepts, Innovative and disruptive technologies, Divertors and high heat flux components, Chambers, blankets, and shields, Fueling, exhaust and vacuum systems, IFE fusion studies and technologies, Plasma Facing Materials and Surface Engineering, Diagnostics engineering and integration, Safety and neutronics, Materials, Heating and current drive, Disruption mitigation and control, Operation and maintenance, remote handling, RAMI Magnet Engineering, Power and Control, Process simulation and plant simulators, Systems engineering and large scale integration
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Sujets apparentés:
Connected Manufacturing Forum
03 jui 2019 - 04 jui 2019 • St. Louis, MO, États-Unis
The Connected Manufacturing Forum brings together 150+ leading Manufacturing, Operations, Technology, Supply Chain and Advanced Engineering executives for a collaborative debate on the latest Industry 4.0 trends, challenges and opportunities.
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SOFE — 2019 IEEE 28th Symposium on Fusion Engineering
10 jui 2019 - 13 jui 2019 • Atlanta, GA, États-Unis
fusion engineering, physics and materials, plasma heating, vacuum technology, tritium processing, fueling, first walls, blankets and divertors
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PPFIC — 2019 IEEE IAS Pulp, Paper and Forest Industries Conference
16 jui 2019 - 20 jui 2019 • Jacksonville, FL, États-Unis
This is an annual conference for non-commercial presentations of technical paper at the IEEE Pulp, Paper & Forest Industries Committee’s Annual Conference!. The 2019 event will be held in Jacksonville, Florida area.
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Tool Expo West 2019
29 jui 2019 - 30 jui 2019 • Orlando, FL, États-Unis
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LDIA — 2019 12th International Symposium on Linear Drives for Industry Applications
01 jul 2019 - 03 jul 2019 • Neuchatel, Suisse
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ICED 2019 — 22nd International Conference on Engineering Design
05 aou 2019 - 08 mai 2019 • Delft, Pays-Bas
ICED19 will focus on engineering design in collaboration with other disciplines as the backbone of our future – a future that seems to become more complex, more dynamic, more interactive, and more time-critical. We must learn to replace short term thinking by an integrated view on people’s quality of life on a long-term scale.
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18th International Conference on Cold Regions Engineering & Canadian Permafrost Conference
18 aou 2019 - 22 aou 2019 • Quebec City, Canada
The 18th International Conference on Cold Regions Engineering and the 8th Canadian Permafrost Conference will be held at the Quebec City Convention Centre, in Canada, from August 18th to 22nd, 2019. Sustainable infrastructure development and permafrost science, in a climate change context, will be the focus of the discussions of this international conference.
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Sujets apparentés:
MIM 2019 — 9th IFAC Conference on Manufacturing Modeling, Management and Control
28 aou 2019 - 30 aou 2019 • Berlin, Allemagne
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ICOVP 2019 — 14th International Conference on Vibration Problems
01 sep 2019 - 04 sep 2019 • Crète, Grèce
Since 1990, the ICOVP Conference series aims at bringing together young researchers with different backgrounds, investigating vibration problems of engineering both in theoretical and applied fields, and thus provide an international forum for this rapidly growing scientific domain.
Computational methods in vibration problems and wave mechanics, Dynamics of concrete structures, Dynamics of coupled problems, Dynamics of micro and macro systems
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ICOLSE 2019 — International Conference on Lightning and Static Electricity
10 sep 2019 - 13 sep 2019 • Wichita, Kansas, États-Unis
Precipitation Static on Aircraft and EMC, Lightning Zoning, Lightning Direct Effects, Lightning Physical Effects and Observation, Lightning and Atmospheric Phenomenology, Fuel Tanks and Fuel Systems, Lightning Protection of Materials, Devices, and Systems, Lightning Induced Effects, Electrostatics, Lightning Standards and Safety, Wind Turbines, Photovoltaic Systems, and Other Electric Power Systems, Automobile, Train, and Other Vehicles, Spacecraft and Launch Complex, Numerical Modeling and Analysis, Lightning Damage Repair and Maintenance, Winter Lightning
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SAG 2019 — Semi-autogenous and High Pressure Grinding Technology
22 sep 2019 - 26 sep 2019 • Vancouver , Canada
This conference theme is (R)EVOLUTION, to reflect both incremental and step change improvements in SAG and HPGR technology.
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ISFNT-14 — International Symposium on Fusion Nuclear Technology
22 sep 2019 - 27 sep 2019 • Budapest, Hongrie
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2019 IEEE Industry Applications Society Annual Meeting
29 sep 2019 - 03 oct 2019 • Baltimore, MD, États-Unis
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Advanced Manufacturing Canada (AMC) Conference
30 sep 2019 - 03 oct 2019 • Mississauga (Toronto), ON, Canada
The Advanced Manufacturing Conference (AMC) at CMTS 2017 offers diverse technical sessions to choose from. Sessions offer a unique opportunity for manufacturers to meet face-to-face with engineers, product designers, and managers to find innovative solutions to their most difficult manufacturing challenges.
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IEEM — 2019 IEEE International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management
15 dec 2019 - 19 dec 2019 • Bangkok , Thaïlande
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SoutheastCon 2020
11 mar 2020 - 15 mar 2020 • Raleigh, NC, États-Unis
SoutheastCon is the annual Region 3 conference that brings together engineering professionals, students, and volunteers for a weekend of technical presentations, meetings, student competitions, and volunteer education.
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