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Water during planet formation and evolution
12 Feb 2018 • Zurich, Switzerland
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Water during planet formation and evolution
12 Feb 2018 - 16 Feb 2018 • Zurich, Switzerland
The workshop will focus on processes governing the delivery of water to planetary bodies in solar and exoplanetary systems, during their formation and long-term evolution. The respective roles of water (ice) inheritance from the interstellar medium, condensation in the protoplanetary nebula and processing and delivery during accretion will be discussed. We will further consider in detail the implications of the late-stage impact phase and long-term consequences for the remarkable diversity of processes affecting the water budget during the evolution of a planetary body. The goal of the workshop is to critically assess the interplay of theory and observations/experiments on the effects of water on planets and establish new research directions.
Joanna Drazkowska, Tim Lichtenberg, Caroline Dorn, Julia Venturini;     Phone: [+41 44 63 55803];     Email:
Planet formation and evolution, water delivery, habitability, laboratory experiments, meteorites
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