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99th AMS Annual Meeting
06 Jan 2019 - 10 Jan 2019 • Phoenix, Arizona, United States
The AMS Annual Meeting is the world’s largest yearly gathering for the weather, water, and climate community. It brings together great minds from a diverse set of scientific disciplines – helping attendees make career-long professional contact and life-long friends while learning from the very top people in the atmospheric sciences. Over 40 separate conferences and symposia, covering topics from hydrology to history, satellites to societal applications, make up the core of the AMS Annual Meeting.
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21st Conference on Atmospheric Chemistry
06 Jan 2019 - 10 Jan 2019 • Phoenix, United States
AMS Annual Meeting — Special Symposium on Catalyzing Innovation in Weather Science Internationally
08 Jan 2019 • Phoenix, Arizona, United States
The Special Symposium on Catalyzing Innovation in Weather Science Internationally, sponsored by the American Meteorological Society, will be held on 8 January 2019, as part of the 99th AMS Annual Meeting in Phoenix, Arizona.
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AMS Annual Meeting — Richard Anthes Symposium
09 Jan 2019 • Phoenix, Arizona, United States
To honor and celebrate Dr. Richard A. Anthes’ outstanding contributions to the atmospheric sciences community over the past half century through research, education and scientific program management, a Richard A. Anthes Symposium will be held on Wednesday, 9 January 2019, in Phoenix, Arizona, in conjunction with the Centennial celebration of the American Meteorological Society.
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ICCC 2019 — 3rd International Conference on Climate Change 2019
21 Feb 2019 - 22 Feb 2019 • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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National Tornado Summit
05 Mar 2019 - 06 Mar 2019 • Oklahoma City, OK, United States
An annual conference aimed at saving lives and helping communities quickly recover from tornadoes. Many NTS attendees work in the fields of insurance, emergency management and meteorology.
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27 Mar 2019 - 28 Mar 2019 • SUNTEC, Singapore
The InterMET Asia exhibition & conference is a unique marketplace bringing together the global weather and climate industry with those in the public and private sectors seeking to mitigate and manage the risks of extreme weather and climate change, and to understand the opportunities. The 2019 show is again expected to feature Special Sessions on Public-Private Sector co-operation sponsored by the World Bank and the GFDRR.
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EGU2019 — European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2019
07 Apr 2019 - 12 Apr 2019 • Vienna , Austria
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Eleventh International Conference on Climate Change: Impacts & Responses
16 Apr 2019 - 17 Apr 2019 • Washington, D.C., United States
Theme 1: Scientific Evidence Theme 2: Assessing Impacts in Divergent Ecosystems Theme 3: Human Impacts and Impacts on Humans Theme 4: Technical, Political, and Social Responses
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SOLAS Open Science Conference
21 Apr 2019 - 25 Apr 2019 • Sapporo, Japan
oceanic and atmospheric processes, interconnections between aerosols, clouds, and marine ecosystems, air-sea interface and fluxes of mass and energy, clouds and ecosystems, air quality, human health, marine resources and climate regulation, ocean biogeochemical control on atmospheric chemistry
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National Hurricane Conference
22 Apr 2019 - 25 Apr 2019 • New Orleans, LA, United States
The primary goal of the National Hurricane Conference is to improve hurricane preparedness, response, recovery and mitigation in order to save lives and property in the United States and the tropical islands of the Caribbean and Pacific. In addition, the conference serves as a national forum for federal, state and local officials to exchange ideas and recommend new policies to improve Emergency Management.
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SAOS 2019 — The International Symposium on Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences
01 Jun 2019 - 03 Jun 2019 • Kunming, China
The aim of SAOS is to provide a stage for researchers, engineers, academicians as well as industrial professionals from all over the world to present their research results and development activities in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences. SAOS 2019 will be a valuable and important platform for inspiring international and interdisciplinary exchange at the forefront of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences.
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AMOS-ICSHMO 2019 — International Conference on Tropical Meteorology and Oceanography
11 Jun 2019 - 15 Jun 2019 • Darwin, Australia
AMOS is pleased to announce that the AMOS Annual Meeting will be combined with an International Conference on Tropical Meteorology and Oceanography (AMOS-ICTMO 2019). This event will take place at the Darwin Convention Centre from 11-15 June 2019, Darwin Australia.
Oceanographic processes, Atmospheric processes, Climate, Weather, Land surface processes, Cryosphere, Extreme events, Observations and modelling, Climate variability and change, Renewable energy weather and climate, Weather and climate impacts and risk, Climate services and community engagement, Communicating the AMOS sciences
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Atmospheric Science Conference 2019
02 Jul 2019 - 03 Jul 2019 • University of Birmingham, United Kingdom
The National Centre for Atmospheric Science and the Royal Meteorological Society are jointly hosting the 2-day UK Atmospheric Science Conference in Birmingham on 2-3 July 2019. The meeting will provide a unique opportunity to bring together atmospheric scientists with interests in weather, climate and atmospheric chemistry to present latest research findings.
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Gordon Research Seminar — Radiation and Climate
20 Jul 2019 - 21 Jul 2019 • Bates College, Lewiston, United States
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Gordon Research Conference — Radiation and Climate
21 Jul 2019 - 26 Jul 2019 • Bates College, Lewiston, United States
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iCAS 2019 Symposium — International Computing for the Atmospheric Sciences Symposium
08 Sep 2019 - 12 Sep 2019 • Stresa, Italy
Machine Learning and Deep Learning in Climate and Weather, CMIP6 Efforts, Storage and Computing in the Cloud, Novel and emerging HPC technology and architectures
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EMS Annual Meeting 2019 — EMS Annual Meeting: European Conference for Applied Meteorology and Climatology
09 Sep 2019 - 13 Sep 2019 • Copenhagen, Denmark
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19w5153 — Physics-Dynamics Coupling in Earth System Models
13 Oct 2019 - 18 Oct 2019 • Banff, Alberta, Canada
The mathematics of climate change is one of the grand challenges of 21st century. Atmospheric phenomena range from large scale monsoons and jet stream meanders with spatial scales of thousands of km’s and time-scales of months to years all the way down to individual cumulus clouds formed by turbulence with spatial scales of 100 meters and time-scales of minutes. This workshop will help develop the mathematics necessary to advance our understanding of how to efficiently and accurately link these physical processes. Improvements in this "physics-dynamics" coupling is the major obstacle to improved accuracy of climate models.
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EMS Annual Meeting 2020 — EMS Annual Meeting: European Conference for Applied Meteorology and Climatology
07 Sep 2020 - 11 Sep 2020 • University of Economics, Bratislava, Slovakia
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EMS Annual Meeting 2021 — EMS Annual Meeting: European Conference for Applied Meteorology and Climatology
06 Sep 2021 - 10 Sep 2021 • Historical University of Barcelona, Spain
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