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9th ASCAAD International [Virtual] Conference
02. Mär 2021 - 04. Mär 2021 • Cairo [Virtual], Ägypten
ASCAAD in collaboration with the Department of Architecture at the American University in Cairo
The ASCAAD 2021 theme is dedicated to the ARCHITECTURE IN THE AGE OF DISRUPTIVE TECHNOLOGIES – Transformation and Challenges. The theme focuses on addressing the paradigm shift due to computational design gradually renouncing the typical morphogenetic-centered associations in the architectural discourse. Participants are encouraged to identify visions and challenging aspects such as: from the tangible to the intangible, from the physical to the phenomenological, from mass production to mass customization, from the artifact-centered to the human-centered, and from formalistic top-down approaches to informed bottom-up approaches. This imminent shift of focus is increasingly stirring a debate in the architectural community and is provoking a much needed critical questioning of the role of computation in architecture as a sole embodiment and enactment of technical dimensions, into one that rather deliberately pursues and embraces the humanities as an ultimate aspiration.
1) Human-Centered Computation • Design Cognition • Creative Design Concepts and Theories • Human-computer interaction • Machine learning & deep learning in architecture 2) Emergent Modes of Learning • Virtual Learning Environments • New Modes of CAAD Learning • Design Education • Interactive Media and Visualization 3) Architectonic Languages • Generative and Parametric Design • Shape and Motion Grammars • Responsive and Interactive Architecture • Rapid prototyping and digital fabrication • Design-to-Robotic Production • Programmable and Smart Materials 4) Technology Integration and Collaboration • Building Information Modeling (BIM) • Computer-Supported Design Collaboration • Virtual/Mixed Reality • IoT, Cloud Computing and Digital Twinning 5) Computational Enculturation • Adoptable Built Environments • Smart Cities • Digital Heritage • Digital Architectural Humanities
Fourth African Regional Conference on Geosynthetics
21. Feb 2022 - 24. Feb 2022 • Kairo, Ägypten
The International Geosynthetic Society in Egypt (IGSE)
The International Geosynthetic Society in Egypt (IGSE) is pleased to announce that the 4th African Regional Conference on Geosynthetics shall take place in Cairo, Egypt in 2022. As a newly formed chapter of IGS, we are excited to initiate our activities with this important regional conference as a seed for future activities of IGSE. We are eager to host this event and look forward to regional and international participation from academics, consultants, producers, contractors, and project owners. The main aim of the conference is to engage regional and international experts to raise awareness of technical advances, participate in joint activities, exchange experiences, and build bridges.
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