Konferenzen zum Thema Mulitimedia und Computergrafik in den Vereinigten Staaten (USA)

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VR — IEEE Virtual Reality Conference
22. Mär 2020 - 26. Mär 2020 • Atlanta, Vereinigte Staaten
3DUI — IEEE Symposium on 3D User Interfaces
22. Mär 2020 - 26. Mär 2020 • Atlanta, Vereinigte Staaten
I3DG — ACM SIGGRAPH Symposium on Interactive 3D Graphics and Games
05. Mai 2020 - 07. Mai 2020 • San Francisco, Vereinigte Staaten
I3D is the leading conference for real time 3D computer graphics and human interaction.
ACM Multimedia 2020 — ACM International Conference on Multimedia
12. Okt 2020 - 16. Okt 2020 • Seattle, Vereinigte Staaten
ACM Multimedia is the premier international conference in multimedia. It covers multiple emerging fields focusing on advancing the research and applications of many media, including but not limited to images, text, audio, speech, music, sensor and social data. It strongly encourages a complete and integrated approach to exchange, process and utilize information across modalities, as well as all cutting-edge research on each medium with potential of great positive impacts on everyday lives and technological breakthroughs. While the community has a tradition of developing and innovating AI and system approaches to handle big data and improve users experiences on engaging and interacting with multimedia, it is also uniquely angled towards novel applications and urgent industrial challenges. As such the conference openly embraces new intellectual perspectives from both industry and academia, and welcomes submissions from related fields, such as artificial intelligence, vision and languages, data sciences, HCI and multimedia signal processing, as well as healthcare, education and beyond.

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