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Konferenzen zum Thema Genomforschung und Bioinformatik in Großbritannien stellt der Öffentlichkeit ein Kalendarium wichtiger Konferenzen, Symposien und sonstiger Tagungen im wissenschaftlich-technischen Bereich zur Verfügung. Obwohl das Verzeichnis mit großer Sorgfalt zusammengestellt und ständig aktualisiert wird, weisen wir auf die Möglichkeit von Fehlern ausdrücklich hin. Bitte vergewissern Sie sich immer beim Veranstalter, bevor Sie über die Teilnahme oder Nichtteilnahme an einer Konferenz entscheiden.

Organisatoren können kostenlos ihre Konferenzankündigungen veröffentlichen.

1.Next Generation Sequencing
 Termin 12. Apr 2015 → 19. Apr 2015
[ID=647193] Zum Seitenanfang gehen
 OrtCambridge, Großbritannien
 Zusammenfassung Next-generation sequencing has become the premier tool in genetic and genomic analysis. This laboratory-based course is directed at scientists who will be generating and interpreting sequence information in their research and wish to gain a better understanding of the techniques involved and their applications.
 Verwandte Fachgebiete Molekularbiologie
2.NGS 2015 Glasgow — Applications and Data Analysis: Conference & Workshop
 Termin 21. Apr 2015 → 23. Apr 2015
[ID=679832] Zum Seitenanfang gehen
 OrtGlasgow, Großbritannien
 Zusammenfassung NGS 2015 Glasgow, the fourth biannual UK Next Generation Sequencing Conference from Biotexcel, will take place on 22nd & 23rd April and be preceded by a one day NGS Bioinformatics Workshop on 21st April. This event comes in partnership with the NHS West of Scotland Genetics Service and the University of Glasgow’s Polyomics research facility and will be held in the heart of Glasgow city centre.
 Themen NGS, Next Generation Sequencing, clinical genetics, oncology, cancer, genomics, molecular biology, data analysis, bioinformatics, human genetics, biomarkers, data storage, single cell analysis
 Kontakt Elisabetta Fineschi; Tel.: [+44 (0)161 870 6056]; Email:
 Verwandte Fachgebiete Molekularbiologie
3.European Human Genetics Conference 2015
 Termin 06. Jun 2015 → 09. Jun 2015
[ID=649118] Zum Seitenanfang gehen
 OrtGlasgow, Großbritannien
 Zusammenfassung The European Human Genetics Conference is a forum for all workers in human and medical genetics to review advances and develop research collaborations. The conference has become one of the premier events in the field of human genetics with over 3.000 delegates, more than 215 oral presentations, 13 workshops, 8 educational sessions, and over 130 exhibiting companies. The ESHG conference is where the latest developments in human genetics are discussed, and where professionals from all parts of human genetics meet.  
4.3rd Annual Next Generation Sequencing Data Congress — 3rd Annual Next Generation Sequencing Data Congress
 Termin 15. Jun 2015 → 16. Jun 2015
[ID=693386] Zum Seitenanfang gehen
 OrtLondon, Großbritannien
 Zusammenfassung At Oxford Global’s NGS Data Congress hear from leading scientists from J&J, Pfizer, Roche, GSK, Genomics England, Harvard University and many more. Experts will provide an overview of innovative methods, technologies and platforms used to analyse genomic data. Renowned researchers will discuss updates in NGS data management including big data solutions, cloud-based data management systems and open source platforms. Presentations will cover novel software for the integration and visualisation of complex data sets. Our esteemed experts will explore the application of NGS data tools in biomarkers, clinical development, metagenomics and various therapeutic areas.
 Themen Computational Biology, Computational Genetics, Bioinformatics, Genomic Data, Genomic Informatics, Genome Data, Genome Informatics, Omics Data
 Kontakt Danielle Dalby; Tel.: [+44(0)1865 248455]; Email:
5.EMBL-EBI-Wellcome Trust: Summer School in Bioinformatics
 Termin 22. Jun 2015 → 26. Jun 2015
[ID=698259] Zum Seitenanfang gehen
 OrtCambridge, Großbritannien
 Zusammenfassung This summer school will provide an introduction to the use of bioinformatics in biological research using publicly available data resources and tools. Participants will initially be introduced to a range of basic tools and resources applicable to a range of subject areas. To enable specific exploration of resources in a particular field of interest, participants will be divided into focused groups to work on a small project set by EMBL-EBI resource and research staff, ending in a presentation from each group on the final day of the course. The course will include training and mentoring provided by experts from EMBL-EBI and external institutes. The programme will be shaped according to participants’ research interests.
 Verwandte Fachgebiete Molekularbiologie
6.2nd EACR Special Conference on Cancer Genomics
 Termin 28. Jun 2015 → 01. Jul 2015
[ID=708150] Zum Seitenanfang gehen
 OrtCambridge, Großbritannien
 Zusammenfassung The field of cancer genomics has provided unique insights into tumour heterogeneity and evolution (increasingly at single cell level), interactions between mutated tumour cells and the immune system, opportunities for targeted therapies, understanding of drug sensitivity/resistance, and as a novel tool for cancer monitoring using liquid biopsies. Leaders in all of these fields will be presenting at the meeting.
 Themen intra- and inter-tumoural heterogeneity, liquid biopsies, genomics and cancer immunity/immunotherapy, targeted therapies and mechanisms of resistance, and single cell genomics.
 Kontakt Caroline Moulins; Tel.: [+441157484513]; Email:
 Verwandte Fachgebiete Onkologie
7.Mouse Molecular Genetics
 Termin 16. Sep 2015 → 19. Sep 2015
[ID=682853] Zum Seitenanfang gehen
 OrtCambridge, Großbritannien
 Zusammenfassung The Wellcome Trust is pleased to announce the 28th annual Mouse Molecular Genetics conference. This conference is the leading forum for researchers who apply genetics and genomics techniques in the mouse to address fundamental issues in mammalian biology. The Mouse Molecular Genetics conference attracts international participation and promotes the presentation of novel, unpublished research findings. This year’s meeting will showcase the latest developments in genetics, genomics, engineering of the mouse genome, systems analysis and imaging of dynamic molecular and physiological processes.
 Verwandte Fachgebiete Biologie; Molekularbiologie
8.Epigenetics, Obesity and Metabolism
 Termin 11. Okt 2015 → 14. Okt 2015
[ID=661457] Zum Seitenanfang gehen
 OrtHinxton, Cambridge, Großbritannien
 Themen Epigenetics, Obesity, Metabolism, Epigenome
 Kontakt Abcam Events; Email:
 Verwandte Fachgebiete Molekularbiologie; Biologie

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