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EPSRC-Warwick Symposium on "Geometry, topology and dynamics in low dimensions"
01 Sep 2017 - 31 Aug 2018 • Mathematics Institute, University of Warwick, Cove, United Kingdom
The Warwick EPSRC Mathematics Symposium is organized annually by the University of Warwick with the support of the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council for the benefit of the mathematical sciences community. It brings leading experts from around the world in a year-long program of research activities focused on an emerging theme in the mathematical sciences. From September 2017 to August 2018, the Symposium will concentrate on the theme of "Geometry, topology and dynamics in low dimensions". It will feature a series of international workshops and host a number of long-term visitors. There will also be a Research School organized in collaboration with the London Mathematical Society and the Clay Mathematics Institute.
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Sixth IMA Conference on Numerical Linear Algebra and Optimization
27 Jun 2018 • Birmingham, United Kingdom
The success of modern codes for large-scale optimization is heavily dependent on the use of effective tools of numerical linear algebra. On the other hand, many problems in numerical linear algebra lead to linear, nonlinear or semidefinite optimization problems. The purpose of the conference is to bring together researchers from both communities and to find and communicate points and topics of common interest.
Pamela Bye;     Email:
Direct and iterative methods for large sparse linear systems, Eigenvalue computation and optimization, Large-scale nonlinear and semidefinite programming, Effect of round-off errors, stopping criteria, embedded iterative procedures, Optimization issues for matrix polynomials, Fast matrix computations, Compressed/sparse sensing, PDE-constrained optimization, Distributed computing and optimization, Applications and real time optimization
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LMS Research School: Mathematics of Multiscale Biology
02 Jul 2018 - 06 Jul 2018 • University of Nottingham, Nottingham, United Kingdom
Biological systems often involve inextricably linked spatial and temporal scales. This multi-scale nature has entailed various mathematical developments, which constitute the theme of this Research School. Both theoretical and computational aspects will be covered in lectures and practical sessions on computers. Lecture Topics: 1. Mathematics of microscopic biological systems Nick Monk (Sheffield) 2. Mathematics of macroscopic (super-cellular) biological systems 3. Mathematics across biological scales Bindi Brook, Etienne Farcot, John King, Reuben O'Dea, Markus Owen (Nottingham) will cover topics 2 & 3 Guest lectures: Multiscale organization of human genome. Annick Lesne (Laboratoire de Physique Théorique (Paris) and Institut de Génétique Moléculaire (Montpellier)). Addressing spatial disorder in multiscale physiological models. Oliver Jensen (Manchester) More details Apply online by 4/09/18
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The 2018 International Conference of Applied and Engineering Mathematics
04 Jul 2018 - 06 Jul 2018 • Imperial College London, London, United Kingdom
Linear algebra and applications: Matrix theory Tensor analysis Combinatorial linear algebra Numerical linear analysis Computational linear algebra Markov chains Iterative methods Large-scale systems Numerical analysis: Numerical methods for ordinary and partial differential equation Computational programming of numerical algorithms Finite Elements Scientific computing Error analysis Stability problems Convergence analysis Non-linear systems Chaos systems Dynamical systems Simulation Differential equations and applications: Ordinary differential equations Partial differential equations Stochastic differential equations Difference equations Integral equations Variation methods Nonlinear systems Perturbation problems Probabilities and statistics: Probability theory Stochastic process Applied statistics Mathematical statistics Estimation Theory Identification Simulation Operations Research and Optimization: Mathematical programming Stochastic modeling Decision theory Game theory
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