Konferenzen zum Thema Algebra in Großbritannien

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Warwick M2 workshop
01. Jun 2020 - 05. Jun 2020 • Warwick, Großbritannien
Mathematics Institute, University of Warwick
This workshop will be dedicated to developing more packages for the mathematics software package Macaulay2. Macaulay2 novices are welcome.
Verwandte Fachgebiete:
Hanna Neumann Day
12. Jun 2020 • Hull, Großbritannien
University of Hull, Department of Mathematics
We are pleased to announce a one day conference dedicated to Hanna Neumann (1914 – 1971). It will be held at University of Hull, 12 June 2020.

Hanna Neumann was an outstanding mathematician whose research has significantly influenced the development of modern group theory. Her key achievements were in combinatorial group theory, and her book ‘Varieties of Groups’ (Springer 1967) is now a recognised classic. Hanna’s academic career was closely tied to the University of Hull, where she worked from 1946 until 1958. The conference includes lectures and a number of public events. Further details will be posted on the conference webpage.

Email: a.detinko@hull.ac.uk
Verwandte Fachgebiete:
Tropical Geometry, Berkovich Spaces, Arithmetic D-Modules and p-adic Local Systems
15. Jun 2020 - 19. Jun 2020 • London, Großbritannien
Young Researchers in Lie theory
15. Jun 2020 - 19. Jun 2020 • University of Kent, Großbritannien
University of Kent
In this conference we aim to bring together postgraduate researchers working on various areas of Lie theory, such as classical representation theory, diagrammatic and 2-categorical Lie theory and algebraic geometry (such as homogenous spaces). Our goal is to create a friendly and supportive environment for postgraduate students to present their work, see other people’s work and discuss ideas that could be useful in their research. Moreover postgraduate students will have the opportunity to attend talks from experienced researchers in the area.
Simple groups, representations and applications
22. Jun 2020 - 26. Jun 2020 • INI Cambridge, Großbritannien
This final workshop will aim to bring all strands of the programme together. There will be speakers covering aspects of all the main themes, focussing particularly on the simple groups: representation theory, subgroup structure, fusion systems and local group theory, computational algebra, and connections with other areas. The workshop will particularly celebrate the great influence of the work of Michael Aschbacher and Robert Guralnick on all of these themes.
Verwandte Fachgebiete:
Manifolds and K-theory: the legacy of Andrew Ranicki
29. Jun 2020 - 03. Jul 2020 • Edinburgh, Großbritannien
International Centre for Mathematical Sciences, Edinburgh; UK
Andrew Ranicki and his theory of algebraic surgery played a central role in linking manifold theory, algebraic K-theory, and its close cousin L-theory. These areas have seen great developments and advances in the last decade from distinct research communities. This workshop will bring together mathematicians working on the topology of high-dimensional manifolds and their automorphisms with those working on the algebraic K-theory (and its cousins hermitian K-theory and L-theory) of rings and ring spectra, in order to share recent progress in these areas and kindle a fresh interaction between them.
Algebraic Geometry of Matroids
31. Aug 2020 - 04. Sep 2020 • Edinburgh, Großbritannien
Verwandte Fachgebiete:
A conference in celebration of the 60th Birthday of Bill Crawley-Boevey
07. Sep 2020 - 11. Sep 2020 • University of Manchester, Großbritannien

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