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Keystone Symposia - Cell Death and Inflammation
29. Mai 2017 - 02. Jun 2017 • Dublin, Irland
Scientific Organizers: Seamus J. Martin and John Silke

joint with the meeting on Integrating Metabolism and Immunity

Cell death has long been known to be an important instigator of inflammation in sterile injury, as well as an amplifying factor in infection-associated inflammation, but the specific molecules underpinning this remain obscure. Understanding how dead and dying cells initiate and escalate inflammation has important implications for our understanding and treatment of autoinflammatory and infectious diseases. This meeting will explore current knowledge concerning the cellular constituents that drive inflammation (i.e., damage-associated molecular patterns), as well as how abnormal modes of cell death, such as necrosis, necroptosis and NETosis, can perturb inflammatory outputs and responses to dying cells. In particular, the conference aims to explore gaps in our current understanding of how dead and dying cells influence inflammatory responses in disease settings and will bring together experts in two major research fields, ”cell death” and ”inflammation,” for the purpose of clarifying what the key questions and therapeutic targets are in this rapidly evolving area. Many well-known physiological drivers of cell death (e.g., TNF, TRAIL, CD95/Fas), as well as the molecules that transduce signals from these receptors (e.g., RIPKs, IAPs, TRAFs, IKKs), are also centrally involved in promoting inflammation. However, the tremendous overlap between cell death and inflammatory signaling is only becoming appreciated of late, and although it is also widely accepted that the constituents of healthy cells can drive inflammation upon release into the extracellular space, the identity of these cellular constituents is still a matter of debate. This meeting will focus on teasing out the relationships between cell death and inflammatory signaling to highlight how perturbation of either of these processes invariably impacts upon the other. This meeting will also explore the nature of the molecules that promote and modulate inflammation during cell death. The meeting will bring together scientists from diverse fields (cell death, inflammation, cancer, innate immunity) that would not normally interact, and will identify and explore the key questions and directions that will shape the future of research in this field.

Abstract & Scholarship Deadline: January 31, 2017

Abstract Deadline: March 1, 2017

Discounted Registration Deadline: March 29, 2017

Tel.: [1 800-253-0685];     Email: info@keystonesymposia.org
cell death, inflammation, Inflammatory Responses, Inflammatory Signaling, Tissue Responses, Dying Cells, Stress Signals, Alternative Cell Death Modalities, Cancer
2nd Zing Genomic Integrity Conference 2017
09. Jul 2017 - 13. Jul 2017 • County Dublin, Irland
The second Zing conference on ‘Genomic Integrity’ in Dublin will build on the success of the 2015 conference held in Cairns, Australia. The meeting will focus on the molecular pathways that protect living organisms from deleterious genetic changes. It will include sessions covering both established areas in the field, including excision repair pathways, DNA damage signalling, translesion synthesis and recombination as well as more emergent topics such as DNA damage in mitosis and the role of RNA in the DNA damage response. There will also be sessions covering human disorders and therapeutic targeting of genome stability.
Matthew Kirkby;     Tel.: [00441223750020];     Email: info@zingconferences.com
Molecular Pathways, Genomic Intergrity, Genetic Changes, DNA damage, Genome Stability
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