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MATBIM2019 Conference — International meeting on Material/Bioproduct Interaction
08. Mai 2019 - 10. Mai 2019 • Mailand, Italien
The next edition of the International meeting on Material/Bioproduct Interaction (MATBIM) will be hosted by the Department of Food, Environmental and Nutritional Sciences (DeFENS) of the University of Milan. MATBIM2019 will take place in Milan from May 8 to 10, 2019 , at the historical Ca’ Granda main campus of the University of Milan. This meeting will run under the heading “Bridging the gap between Academia and Industry”. Therefore, it is our aim to cover fundamental aspects of food and bioproduct packaging materials to boost the technological transfer to the industrial field.
ECI — BIO-CHAR II: Production, Characterization and Application
15. Sep 2019 - 20. Sep 2019 • Cetraro, Italien
Engineering Conferences International (ECI)
When organic materials (woody or agricultural materials, organic residues, sewage sludge, digestate,…) are thermally decomposed in the absence of oxygen, one of the resulting products is bio-char, a solid compound rich in carbon and inorganic elements. Incorporated into the ground, bio-char is a porous soil enhancer that can lock up carbon, supply minerals, prevent nutrient leaching and water contamination and retain soil moisture. As a result, bio-char can be an efficient material to enhance soil properties while sequestering carbon. However, bio-char’s porous properties make it also suitable for a variety of value-added applications: adsorption of pollutants, filler for composites, catalysts, material for electronic applications, etc. Bio-char properties depend on the biomass feedstock used as well as the operating conditions used for its production. Moreover, these properties can be manipulated by pre- and post-processing. By understanding and controlling these factors, it is possible to create value-added “designer biochars” for specific applications.
Tel.: [2125146760];     Email: noel@engconfintl.org
carbon biochars processing economics production characterization soil enhancers composites solid compound pollutants electronics nutrient leakage organic residue sewage sludge
International Advances in Plant Virology 2019
29. Okt 2019 - 31. Okt 2019 • Rom, Italien
Association of Applied Biologists (aab)
Behind their apparent simplicity, plant viruses have an incredible capacity to modify their hosts’ biological processes, including control of gene expression, macromolecular trafficking and transport, basal and induced stress defence mechanisms, and many other areas of the plant physiology. On their own, plant viruses are fascinating entities, having evolved an incredible array of smart strategies to express their genes from their very compact genomes. Thus, plant viruses are excellent study subjects, providing keys and probes to analyse and dissect many aspects of the plant biology. On a more strategic side, using very few building blocks, plant viruses produce transmission and persistence particles with amazing properties and incredible biotechnological potential. Last but not least, plant viruses cause global and regional economic and societal losses, being responsible for a significant proportion of devastating emergent and re-emergent plant diseases; development of strategies to control phytopathogenic viruses are therefore of the outmost importance. This conference is open to all researchers studying plant viruses and virus-induced diseases at any level, from molecular to ecological scale, including evolutionary aspects of plant viruses and virus-induced diseases.
Tel.: [+442476575195];     Email: john@aab.org.uk
Plant, virus, phytopathogenic
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