Konferenzen zum Thema Nahrungsmittelchemie und Agrarwissenschaften in Malaysia

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2nd International Plantation Conference (IPC2021): Physical & Online Conference
09. Mär 2021 - 11. Mär 2021 • LaCrista Hotel, Malacca, Malaysia
Faculty of Plantation and Agrotechnology, Universiti Teknologi MARA and WMIT Group Sdn Bhd in collaboration with Ministry of Plantation Industries and Commodities Malaysia

This 2-day conference (and 1 day sight-seeing) will address the current and latest advances in various plantation activities and its achievements. More than 20 keynote and invited speakers will be presenting their views and findings in this conference. The conference will provide opportunities and gather practitioners, researchers, academicians and student to network and to share their latest knowledge, experience and achievements in related field.


A Sustainable Approach For Diversifying Livelihood and Environment In Plantation Industry

The conference organisers cordially invites academics, practitioners, scholars, researchers, policy makers of any government agencies to present their oral or poster papers in IPC2021. Please register and submit your abstract via online registration through https://submit.confbay.com/conf/ipc2019. We also welcome and highly encourage postgraduate students to present their research proposal, literature review, findings or issues in this congress with a very special registration fee.

Authors are invited to submit papers for oral and poster presentations.

IPC2021 provides Malaysia Board of Technologists (MBOT) 15 CPD points claimable for Participants and Presenters

Mr. Zes;     Email: 2ndipc2020@gmail.com
CONFERENCE HIGHLIGHTS 1. Emerging sustainable approach in plantation management and agribusiness. 2. Plantation crop productivity and management. 3. Sustainable crop protection in plantation. 4. Sustainable management of marginal soil for future plantation. 5. Sustainable agricultural engineering through automation, smart and precision technology towards Industrial Revolution (IR) 4.0. 6. Biotechnology practices for sustainable plantation.

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