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Eleventh Annual Cambridge Graduate Conference on the Philosophy of Mathematics and Logic
20 jan 2018 - 21 aou 2018 • Cambridge, Royaume-Uni
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Second SYSMICS Summer School
22 aou 2018 - 25 aou 2018 • Les Diablerets, Suisse
The second summer school for the EU RISE project SYSMICS (Syntax meets Semantics -- Methods, Interactions, and Connections in Substructural Logics) will take place 22-26 August 2018 at Hotel Les Sources in Les Diablerets, Switzerland. This school will precede two logic conferences taking place in Bern the following week: Logic, Algebra and Truth Degrees (LATD) 2018 and Advances in Modal Logic (AiML) 2018. Tutorials will be given each morning by Peter Jipsen (Chapman University), David J. Pym (University College London), and Alexandra Silva (University College London), and in the early evening there will be lectures by Johan van Benthem (University of Amsterdam), Laura Kovács (Vienna University of technology), and Fred Wehrung (University of Caen). Afternoons will be free for students and lecturers to interact scientifically and socially, and enjoy the beautiful alpine surroundings of Les Diablerets. Participants are expected to arrive on August 22nd for dinner (no talks) and departure is after lunch on August 26th.
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AiML 2018 — Advances in Modal Logic 2018
27 aou 2018 - 28 aou 2018 • Bern, Suisse
Advances in Modal Logic is a bi-annual international conference and book series in Modal Logic. The aim of the conference series is to report on important new developments in pure and applied modal logic, and to do so at varying locations throughout the world. The book series is based on the conferences.
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LATD 2018 — Logic, Algebra and Truth Degrees 2018
28 aou 2018 - 31 aou 2018 • Bern, Suisse
The LATD conference series started as an official meeting of the working group on Mathematical Fuzzy Logic and has evolved into a wider meeting in algebraic logic and related areas. Its main goal is to foster collaboration between researchers in these areas, and to promote communication and cooperation with members of neighbouring fields.
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Diophantine Approximation and Transcendence
10 sep 2018 - 14 sep 2018 • CIRM Luminy, Marseille, France
The initial goal of Diophantine approximation is the study of the approximation of a real point by rational points and the tools which have been created to that purpose remain at the basis of transcendence's results. There exists a Diophantine mathematical community concerned with the topic which has nowadays multiple aspects. The proposed meeting, which takes place at CIRM every four years, intends to gather an important part of this community and to present the most prominent recent results. Among the new developments we plan to address, let us mention the various extensions and refinements of the Schmidt subspace theorem in its quantitative forms; the works concerning the Zilber-Pink conjecture and the "unlikely intersections"; recent progress towards Littlewood conjecture and its links with the theory of dynamical systems; and finally the emerging topic of "arithmetical dynamics".
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HIGHLIGHTS 2018 - 6th annual conference on Highlights of LOGIC, GAMES, and AUTOMATA
18 sep 2018 - 21 sep 2018 • Berlin, Allemagne
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VIIIJFC — VIII Conference on Quantum Foundations: Quantum Logic & Quantum Structures
21 nov 2018 - 23 nov 2018 • Buenos Aires, Argentine
The meeting "VIII Conference on Quantum Foundations: Quantum Logic & Quantum Structures" will be held on Novembre 21-23, at Universidad CAECE, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Quantum mechanics Quantum logic Quantum information Philosophy of quantum mechanics
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ESSLLI 2019 — 31st European Summer School in Logic, Language and Information
05 aou 2019 - 15 aou 2019 • Riga, Lettonie
The European Summer School in Logic, Language and Information (ESSLLI) is an annual event under the auspices of the Association for Logic, Language and Information (FoLLI) and brings together logicians, linguists, computer scientists, and philosophers to study language, logic, and information, and their interconnections. Proposals for courses and workshops at ESSLLI 2019 are invited in all areas of Logic, Linguistics and Computing Sciences. Cross-disciplinary and innovative topics are particularly encouraged. Each course and workshop will consist of five 90 minute sessions, offered daily (Monday-Friday) in a single week. Proposals for two-week courses should be structured and submitted as two independent one-week courses. Each proposal should fall under one of the following categories: 'Foundational Courses', 'Introductory Courses', 'Advanced Courses' or 'Workshops'.
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