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Winter Workshop on Complex Systems 2019
04 fév 2019 - 08 fév 2019 • Zakopane , Pologne
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CompleNet'19 — 10th International Conference on Complex Networks
18 mar 2019 - 21 mar 2019 • Tarragona, Espagne
The CompleNet conference is one of the most cherished events by scientists in our field. Maybe it is because of its motivating format, consisting on all plenary sessions; or maybe the reason is that it finds the perfect balance between young and senior participation; or maybe it is just the quality of the work presented. Whatever your reason is, we hope that you will join us in the 10th edition of CompleNet. See you soon!
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TWCR 2019 — Emergence - Second International TRANSIT workshop on Cross-disciplinary Research
27 mar 2019 - 28 mar 2019 • University of York, Heslington, Royaume-Uni
Emergence is a term used to describe system-level collective properties and behaviours that cannot be reduced to specific properties of their individual components. From Aristotle’s “the whole is something besides the parts” to Anderson’s “More is different”, emergence captures the existence of an overall unity separate from its constituents. Emergence is a broad concept, occurring across systems comprising physical, technological, neural, biological, or social components. From physics to philosophy, from biology to art, from engineering to neuroscience, emergent properties abound, yet there remains little agreement on a formal definition of emergence, ways to analyse it, or ways to achieve it.

TWCR 2019 will explore the cross-disciplinary theme of Emergence, seeking to bring together ideas, approaches, concepts, and perspectives from natural biological systems and other physical systems, from engineered physical and virtual systems, and from human social systems.

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NERCCS 2019 — Second Northeast Regional Conference on Complex Systems
03 avr 2019 - 05 avr 2019 • Binghamton, NY, États-Unis
NERCCS 2019: The Second Northeast Regional Conference on Complex Systems will follow the success of the previous inaugural NERCCS to promote the emerging venue of interdisciplinary scholarly exchange for complex systems researchers in the Northeast U.S. region to share their research outcomes through presentations and post-conference online publications, network with their peers in the region, and promote inter-campus collaboration and the growth of the research community.
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WCCS19 — 4th Edition of World conference on Complex Systems
22 avr 2019 - 25 avr 2019 • Quarzazate, Maroc
The WCCS19 will be organized by Ibn Zohr University; Moroccan Society of Complex Systems and National College of IT (ENSIAS, Mohamed V Souissi University) in partnership with IEEE Moroccan section and International Academy for Systems and Cybernetic Science during April 22-25, 2019 in Ouarzazate-Morocco. The WCCS19 will provide a high-level international forum for researchers and Ph. D. students who will present recent research results, address new challenges and discuss trends in the area of complex systems and interdisciplinary science.
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05 mai 2019 - 10 mai 2019 • Les Houches, France
13 mai 2019 - 17 mai 2019 • Como, Italie
The school "Complex Networks: Theory, Methods, and Applications" offers a succinct education in network science. It is open to all aspiring scholars in any area of science or engineering who wish to study networks of any kind (whether theoretical or applied), and it is especially addressed to doctoral students and young postdoctoral scholars. The aim of the school is to deepen into both theoretical developments and applications in targeted fields.
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Conference on graphs, networks, and their applications
13 mai 2019 - 18 mai 2019 • Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Dolgop, Russie
The focus of the conference will be on combinatorial subjects, such as (hyper)graphs and random structures, and on applications such as complex networks analysis.
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NetSci 2019 — International School and Conference on Network Science
27 mai 2019 • Burlington, Vermont, États-Unis
NetSci 2019 is the flagship conference of the Network Science Society, which aims to bring together leading researchers and practitioners working in the emerging research area of network science. The NetSci conference fosters multi-disciplinary communication and collaboration in network science research across computer and information sciences, physics, mathematics, statistics, the life sciences, neuroscience, environmental sciences, social sciences, finance and business, arts and design.
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NetSci 2019 — NetSci is the flagship conference on Complex Networks promoted by the Network Science Society. It brings under one umbrella a wide variety of leading researchers, practitioners and stakeholders with a direct interest in Network Science, from Physics to Co
27 mai 2019 - 31 mai 2019 • Burlington, Vermont , États-Unis
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Russian Workshop on Complexity and Model Theory
09 jui 2019 - 11 jui 2019 • Moscou, Russie
The aim of the workshop is to bring together specialists in computational complexity, communication complexity, formal languages, descriptive complexity, cryptography and other related fields. The Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology and, in particular, the Phystech-School of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science will become a platform for the discussion of various subjects in the area.
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CNSC — Workshop on MAS for Complex Networks and Social Computation
26 jui 2019 - 28 jui 2019 • Ávila, Espagne
This conference is sponsored by the IEEE Systems Man and Cybernetics Society Spain Section Chapter
Many of the systems that can be found in our environment can be modeled as complex adaptive systems that consist of a dynamic network of agents (which may represent individuals, businesses, services, resources) that perform a set of activities in parallel and react to what other agents are doing. Multi-agent systems are considered a suitable tool for the study of complex adaptive systems and specially those distributed and dynamic. The Workshop MAS for Complex Networks and Social Computation is focused on providing a forum in which researchers from many disciplines and methodological backgrounds discuss ideas, research questions, recent results, and future challenges in this emerging area of research and public interest.
complex networks, network analysis, social systems
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Nice Summer School on Random Walks and Complex Networks
08 jul 2019 - 19 jul 2019 • Nice, France
LANet-2019 — Latin American conference on complex networks
05 aou 2019 - 09 aou 2019 • CARTAGENA, Colombie
The aim of LANET is to provide a forum to join all scientists who are somehow related to the research on Network Science in Latin America. The rapid growth of the field of Network Science in the last two decades has manifested in the form of schools, workshops, and conferences in Latin America. However, the creation of LANET as a stable and periodic forum devoted to Network Science will further spur the formation of research groups interested in the field and help to establish it as a discipline across Latin American Universities and Research Institutions.
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I3M2019 — The 16th International Multidisciplinary Modeling & Simulation Multiconference
18 sep 2019 - 20 sep 2019 • Lisbonne, Portugal
Every year, the I3M Multiconference renovates the opportunity to bring together researchers, scientists and practitioners, from the Mediterranean Area, Latin & North Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia, who are concerned with Modeling and Simulation in Industry and Academia. As a result of the joint effort of many scientific excellences, I3M is an opportunity to meet and discuss and, as usually happens, constructive debate makes people open up, brings food for thoughts as well as new ways to explore encouraging multi-disciplinary cooperation and collaborations.
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CCS2019 — Conference on Complex Systems
30 sep 2019 - 04 oct 2019 • Singapore, Singapour
The Conference on Complex Systems (CCS) is the biggest and most important annual meeting of the international complex systems community. It comes under the auspices of the Complex Systems Society. Since its inception in 2004, CCS had always been Europe-based, but in 2015 & 2017, it moved to North & Latin America respectively.
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