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WCCS19 — 4th Edition of World conference on Complex Systems
22 avr 2019 - 25 avr 2019 • Quarzazate, Maroc
The WCCS19 will be organized by Ibn Zohr University; Moroccan Society of Complex Systems and National College of IT (ENSIAS, Mohamed V Souissi University) in partnership with IEEE Moroccan section and International Academy for Systems and Cybernetic Science during April 22-25, 2019 in Ouarzazate-Morocco. The WCCS19 will provide a high-level international forum for researchers and Ph. D. students who will present recent research results, address new challenges and discuss trends in the area of complex systems and interdisciplinary science.
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COMPLEXIS 2019 — International Conference on Complexity, Future Information Systems and Risk
02 mai 2019 - 04 mai 2019 • Heraklion, Grèce
COMPLEXIS – The International Conference on Complexity, Future Information Systems and Risk, aims at becoming a yearly meeting place for presenting and discussing innovative views on all aspects of Complex Information Systems, in different areas such as Informatics, Telecommunications, Computational Intelligence, Biology, Biomedical Engineering and Social Sciences.
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Statistical Physics of Complex Systems
07 mai 2019 - 11 mai 2019 • Stockholm, Suède
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5th International Interdisciplinary Chaos Symposium on Chaos and Complex Systems
09 mai 2019 - 12 mai 2019 • Antalya, Turquie
The scope of the “5th International Interdisciplinary Chaos Symposium on Chaos and Complex Systems,” which will take place from May 09 to May 12, 2019 in Antalya, Turkey, has been enriched with variety of contemporary, interdisciplinary topics, encompassing including but not limited to fundamental theory of nonlinear dynamics, networks, circuits, systems, biology, evolution and ecology, fractals and pattern formation, as well as nonlinear timeseries analysis, neural networks, sociophysics and econophysics, management complexity and global systems.
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MABS — Multi-Agent-Based Simulation workshop
13 mai 2019 - 17 mai 2019 • Montreal, Canada
The Multi-Agent-Based Simulation (MABS) workshop is the twentieth of a series that began in 1998 ( Its scientific focus lies in the confluence of social sciences and multi-agent systems, with a strong application/empirical vein, and its emphasis is stressed on (i) exploratory agent based simulation as a principled way of undertaking scientific research in the social sciences and (ii) using social theories as an inspiration to new frameworks and developments in multi-agent systems.
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The 2nd JNMP Conference on Nonlinear Mathematical Physics
26 mai 2019 - 04 jui 2019 • University of Santiago, Santiago, Chili
This conference is being organized for the Journal of Nonlinear Mathematical Physics (JNMP) community. We aim to bring together experts and young scientists in the area of Mathematical Physics that concern Nonlinear Problems in Physics and Mathematics.
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NetSci2019 — International School and Conference on Network Science
27 mai 2019 - 31 mai 2019 • Burlington, États-Unis
NetSci2019 is the flagship conference of the Network Science Society. It aims to bring together leading researchers and practitioners working in the emerging area of network science. The conference fosters interdisciplinary communication and collaboration in network science research across computer and information sciences, physics, mathematics, statistics, the life sciences, neuroscience, environmental sciences, social sciences, finance and business, arts and design.
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NIMBioS Investigative Workshop: Transients in Biological Systems
29 mai 2019 - 31 mai 2019 • Knoxville, États-Unis
Transients, or non-asymptotic dynamics, cover a wide range of possibilities, from biology to ecology and beyond. A full understanding of transients and their implications for biology requires mathematical and statistical developments as well as attention to biological detail. Transient dynamics have also played a central role in both empirical observations
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CENTURI summer school — From data to biology and back
03 jui 2019 - 12 jui 2019 • Luminy, Marseille, France
The CENTURI summer school is aimed at students from Masters of Science and engineering schools with backgrounds in physics, mathematics and computational sciences who are interested in applying their skills towards problems in biology. The summer school, entitled “From data to biology and back”, will introduce major open questions in systems biology. It will address those questions through the use of state-of–the-art techniques for analyzing and modelling data sets, via hands-on projects.
Reverse engineering biological networks
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Russian Workshop on Complexity and Model Theory
09 jui 2019 - 11 jui 2019 • Moscou, Russie
The aim of the workshop is to bring together specialists in computational complexity, communication complexity, formal languages, descriptive complexity, cryptography and other related fields. The Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology and, in particular, the Phystech-School of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science will become a platform for the discussion of various subjects in the area.
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2nd Workshop Complexity72h
17 jui 2019 - 21 jui 2019 • IMT Lucca, Italie
The workshop Complexity72h is an interdisciplinary event whose aim is to bring together young researchers from different fields of complex systems
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CHAOS 2019 — 12th International Conference (CHAOS2019) on Chaotic Modeling, Simulation and Applications
18 jui 2019 - 21 jui 2019 • Chania, Crete, Grèce
The principal aim of Chaos2019 International Conference is to expand the development of the theories of the applied nonlinear field, the methods, empirical data and computer techniques as well as the best theoretical achievements of chaotic theory. Chaos2019 Conference provides a forum for bringing together the various groups working in the area of Nonlinear and Dynamical Systems, Chaotic theory and Application to exchange views and report research findings.
An International Conference on Non Linear Analysis and Modeling: Theory and Applications
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SPHINx19 conference and hackathon
24 jui 2019 - 26 jui 2019 • Paris, France
The SPHINx19 conference and hackathon that will take place in Paris, France, from 24 to 26 June 2019. The first two days will be dedicated to the conference, focusing on the dynamic modelling of pathogen spread in healthcare settings. We aim at proposing an attractive program combining invited and contributed talks and posters. The 1-day hackathon will take place on June 26.
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First Italian Regional Conference on Complex Systems
01 jul 2019 - 03 jul 2019 • Trente, Italie
The First Italian Regional Conference on Complex Systems is the flagship event of CSS/Italy to promote the dissemination of Complexity Science and interdisciplinary scholarly exchange for complex systems researchers and practitioners in Italy.
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Lake Como School on Advances in Complex Systems: from Ecology to Economics
22 jul 2019 - 26 jul 2019 • Como, Italie
This is the third school on Advances in Complex Systems. The first edition of the school took place in the summer of 2015 and the second edition in the summer of 2017. The scope of the school series is to present recent advances in complex systems discussing applications of statistical mechanics of non-equilibrium and disordered systems, theories of complex networks and other stochastic systems to different topics in materials science, social sciences, biology and biomedical research. The broad choice of interdisciplinary topics is designed to expose the students to some of the multiple facets of complex systems theory. The 2019 edition of the school will focus on inderdisciplinary and quantitative approaches that span from ecology to economics. The school is open to 40 graduate students and postdoctoral fellows working in complex systems and related fields.
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19w5108 — New Mathematical Methods for Complex Systems in Ecology
28 jul 2019 - 02 aou 2019 • Banff, Alberta, Canada
Banff International Research Station for Mathematical Innovation and Discovery (BIRS)
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EFB24 — 24th European Conference on Few-Body Problems in Physics
02 sep 2019 - 06 sep 2019 • Guildford, Surrey, Royaume-Uni
Faraday Discussion — Quantum Effects in Complex Systems
11 sep 2019 - 13 sep 2019 • Coventry, Royaume-Uni
Royal Society of Chemistry
Given the rapid rate of development and broad application domains, the principal aim of this Faraday Discussion is to provide a snapshot of the current theoretical and experimental state-of-the-art in methods designed to interrogate and rationalize the role of quantum-mechanical effects in complex systems; simultaneously, this meeting will act as a new forum to discuss ideas which span the experimental/theoretical domains.
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Large Scale Stochastic Dynamics
15 sep 2019 - 21 sep 2019 • Oberwolfach, Allemagne
Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach (MFO, Oberwolfach Research Institute for Mathematics)
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CCS2019 — Conference on Complex Systems
30 sep 2019 - 04 oct 2019 • Singapore, Singapour
The Conference on Complex Systems (CCS) is the biggest and most important annual meeting of the international complex systems community. It comes under the auspices of the Complex Systems Society. Since its inception in 2004, CCS had always been Europe-based, but in 2015 & 2017, it moved to North & Latin America respectively.
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Complex Dynamics
27 jan 2020 - 31 jan 2020 • CIRM – Luminy, France
Centre International de Rencontres Mathématiques (CIRM)
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Active Matter at the Frontier
06 avr 2020 - 09 avr 2020 • UC Santa Barbara, États-Unis
Active matter is a class of non-equilibrium, many-body systems that consist of individual energy-transducing components. The collective dynamics of such active entities underlies phenomena on scales from the molecular to the macroscopic, and it includes both living and non-living systems. The field of active matter focuses on understanding how the collective behaviors of internally driven components can give rise to patterns of motion and stress on large scales. While active matter systems violate detailed balance at the molecular scale, it remains unclear how such non-equilibrium dynamics manifests itself and can be quantified at meso- and macroscopic scales. In particular, it is interesting to investigate, given a particular set of microscopic elementary units, what range of possible macroscopic patterns, structures, dynamics and functionalities can be realized. The conference will bring together experimental and theoretical researchers from a broad range of disciplines to discuss recent advances that have transformed active matter into a rapidly growing field that spans diverse disciplines, ranging from physics to biology, to materials science and engineering.
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Chromosomes: Organization, Function and Dynamics
22 jui 2020 - 25 jui 2020 • UC Santa Barbara, États-Unis
Continuing rapid development in the field of chromatin biology has lately attracted enormous interest among biologists, physicists and mathematicians. Recently, the static structure of the folded genome inside the cell nucleus has been determined with increasingly high resolution. Special features of genome folding, such as loops, A/B compartments and chromosome territories, were identified and have inspired models rooted in polymer physics. Studies of the roles of these features in gene regulation and other biological processes are currently ongoing. In addition, research on chromatin dynamics has shown that the genome moves in space and time, thus these structural features might be dynamic, too. Currently, it is not clear how to reconcile the static picture with the dynamic nature of the genome. Following the recent surge in activity on both the biology and physics fronts, this conference aims to provide a platform that would facilitate an interdisciplinary exchange, cultivate new ideas and identify new frontiers.
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