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Magnetism 2018
09 avr 2018 - 10 avr 2018 • The University of Manchester, Royaume-Uni
The conference aims to encompass research from across the brood breadth of magnetism, and will feature oral sessions on a wide range of subjects including spintronics, domain walls, dynamics, vortices, skyrmions and topological systems, spin ice, biological and organic magnetism, superconductors, magnetocalorics and ab initio theory.
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AEMT — 2018 2nd International Conference on Applied Electromagnetic Technology
09 avr 2018 - 12 avr 2018 • Mataram, Indonésie
Geo-electromagnetic, Energy & Transportation, Telecommunication, Power System, Electronic, Control & Instrumentations, Biomedical, Environmental, Computation and Informatics, Wireless Power Transfer, Electromagnetic Education
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INTERMAG — 2018 IEEE International Magnetic Conference
22 avr 2018 - 27 avr 2018 • Singapore, Singapour
Intermag is an international conference that brings the best of the developments in the field of fundamental and applied magnetics. The topics covered in the conference includes fundamental magnetism, magnetic recording, magnetic memory, permanent magnets, soft magnetic materials, magnetic microscopy, biomagnetism, motors, electric machines, sensors and actuators etc. Latest developments in each of these fields are presented in oral, invited and poster presentations.
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Intermag 2018 — IEEE International Magnetics Conference
23 avr 2018 - 27 avr 2018 • Singapore, Singapour
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Magnetsensoren: Bestimmung von Position, Bewegung und Strom
19 jui 2018 - 20 jui 2018 • Essen, Allemagne
Ziel ist die Vermittlung der Grundlagen moderner, magnetischer Sensoren und ihrer vielfältigen Einsatzmöglichkeiten bei der berührungslosen Detektion von Position und Bewegung. Die magnetischen Sensoren erlauben die mikrometergenaue Detektion auch in rauer industrieller Umgebung, wo optische Verfahren nicht mehr einsetzbar sind. Bei der Bestimmung der elektrischen Stromstärke ist vielfach ein Einsatz ohne Unterbrechung der stromführenden Leiter bei geringsten Verlustleistungen auch für sehr hohe Stromstärken möglich.
magnetic sensors, Automotive
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MM 2018 — International Conference on Microwave Magnetics
24 jui 2018 - 27 jui 2018 • Exeter, Royaume-Uni
RHMF 2018
24 jui 2018 - 28 jui 2018 • Santa Fe, États-Unis
The RHMF’18 conference is devoted to all aspects of research in high magnetic fields and new high field experimental techniques. RHMF’18 is hosted by the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory-Pulsed Field Facility at the Los Alamos National Laboratory.
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BIMS2018 — Bio-inspired Magnetics System 2018
09 jul 2018 - 11 jul 2018 • Exeter, Royaume-Uni
This thematic workshop focuses on the magnetically actuated and controlled microscopic systems enabling a range of actions at Low Reynolds number. From micro-robots and self-propelled swimmers to microfluidic and lab-on-a-chip technology, it will cover a range of topics which are of great interest in both fundamental and applied Physics. As well as world-leading experts in the field, including the confirmed invited speakers, the workshop aims at postgraduate and early careers researchers to maximise the exchange of knowledge and to provide a new platform for the development of new collaborations in this exciting scientific field.
Mr. Joshua Hamilton;     Email.:
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Highly Frustrated Magnetism Conference 2018
09 jul 2018 - 14 jul 2018 • Davis, États-Unis
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ICM18 — The 21st International Conference on Magnetism (ICM 2018) - San Francisco
16 jul 2018 - 20 jul 2018 • San Francisco, CA, États-Unis
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The 23rd International Conference on High Magnetic Fields in Semiconductor Physics
22 jul 2018 - 27 jul 2018 • Toulouse, France
HMF is a satellite conference of ICPS conference in Montpellier. The scope of HMF covers traditional and new topics on fundamental and applied semiconductor physics and related subject areas where high magnetic Fields play a crucial role.
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Gordon Research Seminar — Multiferroic and Magnetoelectric Materials
04 aou 2018 - 05 aou 2018 • Bates College, Lewiston, ME, États-Unis
Emerging Phenomena in Multiferroics: Novel Insights and Applications
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Gordon Research Conference — Multiferroic and Magnetoelectric Materials
05 aou 2018 - 10 aou 2018 • Bates College, Lewiston, ME, États-Unis
Effects in Multiferroics Beyond the Coupling of Magnetic and Electric Order
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Gordon Research Seminar — Conductivity and Magnetism in Molecular Materials
11 aou 2018 - 12 aou 2018 • Bryant University, Smithfield, RI, États-Unis
Inspired by the remarkable success of the first Gordon Research Seminar (GRS) on Conductivity and Magnetism in Molecular Materials and in support to the themes of the Gordon Research Conference (GRC), the upcoming GRS is designed to provide a knowledge-sharing platform for graduate students and postdocs. These young researchers will come together to share new results on topics that address challenges in both fundamental and applied areas of conductivity and magnetism.
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Gordon Research Conference — Conductivity and Magnetism in Molecular Materials
12 aou 2018 - 17 aou 2018 • Bryant University, Smithfield, RI, États-Unis
Material science builds infrastructural foundation for innovative developments, the success of which depends on the implementation of theoretical models and concepts in real-world technologies. Previous GRCs in this series aimed to understand and explore fundamentals of various emergent phenomena related to conductivity and magnetism (2014) and emphasized functional aspects of molecular materials (2016). This GRC meeting aims to provide a forum for innovative progress in science and technology of molecular materials by enabling new cutting-edge technologies through fundamental research.
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MEGAGAUSS — 2018 16th International Conference on Megagauss Magnetic Field Generation and Related Topics
25 sep 2018 - 29 sep 2018 • Kashiwa, Japon
The MG-XVI conference will take place between September 25-29, 2018 at the UTokyo Kashiwa Campus, near Tokyo, Japan. The MG XVI conference will serve as a platform for scientists to exchange information and ideas among the members of the international scientific community in the domain of generation and application of ultra-high magnetic fields, high-energy and high-current pulsed power physics and technology, magnetic-flux compression technologies for the production of multi-megagauss fields, high magnetic field applications in basic and applied research in solid-state physics, atomic physics and chemistry, high energy density physics and for other related and novel technical applications. The MG XVI conference encourages opportunities for a strong interaction and networking among experienced and young scientists, engineers, and students involved in this extremely interesting and unique research area.
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Quantum Anomalies and Chiral Magnetic Phenomena
12 oct 2018 • Stockholm, Suède
This program is devoted to the discussion of the latest theoretical and experimental advances related to chiral magnetic phenomena and their relevance for plasma physics, particle physics, condensed matter physics, astrophysics and cosmology. Included topics: Chiral magnetohydrodynamics (MHD), including theory of laminar and turbulent dynamos in chiral MHD and impact of chiral magnetic phenomena on waves in plasma; Direct numerical simulations of laminar and turbulent dynamos in chiral magnetohydrodynamics; Astrophysical and cosmological applications of chiral MHD: the early Universe, neutron stars, quark-gluon plasmas; Applications of chiral MHD to high-energy heavy ion collisions at RHIC and LHC; New materials with pseudo-relativistic electrons and chiral magnetic effect.
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CEFC — 2018 18th Biennial Conference on Electromagnetic Field Computation
28 oct 2018 - 31 oct 2018 • Hangzhou, Chine
The aims of the IEEE CEFC are to present the latest developments in modeling and simulation methodologies for the analysis of electromagnetic fields and wave interactions, with the application emphasis being on the computer-aided design of low and high frequency devices, components and systems. Scientists and engineers worldwide are invited to submit original contributions in the areas of Static and Quasi-static Fields, Wave Propagation, Material Modeling, Coupled Problems, Numerical Techniques, Optimization and Design, Software Methodology, Nanomagnetics, Nanophotonics, Bioelectric Field Computation as well as Devices and Applications.
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2019 Joint Magnetism and Magnetic Materials - INTERMAG Conference
14 jan 2019 - 18 jan 2019 • Washington, DC, États-Unis
Physics, materials science, and applications of magnetism
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MMM — 2019 Annual Conference on Magnetism and Magnetic Materials
04 nov 2019 - 08 nov 2019 • Las Vegas, NV, États-Unis
Sponsored jointly by the IEEE Magnetics Society and American Institute of Physics Publishing (AIPP) the this conference draws members of the international scientific and engineering communities interested in recent developments in fundamental and applied magnetism.
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