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20th Topical Meeting of the Radiation Protection and Shielding Division of the American Nuclear Society
26 aou 2018 - 31 aou 2018 • Santa Fe, NM, États-Unis
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5th African Regional IRPA Congress
06 sep 2018 - 09 sep 2018 • Tunis, Tunisie
The Association of Radiation Protection against lonizing and non lonizing Radiations (ATPRI&NI) is pleased to host the 5th African Congress of the International Radiation Protection Association (IRPA), scheduled to take place from 6th to 9th september, 2018 in the city of Les Berges du Lac at Tunis, Tunisia, with the theme “Towards Sustainability in Radiation Protection”.
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10th International Workshop on X-ray Radiation Damage to Biological Samples
13 sep 2018 - 14 sep 2018 • Upton, NY, États-Unis
The 10th International Workshop on X-ray Radiation Damage to Biological Samples addresses essential questions and challenges of radiation damage to biological samples during their examination with ionizing radiation. The workshop covers various X-ray and electron scattering techniques, from crystallography to imaging, and offers ample opportunities for information exchange and discussion among researchers from around the globe.
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24th Meeting of the Conference on Radiation & Health
23 sep 2018 - 25 sep 2018 • Chicago, Illinois, États-Unis
The 24th Meeting of the Conference on Radiation & Health: The Public Health Impact of Radiation Exposures, Latest Insights from Biology, Epidemiology, and Statistics will be held in Chicago, Illinois on September 23-25, 2018, in conjunction with the Radiation Research Society Annual Meeting. One meeting registration gives you access to both scientific programs!
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Applicability of Radiation-Response Models to Low Dose Protection Standards
30 sep 2018 - 03 oct 2018 • Pasco, WA, États-Unis
For more than thirty years, the scientific community has discussed and debated assumptions and models for low-dose radiation exposures. The American Nuclear Society and Health Physics Society are joining forces to host a joint topical meeting on Applicability of Radiation Response Models to Low Dose Protection Standards.
Scientific foundations for radiation protection standards and emergency action guidelines, Molecular basis of radiation response at low dose, Applicability of linear no-threshold dose-response models, Public perceptions of radiation risk, Implementation of radiation protection regulations, Opportunities for beneficial changes to radiation protection regulations
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IAEA International Symposium on Communicating Nuclear and Radiological Emergencies to the Public
01 oct 2018 - 05 oct 2018 • Vienne, Autriche
Communicating effectively with the public and media about nuclear and radiological emergencies is a global challenge, which demands global and coordinated action. Producing the right message and disseminating it to the appropriate audience using the relevant channels and at the right time, all in order to support the effective implementation of protective actions and to minimize fear, require robust planning and preparedness. The rise of social media and citizen journalism as well as the acceleration of global communication have created both opportunities and challenges for nuclear communicators who need to plan, test, exercise, and adjust their activities to position themselves as the official voice of information for the public in an emergency.
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12th Radiation Physics and Protection Conference
25 oct 2018 - 28 oct 2018 • Beni Sueif University, Égypte
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Radiation Protection Days 2018
01 nov 2018 - 02 nov 2018 • Tampere, Pirkanmaa, Finlande
Radiation Protection Days is organized by Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority / Sateilyturvakeskus (STUK) and Finnish Radiology Association / Suomen Radiologiyhdistys (SRY).
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RERP 2018 — 4th Int'l Conference on Radiation Effects and Radiation Protection
01 dec 2018 - 03 dec 2018 • Sanya , Chine
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IAEA Conference — Security of Radioactive Material: The Way Forward for Prevention and Detection
03 dec 2018 - 07 dec 2018 • Vienna , Autriche
The purpose of the conference is to foster the exchange of practices and experiences related to the security of radioactive material under regulatory control in use, transport and storage, and to the system and measures for detection of this material out of regulatory control.
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52nd Midyear Meeting – 2019
17 fév 2019 - 20 fév 2019 • San Diego, Californie, États-Unis
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National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements — 2019 Annual Meeting
01 avr 2019 - 02 avr 2019 • Bethesda, MD, États-Unis
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ICDA-3 — 3rd International Conference on Dosimetry and Applications
27 mai 2019 - 31 mai 2019 • Lisbonne, Portugal
The aim of the 3rd International Conference on Dosimetry and its Applications (ICDA-3) is to bring together scientists and engineers from around the world who share an interest in measuring and applying ionising radiation. The scientific sessions will include invited lectures by leading experts in the field, contributed oral papers and poster presentations of contributed papers. Participants will have an opportunity to share ideas on all theoretical and experimental aspects of dosimetry, and on its applications in radiation protection, the environment, workplaces, medicine and other fields of human activity. A Programme of tutorial and refresher courses will be organized.
Individual Dosimetry and Monitoring, Computational Dosimetry and Phantoms, Internal Dosimetry and Biokinetic models, Biodosimetry, Radiobiology and Retrospective Dosimetry, Dosimetry for Epidemiology, Environmental Dosimetry, radioactivity measurement and monitoring, Micro- and Nanodosimetry, Monte Carlo and hybrid methods in Dosimetry and Radiation Measurement, Radiation Protection and Dosimetry in Medicine, Radiation Protection and Dosimetry in Industry, Radiation Protection and Dosimetry in NORM industries, Dosimetry of radon exposures, Low dose and protracted exposures, Dosimetry in radiological and nuclear emergencies and accidents, Radiation Shielding and Dosimetry at Accelerators, Dosimetry in Space applications, Neutron Dosimetry, Nuclear Data and Evaluation.
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IDOS-2019 — International Symposium on Standards, Applications and Quality Assurance in Medical Radiation Dosimetry (IDOS-2019)
18 jui 2019 - 21 jui 2019 • Vienne, Autriche
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64th Annual Meeting – 2019
07 jul 2019 - 11 jul 2019 • Orlando, FL, États-Unis
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ENVIRA 2019 — 5th International Conference on Environmental Radioactivity
08 sep 2019 - 13 sep 2019 • Prague, République tchèque
We are pleased to invite you to attend the ENVIRA2019, the International Conference on Environmental Radioactivity organized by Nuclear Physics Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences and Czech Technical University in Prague. The conference will be held from September 8 – 13 2019. ENVIRA2019 will focus on "Variation of environmental radionuclides".
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SSD19 — 19th International Conference on Solid State Dosimetry
15 sep 2019 - 20 sep 2019 • Hiroshima, Japon
The series of solid state dosimetry conferences began in 1965 at Stanford, USA. Since then, it has expanded involving the advanced techniques for radiation dosimetry, novel idea on applications of radiation dosimeters/detectors. The SSD19 will be the first conference of this series in Asia. Hiroshima City - the venue for this conference - is a wonderful place to visit and stay. The city center was destroyed completely by an artificial disaster in the World War II, but has revitalized miraculously as a modern, international city. Now, with the good accessibility and many attractions including two UNESCO World Heritage Sites (Itsukushima Shrine and A-Bomb Dome), Hiroshima is becoming one of the most outstanding convention cities in the world. Please enjoy the stay there as well as exiting scientific discussions!
Tél.: [+81822575872];     Email.:
Radiation, Dosimetry, Measurement, Detectors, Medicine, Emergency, Dating, Environment, Public, Worker,
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NSS/MIC — 2019 IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium and Medical Imaging Conference
26 oct 2019 - 02 nov 2019 • Manchester, Royaume-Uni
This conference is the annual premier meeting on the use of instrumentation in the Nuclear and Medical fields. The meeting has a very long history of providing an exciting venue for scientists to present their latest advances, exchange ideas, renew existing collaboration and form new ones. The NSS portion of the conference is an ideal forum for scientists and engineers in the field of Nuclear Science, radiation instrumentation, software engineering and data acquisition. The MIC is one of the most informative venues on the state-of-the art use of physics, engineering, and mathematics in Nuclear Medicine and related imaging modalities, such as CT and increasingly so MRI, through the development of hybrid devices
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Radiation Protection Days 2019
31 oct 2019 - 01 nov 2019 • Tampere, Pirkanmaa, Finlande
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ICRP 2019 — 5th International Symposium on the System of Radiological Protection
19 nov 2019 - 21 nov 2019 • Adelaide, Australie
The Australasian Radiation Protection Society(ARPS) and Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency(ARPANSA) would like to invite you to the 5th International Symposium on the System of Radiological Protection in Australia in 2019. This combined event will offer the opportunity for more than 400 professionals, experts and researchers worldwide to discuss their respective concerns and the current challenges faced in all areas of radiological protection, as well as the ways forward through new research, updating doctrines, or better interactions with stakeholders
Tél.: [62347844];     Email.:
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53rd Midyear Meeting – 2020
26 jan 2020 - 29 jan 2020 • Bethesda, MD, États-Unis
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IRPA15 — Bridging RP Culture and Science - Widening Public Empathy
11 mai 2020 - 15 mai 2020 • Seoul, Corée du Sud
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NSREC 2018 — IEEE Nuclear and Space Radiation Effects
20 jul 2020 - 24 jul 2020 • Santa Fe, NM, États-Unis
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Radiation Protection Days 2020
29 oct 2020 - 30 oct 2020 • Tampere, Pirkanmaa, Finlande
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IRPA16 — Radiation Harmonization - Standing United for Protection
06 jul 2024 - 12 jul 2024 • Orlando, FL, États-Unis
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