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22 oct 2018 - 24 oct 2018 • LAUSANNE, Suisse
This event focuses on multiphysics simulation and its applications.
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ESC18 - EFFICIENT SCIENTIFIC COMPUTING — 10th edition of the INFN International School on Architectures, tools and methodologies for developing efficient large scale scientific computing applications" ESC18 - EFFICIENT SCIENTIFIC COMPUTING
22 oct 2018 - 27 oct 2018 • Bertinoro (fc), Forlì Cesena, Italie
ESC18 ; Bertinoro School ; Efficient Scientific Computing
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e-Science — 2018 IEEE 14th International Conference on e-Science
29 oct 2018 - 01 nov 2018 • Amsterdam, Pays-Bas
The conferences brings together computer and data scientists with domain scientists with data and/or compute intensive research challenges. The conference focusses on the application of computer and data science and related e-infrastructure. The conference will have a computer science track and application tracks, as well as workshops and tutorials on research software.
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XXX Canary Islands Winter School — Big Data Analysis in Astronomy
04 nov 2018 • La Laguna, Tenerife, Espagne
Fourth Workshop on Numerical and Observational Astrophysics: simulating the Universe
12 nov 2018 • Buenos Aires, Argentine
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QNP2018 — 8th International Conference on Quarks and Nuclear Physics
13 nov 2018 - 17 nov 2018 • Tsukuba, Japon
This conference follows the series of meetings previously held in Adelaide, Julich, Bloomington, Madrid, Beijing, Palaiseau, and Valparaiso. Experimentalists and theorists will discuss recent developments in the field of hadron and nuclear physics, and the following topics will be covered.
Tél.: [+81-29-879-6094];     Email.: qnp2018(AT)
Quark and gluon structure of hadrons, Hadron spectroscopy, Hadron interactions and nuclear structure, Hot and cold dense matter:
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VI International Geant4 School — Five days hands-on Geant4 course
26 nov 2018 - 30 nov 2018 • Trente, Italie
Five days hands-on Geant4 course organized by Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare and the University of Trento will be held in Trento (Italy) since 26th to 30th November 2017. Geant4 is a software toolkit, written in C ++, for simulating tracking of particles in the matter with the Monte Carlo approach.
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Rough Landscapes: From Physics to Algorithms
07 jan 2019 - 11 jan 2019 • UC Santa Barbara, États-Unis
Insights and tools developed by physicists to describe systems that evolve within complex, high-dimensional landscapes have led to the formulation of novel algorithms for a variety of problems in computer science. An especially tantalizing prospect is the possibility that a similar analogy could be developed to understand deep learning. This conference brings together computer scientists, probabilists and mathematicians as well as statistical physicists to document progress and identify opportunities at this interface.
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ICSMO 2019 — 7th International Conference on System Modeling and Optimization
16 fév 2019 - 19 fév 2019 • Rome, Italie
The aim of ICSMO 2019 is to povide a platform for researchers, engineers, academics as well as industry professionals from all over the world to present their research results and development activities in the area of System Modeling and Optimization. This conference provides opportunities for delegates to exchange new ideas and research findings in a face to face environment, to establish business or research relationships and to find global partners for future collaboration.
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32nd Annual Workshop on Recent Developments in Computer Simulation Studies in Condensed Matter Physics
18 fév 2019 - 22 fév 2019 • Athens, GA, États-Unis
This annual workshop series highlights recent advances in applications, algorithms, and parallel implementations of computer simulation methods for the study of condensed matter systems.
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2019 Spring Simulation Conference
29 avr 2019 - 02 mai 2019 • Tucson, AZ, États-Unis
Springsim’19 presents original contributions to the theory and practice of modeling and simulation in any scientific or engineering discipline, including simulation in healthcare and medical systems, simulation in augmented and virtual environments, human and social simulation, simulation in aviation and aerospace, simulation in machine learning and artificial intelligence, simulation for cybersecurity and cyber-physical systems, simulation for social networks, cloud-based and high performance simulation environments, simulation in advanced manufacturing and Industry 4.0, advanced and visual analytics for simulation, and simulation for training, decision support and policy analysis.
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Exploring Open Quantum Systems in Quantum Simulators
29 avr 2019 - 03 mai 2019 • UC Santa Barbara, États-Unis
Quantum simulators relying on the coherent control of trapped ions, superconducting quantum circuits, cold atoms and molecules in optical lattices or reconfigurable trap arrays, and integrated quantum optics have become available and are operative in hundreds of different laboratories worldwide. These flexible and highly precise quantum devices present a unique opportunity to resolve outstanding problems in one of the least understood areas of quantum physics, namely, the dynamics of open many-body quantum systems far from thermal equilibrium. Unlike closed quantum systems, where the many-body extension of the Schroedinger equation is well-established, the accurate and efficient description of open quantum systems, especially beyond weak coupling and in the absence of memory effects, presents a formidable task. This conference brings together experimentalists working in different platforms with theorists pushing the boundaries of open quantum systems in fundamental quantum theory and in developing numerical methods, including quantum trajectories, density matrix renormalization and tensor network approaches. Exploring the paradigm beyond markovian master equations will be crucial for developing a comprehensive theoretical framework for the understanding of non equilibrium phenomena and formulating a thermodynamically consistent theory of open quantum systems for advanced materials and nanodevice design in quantum simulators.
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NEMO — 2019 IEEE MTT-S International Conference on Numerical Electromagnetic and Multiphysics Modeling and Optimization
29 mai 2019 - 31 mai 2019 • Cambridge, MA, États-Unis
NEMO is a brand new international conference, which brings together experts and practitioners in electromagnetic and multiphysics modeling and design for RF, microwave, and terahertz applications. This conference is the ideal venue to share new ideas on electromagnetic modeling/optimization, propose efficient design algorithms and tools, and anticipate the modeling needs of future technologies and applications.
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ICASP 5 and CSSCR-5 — 5th International Conference on Advances in Solidification Processes - 5th International Symposium on Cutting Edge of Computer Simulation of Solidification, Casting and Refining
17 jui 2019 - 21 jui 2019 • Salzbourg, Autriche
This joint meeting will offer a great opportunity for the solidification experts, from both academic research area and engineering applications, to share their knowledge and new scientific achievements, and to discuss the common challenges and potential pathways for future developments.
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M&C 2019 — International Conference on Mathematics & Computational Methods Applied to Nuclear Science & Engineering
25 aou 2019 - 29 aou 2019 • Portland, OR, États-Unis
EFB24 — 24th European Conference on Few-Body Problems in Physics
02 sep 2019 - 06 sep 2019 • Guildford, Surrey, Royaume-Uni
Sim-AM 2019 — II International Conference on Simulation for Additive Manufacturing
11 sep 2019 - 13 sep 2019 • Pavia, Italie
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