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Sochifi — XX Simposio de la Sociedad Chilena de Física
30 nov 2016 - 02 dec 2106 • Santiago, Chili
The XX Symposium of the Chilean Sociate of Physics will be held in Santiago, organized by the Universidad Tecnológica Metropolitana (UTEM), the Comisión Chilena de Energía Nuclear (CCHEN), and the Universidad de Talca. The Chilean Physics Symposium is a biennial event of the Chilean Society of Physic, which brings together the largest number of Chilean researchers and international guests. The symposium aims to discuss, promote, and publicize the current scientific works, which are developed in various areas of physics, both nationally and internationally.
Email.: rcorrea@utem.cl
Condensed Matter and Solid State Physics, Particle Physics, Gravitation and Cosmology, Optics and Quantum Physics, Nonlinear Systems and Mathematical Physics, Statistical Mechanics and Fluids, Nuclear, Atomic, and Molecular Physics, Plasmas and Electrodynamics, Education, Science, Technology, and Society, Other specialties (Medical Physics, Environmental Physics, etc.)
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20th Annual Meeting of the APS Northwest Section
16 mai 2019 - 18 mai 2019 • Bellingham, WA, États-Unis
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ICPMS2019 — The Second International Conference on Physics, Mathematics and Statistics
22 mai 2019 - 24 mai 2019 • Hangzhou, Chine
2019 CAP Congress
03 jui 2019 - 07 jui 2019 • Burnaby, BC, Canada
Canadian Association of Physicists
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SPC 2019 — Siam Physics Congress 2019
06 jui 2019 - 07 jui 2019 • Hatyai, Songkhla, Thaïlande
Faculty of Science, Thaksin University, Thailand
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Webinar — Impacts and their Role in the Evolution of Life
10 jui 2019 - 13 jui 2019 • Tällberg, Suède
Topics covered by the conference will range from the role of impacts in the early history of the Solar System over impacts physics, the characterisation of impactors (asteroids, meteorites, comets etc) and impact sites to the role impacts could have played in the emergence and evolution of life and their possible threat to life on Earth. Two further important aspects will be discussed: the geoconservation of impact sites as well as the use of impacts in education and outreach in order to get the general public interested in science. The conference will be held at Hotel Dalecarlia**** in the picturesque village of Tällberg in the Siljan crater area with good connections to Stockholm International Airport. Excursions to geologically interesting sites in the area are planned. We are looking forward to receiving your contribution to our event. Since bursaries for students and early career scientists will be available we would kindly ask you to forward this invitation to possibly interested people. Deadline for abstract submission is March 31st, 2019. For further information about the event please check the conference website: http://www.nordicastrobiology.net/Impacts2019
Tél.: [0046855378649];     Email.: wgeppert@fysik.su.se
Geophysics, Planetary Science, Evolution, Impact Physics, Geoconservation, Outreach
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MPDSIDA — Mathematical Physics, Dynamical Systems and Infinite-Dimensional Analysis
17 jui 2019 - 21 jui 2019 • Moscow and Petrozavodsk, Russie
Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology
This conference is devoted to the search of common problems, aims and investigation methods in differential equations and operator theory, topological and differential dynamics of a systems with continuous and discrete time, ergodic theory, measure theory, random processes theory and quantum mechanics. The aim of this conference is to present and discuss the contemporary results in PDE, dynamical systems, infinite dimensional analysis and their applications to quantum theory, statistical mechanics and other fields of mathematical physics.
Email.: mpdsida@phystech.edu
operator theory, ergodic theory, measure theory, random processes theory, quantum mechanics, PDE, dynamical systems, infinite dimensional analysis, quantum theory, statistical mechanics, mathematical physics
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10th Young Researcher Meeting, Rome 2019
18 jui 2019 - 21 jui 2019 • Rome, Italie
The Young Researcher Meeting is going to celebrate its 10th anniversary with a four-day conference to be held in Rome on June 18th – 21st 2019. The conference will be organised in sessions, each one dedicated to an active research field in Physics. The rich program of the event will also feature invited talks, a poster & wine session, a round table discussion on the connection between physics and industry, a visit to the laboratories of the Italian National Institute for Nuclear Physics in Frascati (INFN – LNF) and a guided walking tour of ancient Rome.

Undergraduates, PhD students and postdoctoral researchers are invited to apply for talks or poster presentations.

Deadlines for abstract submission are: April 19th for talks and May 6th for posters.

Further information can be found on the conference website.

International Physicists Network;     Email.: yrm.secretary@iphysnet.com
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01 jul 2019 - 05 jul 2019 • Saint-Petersburg, Russie
The conference is the logical continuation of the series of symposiums "Nucleation theory and applications", organized in the period 1997-2016 each year jointly by colleagues from the Bogoliubov Laboratory of Theoretical Physics of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (Prof. Vyatcheslav B. Priezzhev, Dubna, Russia) and the Institute of Physics of the University of Rostock (Prof. Juern W.P. Schmelzer, Rostock, Germany), and of the conference "Nucleation and non-linear problems in first-order phase transitions”, organized in 1998 and 2002 by the Institute of Problems of Mechanical Engineering (Prof. Sergey A. Kukushkin, St. Peterburg, Russia). The conference is dedicated to the memory of our teacher and friend V.V. Slyozov.

The main topics of the conference are:

1) Mechanisms of crystal formation and growth in single- and multi-component systems: theoretical description of the process, numerical modeling, experimental results.

2) New methods and approaches to the description of growth and the investigation of different properties of wide-bandgap semiconductors.

3) Nonlinear and collective phenomena in the process of crystal growth.

4) Physics, chemistry, and mechanics of crystal surfaces

5) Origin and statistics of lattice defects and their effect on the properties and growth of crystals

Tél.: [+7 812 335 2055, ext. 206];     Email.: MGCTF@onlinereg.ru
crystals, thin films, nucleation, growth, semiconductors
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FQMT19 — Frontiers of Quantum and Mesoscopic Thermodynamics 2019
14 jul 2019 - 20 jul 2019 • Prague, République tchèque
The main goal of the conference is to contribute to a better understanding of the behavior of quantum systems out of equilibrium. To reach this aim we also need to improve our knowledge of systems in equilibrium and steady state situations. The conference will thus address foundations of quantum physics, quantum many body physics, statistical physics, and thermodynamics relying on the theoretical and experimental methods of condensed matter physics and quantum optics. The systems considered will be mainly on the order of mesoscopic (nanoscale) size, and include those of both natural and artificial origin. Special attention will be given to non-equilibrium quantum systems, physics of quantum information and manifestation of quantum effects in biological systems. Subjects from astrophysics, gravitation or cosmology related to the above scope will also be included.
Tél.: [+420 220 318 446];     Email.: fqmt19@fzu.cz
Non-equilibrium quantum phenomena, Foundations of quantum physics, Quantum measurement, entanglement and coherence, Dissipation, dephasing, noise and decoherence, Many body physics, quantum field theory, Quantum statistical physics and thermodynamics, Quantum optics, Quantum simulations, Physics of quantum information and computing, Topological states of quantum matter, quantum phase transitions, Macroscopic quantum behavior, Cold atoms and molecules, Bose-Einstein condensates, Mesoscopic, nano-electromechanical and nano-optical systems, Biological systems, molecular motors and quantum biology, Cosmology, gravitation and astrophysics
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METANANO 2019 — IV International Conference on Metamaterials and Nanophotonics
15 jul 2019 - 19 jul 2019 • St. Petersburg, Russie
METANANO is an annual international conference attracting more and more participants every year from different scientific fields – from fundamental research in Photonics and Plasmonics to business-oriented projects in RF technologies, Bionanotechnologies, and Solar Energy. Leading scientists, young researchers, and industrial representatives come to network, generate new ideas and meet potential collaborators.
METANANO Organizing Committee;     Email.: metanano@metalab.ifmo.ru
Plasmonics and Nanophotonics, Quantum Photonics, Photonic Crystals, Bionanophotonics, Nanomaterials and Nanoengineering, Metasurfaces and their applications, Nonlinear Optics, Physics of Excitons, Nanoantennas and Nanocircuits, Solar Energy, THz Technologies, Imaging and Sensing, Acoustic and Elastic Metamaterials, Microwave and Optical Metamaterials, Emerging Applications, Medical Applications
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Gordon Research Conference on Plasmonically Powered Processes Meeting
28 jul 2019 - 02 aou 2019 • Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Chine
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Bad Honnef Physics School on Methods of Path Integration in Modern Physics
25 aou 2019 - 30 aou 2019 • Bad Honnef, Allemagne
Since Richard Feynman recognized that quantum mechanics can be formulated in terms of path integrals, various applications for this useful calculational technique have emerged among physicists in such diverse areas as quantum field theory, elementary particle physics, nuclear and subnuclear physics, atomic and molecular physics, quantum chemistry, condensed matter physics, complex systems, and astrophysics. Despite its broad range of dissemination neither the unifying approach to quantum and statistical field theory, i.e., the Feynman path integral, nor the advanced methods to address interacting quantum and statistical field theories are much covered in standard curricula. It is for this reason that this advanced summer school on path integration techniques aims to provide students and young independent researchers with a hands-on introduction in using path integrals for modern physics and to expose the participants of the school to methods that go beyond the standard tools box of field theory. In order to create a common basis and set the stage for subsequent lectures, an introduction to the Feynman path integral in quantum mechanics will be given at the beginning of the school, followed by a selection of more advanced methods of quantum and statistical field theory.
Email.: stefan.kirchner@correlated-matter.com
Quantum mechanics, Statistical field theory, Many-body theory, Hubbard-Stratonovich transformation, gradient expansion, Quantum field theory, large-N technique, instantons, Random matrix theory, supersymmetry, replica trick, Wilson loops spin, topology, holonomy group, Quantum Monte Carlo
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EHPRG2019 — 57th European High Pressure Research Group Meeting on High Pressure Science and Technology
01 sep 2019 - 06 sep 2019 • Prague, République tchèque
The 57th EHPRG intends to be a large scope conference, in line with the rapid increase of high pressure activities in all areas of Physics, Chemistry, Food Science, Geosciences, Material Research and Biosciences.
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05 sep 2019 - 07 sep 2019 • Macerata, Italie
The aim of the conference is to encourage multi- and interdisciplinary aggregation of colleagues – students and scholars from academic, research, and professional fields working on colour and light, approaching them from a professional and scientific point of view. The conference will star with invited tutorials on different colour-related topics. The scientific program will be organised in two parallel sessions, one in Italian and the other in English. Objective of the conference: to favor the multi and interdisciplinary aggregation of all the realities that in Italy deal with color and light from a scientific, didactic and professional point of view.
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Physical Aspects of Polymer Science
11 sep 2019 - 13 sep 2019 • Lincoln, Royaume-Uni
The 29th biennial meeting of the Polymer Physics Group provides an opportunity for researchers from both academia and industry to discuss the latest innovations in understanding and manipulating the physical behaviour of a wide range of polymeric systems.
Email.: priscilla.lim@iop.org
Polymer Science, Polymeric systems
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QFC2019 — Quantum gases, fundamental interactions and cosmology - Second Edition
23 oct 2019 - 26 oct 2019 • Pise, Italie
The Conference on Quantum gases, fundamental interactions and cosmology- Second Edition (QFC 2019) will be held in Pisa from 23 to 26 October 2019. Aim of the conference is to bring together scientists in both experimental and theoretical physics from the fields of ultracold quantum gases, fundamental interactions, and cosmology, with the aim of sharing and brainstorming on challenging open common problems, which can be zoomed in and out via a cross-disciplinary approach.

After QFC 2017, the Conference will be in its each second edition of a series of appointments to be held each second year.

The mutual frontiers among these three apparently separated disciplines have been recently blossoming with new innovative, cutting edge research. To the well-established connections between cosmology and high-energy physics, current bright examples are the research activities in analogue gravity and superfluid analogies of cosmological phenomena, and of quantum simulations of lattice gauge theories using ultracold atoms in optical lattices. We intend to use this momentum and opportunities to establish strong collaborations among participants and leading groups to open new pathways leading to breakthrough results, in this spirit, the keynote speakers of the first edition, QFC2017, have been invited and have joined the Scientific Advisory Board.

Email.: maria.luisa.chiofalo@unipi.it
Quantum fluids, fundamental physics, analogue gravity, cosmology
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MAR20 — APS March Meeting 2020
02 mar 2020 - 06 mar 2020 • Denver, CO, États-Unis
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