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Radarcon — IEEE Radar Conference
23 avr 2018 - 27 avr 2018 • Oklahoma City, États-Unis
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SRI 2018: 13th International Conference on Synchrotron Radiation Instrumentation
11 jui 2018 - 16 jui 2018 • Taipei, Taïwan
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IRS — 2018 19th International Radar Symposium
20 jui 2018 - 22 jui 2018 • Bonn, Allemagne
The International Radar Symposium aims to provide a forum for both academic and industrial professionals in radar from all over the world and to bring together academicians, researchers, engineers, system analysts, graduate and undergraduate students with government and nongovernment organizations to share and discuss both theoretical and practical knowledge. The scope of the Symposium includes, but is not limited to the following major radar topics: radar systems, radar applications, emerging technologies, advanced sub-systems, processing techniques, detection/tracking/classification, radar system simulations.
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Gordon Research Seminar — Crystal Engineering
23 jui 2018 - 24 jui 2018 • Newry, ME, États-Unis
Crystal Engineering as a science has always been at the intersection of chemical physics, synthetic chemistry, crystallography and material science. This meeting seeks to emphasize those connections and explore applications of crystal engineering in smart materials, pharmaceuticals, porous phases, cocrystals etc.
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Gordon Research Conference — Crystal Engineering
24 jui 2018 - 29 jui 2018 • Newry, ME, États-Unis
The ability to control crystallization and dictate the organization of atomic and molecular building blocks in the solid state using principles of crystal engineering is rapidly evolving to the point where properties can be realized through design rather than serendipity. Progress in this area will take place at the intersection of organic, inorganic, materials, and physical chemistry and requires a unique interface of experimental and theoretical tools provided by academia and industry. The collective purpose of the GRC and GRS is to bring together a wide range of experts with diverse backgrounds and will consist of the session topics noted below. The theme of "Progress in Crystal Engineering Design, Properties, and Function" aims to capture developments being made in Crystal Engineering on multiple fronts.
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Methods and applications of crystal structure prediction: Faraday Discussion
11 jul 2018 - 13 jul 2018 • Cambridge, Royaume-Uni
Gordon Research Seminar — Colloidal Semiconductor Nanocrystals
14 jul 2018 - 15 jul 2018 • Bryant University, Smithfield, RI, États-Unis
The focus of this meeting is to address emerging topics regarding semiconductor nanocrystals as scaffolds for photochemical applications, such as photocatalysis and solar fuel production, while shining light on their underlying mechanisms of charge/energy transport.
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Gordon Research Conference — Colloidal Semiconductor Nanocrystals
15 jul 2018 - 20 jul 2018 • Bryant University, Smithfield, RI, États-Unis
This GRC brings together leading researchers from across the full spectrum of fundamental and applied nanocrystal science to discuss cutting-edge advances, grand challenges, and emerging opportunities in this rich research field.
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XAFS18 — 17th International Conference on X-ray Absorption Fine Structure
22 jul 2018 - 27 jul 2018 • Cracovie, Pologne
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Gordon Research Seminar — Diffraction Methods in Structural Biology
28 jul 2018 - 29 jul 2018 • Bates College, Lewiston, ME, États-Unis
The Gordon Research Seminar on Diffraction Methods in Structural Biology is a unique forum for graduate students, post-docs, and other scientists with comparable levels of experience and education to present and exchange new data and cutting edge ideas.

A new wave of crystallography experiments has emerged in recent years that expand the scope of experiments beyond traditional structure determination. Time-resolved experiments, X-ray free electron lasers (XFELs), and in-situ room-temperature experiments now provide a wide range of methods to probe protein structures in a crystalline environment. These offer the possibility to determine protein structures as a function of time and physical experimental parameters, and promise to drastically change our understanding of protein structures and dynamics. This seminar will cover the full range of these new possibilities within crystallography.

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Gordon Research Conference — Diffraction Methods in Structural Biology
29 jul 2018 - 03 aou 2018 • Bates College, Lewiston, ME, États-Unis
This year the Diffraction Methods GRC will revisit and reassess the fundamentals of crystallography and the assumptions that lie behind them. The last few years have seen a rapid evolution in sources (FELs, diffraction limited synchrotrons, neutrons and electrons), detectors and data collection methods (serial/multi-crystal, room temperature) that has prompted a rethinking of how we should best collect and process data, especially the weak data that are now measurable with modern detectors.
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XRM2018 — 14th International Conference on X-ray Microscopy
19 aou 2018 - 24 aou 2018 • Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
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ECM31: 31st European Crystallographic Meeting
22 aou 2018 - 27 aou 2018 • Oviedo, Espagne
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SAS2018 — XVII International Conference on Small-Angle Scattering
07 oct 2018 - 12 oct 2018 • Traverse City, MI, États-Unis
The Advanced Photon Source at Argonne National Laboratory will host the XVII International Small Angle Scattering Conference (SAS2018) at Grand Traverse Resort & Spa, Traverse City, Michigan, in October 7-12, 2018.
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Gordon Research Seminar — Crystal Growth and Assembly
22 jui 2019 - 23 jui 2019 • University of New England, Biddeford, ME, États-Unis
Gordon Research Conference — Crystal Growth and Assembly
23 jui 2019 - 28 jui 2019 • University of New England, Biddeford, ME, États-Unis
Gordon Research Seminar — X-Ray Science
27 jul 2019 - 28 jul 2019 • Stonehill College, Easton, MA, États-Unis
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Gordon Research Conference — X-Ray Science
28 jul 2019 - 02 aou 2019 • Stonehill College, Easton, MA, États-Unis
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RADAR — 2019 International Radar Conference
30 sep 2019 - 04 oct 2019 • Toulon , France
RADAR2019 is in the frame of the international relations set up between the IET, the IEEE, the CIE, the IEAust and the SEE. The conference will focus on new research and developments in the fields: Radar Systems (ground based, airborne, spaceborne), Radar Environment and Phenomenology, Electromagnetic Modeling Radar Component Technologies, Remote Sensing from Airborne or Spaceborne Systems, SAR & ISAR Imagery Waveform design, beamforming and signal processing Emerging, Radar Applications, Smart Visualization and Information processing, System Modeling, Simulation and Validation, Radar Management Techniques Automatic Classification. The conference will take place at Toulon Neptune Palais. Located on the French Riviera, Toulon is an important centre for naval construction and aeronautical equipment,hosting the major naval centre on France's Mediterranean coast, also home of the French Navy aircraft carrier Charles De Gaulle.
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PAST — 2019 IEEE International Symposium on Phased Array System & Technology
15 oct 2019 - 18 oct 2019 • Waltham, MA, États-Unis
Phased array systems have made major steps forward with the development of many major radar and communications systems. Due to many recent advances, including MMIC, photonics, and digital beamforming, phased array systems and technology continue to progress rapidly. Current and future developments of ground -based, sea-based, airborne, and space -based phased array radar, communications, and other electronic systems will be discussed at this international symposium.
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