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Triangle Lectures in Combinatorics
16 nov 2019 • North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC, États-Unis
These are a series of combinatorial workshops, held once per semester, each on a Saturday. The series began with its first meeting in spring 2010. They rotate among the universities in and around the Research Triangle. Participants come from numerous colleges and universities within a few hours drive, and some from even farther away. These workshops are funded by the National Science Foundation, in particular enabling us to bring in four exciting speakers to give one hour talks each time as well as funding travel expenses for participants.
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ANALCO20 — Analytic Algorithmics and Combinatorics
06 jan 2020 - 07 jan 2020 • Salt Lake City, Utah, États-Unis
Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics – SIAM
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Workshop — Asymptotic Algebraic Combinatorics
03 fév 2020 - 07 fév 2020 • Los Angeles, CA, États-Unis
Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics (IPAM), UCLA
Algebraic Combinatorics has recently been energized through inAAC2020_imageteractions with Probability, Mathematical Physics, and Theoretical Computer Science. Of great interest is how classical algebro-combinatorial objects behave when their defining parameters become large or random. This new perspective has birthed the rapidly developing subject of Asymptotic Algebraic Combinatorics, the subject of this workshop.
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AIM Workshop: Configuration spaces of graphs
03 fév 2020 - 07 fév 2020 • San Jose, Californie, États-Unis
This workshop, sponsored by AIM and the NSF, will be devoted to the topology of configuration spaces of graphs.
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CSC20 — SIAM Workshop on Combinatorial Scientific Computing 2020
11 fév 2020 - 13 fév 2020 • Seattle, Washington, États-Unis
SIAM Activity Group on Applied and Computational Discrete Algorithms
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51st Southeastern International Conference on Combinatorics, Graph Theory and Computing
09 mar 2020 - 13 mar 2020 • Boca Raton, FL, États-Unis
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Graduate Student Combinatorics Conference 2020
27 mar 2020 - 29 mar 2020 • San Diego, Californie, États-Unis
7th Lake Michigan Workshop on Combinatorics and Graph Theory
04 avr 2020 - 05 avr 2020 • Chicago, IL, États-Unis
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Open Problems in Algebraic Combinatorics 2020
18 mai 2020 - 22 mai 2020 • Minnesota, Minneapolis, États-Unis
The goal is to air fresh perspectives and open problems in combinatorics and algebra, those that the speakers think will be important for the future.
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Combinatorial Applications of Computational Geometry and Algebraic Topology
31 mai 2020 - 06 jui 2020 • West Greenwich, RI, États-Unis
American Matheamtical Society
The new and rapidly expanding area of Analytic Combinatorics in Several Variables (ACSV) concerns enumeration problems in such areas as lattice walks, statistical mechanical models, quantum walks and other exactly solvable models where asymptotic estimation of coefficients of a bivariate or multivariate generating function is required. The multivariate setting incorporates a wider swath of mathematics. including singularity theory, algebraic topology, and computational algebra. Participants in this MRC will be introduced to problems from these areas of mathematics whose solutions have direct applications to ACSV. These problems are not hard to state in the language of disciplines such as Morse theory, harmonic analysis, or commutative algebra, but they ask questions not typical in those fields. A long-term goal is to advance and automate this work, so that its benefits can be used by other researchers in mathematics and the natural sciences through implementations in computer algebra packages. Problems for this MRC will be arranged around five central topics: effective computer algebra methods, algorithms using computational topology, multivariate asymptotic phase transitions, singular transforms for degenerate saddle-point integrals, and applications of harmonic analysis and singularity theory. Researchers with knowledge in any one of these areas are encouraged to apply to this MRC.
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Permutation Patterns 2020 — Eighteenth International Conference on Permutation Patterns
29 jui 2020 - 03 jul 2020 • Valparaiso, Indiana, États-Unis
AIM Workshop: The Albertson conjecture and related problems
31 aou 2020 - 04 sep 2020 • San Jose, Californie, États-Unis
This workshop, sponsored by AIM and the NSF, is devoted to the Albertson conjecture and other problems related to crossing numbers. The crossing number of a graph is the minimum number of edge crossings in a drawing of the graph in the plane. Determining or estimating the crossing number of a graph is one of the oldest problems in graph theory.
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