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Conferences and Meetings on Hydrology offers, as part of our business activities, a directory of upcoming scientific and technical meetings. The calendar is published for the convenience of conference participants and we strive to support conference organisers who need to publish their upcoming events. Although great care is being taken to ensure the correctness of all entries, we cannot accept any liability that may arise from the presence, absence or incorrectness of any particular information on this website. Always check with the meeting organiser before making arrangements to participate in an event!

Meeting organisers can submit meetings free of charge for inclusion into the listing.


1.Advanced School and Workshop on Subseasonal to Seasonal (S2S) Prediction and Application to Drought Prediction
 Dates 23 Nov 2015 → 04 Dec 2015
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 LocationICTP Trieste, Italy
 Organizer The Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics
 Related subject(s) Courses and Events for Physics Students
2.AF 2015 — 5th International Conference on Alluvial Fans
 Dates 30 Nov 2015 → 04 Dec 2015
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 LocationChristchurch, New Zealand
 Abstract The conference brings together and international and interdisciplinary group of scientists interested in various aspects of alluvial fans: geology, geotectonics, sedmentology, geomorphology, hydrology, hydrogeology, engineering, resources, hazards, extra-terrestrial and land use on fans. Studies of modern fans as well as fans that are part of the stratigraphic record, as well as those on Earth and extra-terrestrial, will be presented. All those interested in the study of alluvial fans are invited to attend this meeting.
3.Climate Change Adaptation Plans: Understanding the Risks and Priorities for the Water Sector
 Start date01 Dec 2015
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 LocationLondon, United Kingdom
 Abstract As part of the requirements of the Climate Change Act 2008 water companies have recently submitted their second round of adaptation plans to Defra. This event will look at what progress has been made by the water sector in the last five years, the various approaches taken to managing climate risks and what new learning has emerged.The event will highlight the main challenges and priorities facing the water sector. Through presentations and discussions the event will also identify key themes to help shape the Government Climate Change Risk Assessment due to be published in 2017.
 Topics climate change, water, risk assessment, climate, climate change act
 Contact Email:
 Related subject(s) Meteorology and Climate Change; Ecosystems, Environment and Sustainable Development
4.Flood Resilient Communities: Evaluating the Defra Flood Resilience Community Pathfinder
 Start date02 Dec 2015
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 LocationLondon, United Kingdom
 Abstract This conference will be the first opportunity for Risk Management Authorities to hear the key lessons learned from the Flood Resilience Community Pathfinder projects on working with communities to improve flood resilience.
 Topics Flooding, Flood, Risk Management, FCERM, Defra, Community, Resilience
 Contact Sophie; Phone: [0207 831 3110]; Email:
5.HWRS 2015 — 36th Hydrology and Water Resources Symposium
 Dates 07 Dec 2015 → 10 Dec 2015
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 LocationHobart, TAS, Australia
 Abstract This event, hosted by Engineers Australia and its National Committee on Water Engineering, is Australia’s leading symposium devoted to hydrology and water resource.
 Related subject(s) Engineering (general)
6.The 7th International Conference on Applied Geophysics
 Dates 14 Jan 2016 → 15 Jan 2016
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 LocationBangkok, Thailand
 Abstract The biennial International Conference on Applied Geophysics, the biggest international Geophysics conference in Thailand, will address topics in geophysics and its application in various aspects in earth sciences and engineering such as mineral, petroleum and groundwater exploration, environmental and natural hazard, tectonics, seismology and geotechnical engineering. The research presentation will be divided into 5 sessions with more than 50 presentations. Geophysical professions, researchers from both governmental and private sectors as well as faculties and students are expected to attend and share their recent discoveries and researches to the geophysics community.
 Topics geophysics, geology, solid earth, seismology
 Contact Peerasut Wongsureerat; Email:
 Related subject(s) Geophysics and Geology; Geography, Global Positioning System, Earth Observation
7.Policy and Delivering Efficiencies for Flood Risk Management: Can We Deliver More for Less?
 Start date26 Jan 2016
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 LocationLondon, United Kingdom
 Abstract Earlier this year following Government's introduction of the welcomed 6-year funding settlement for Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management (FCERM) work, funding will increase from £370m this year to over £400m in 2020/21.The increased funding and the opportunities it provides come with a price. The cost of this is that we need to demonstrate efficiency improvements of 10% in delivering this programme.Although it is part of our routine day to day work to provide efficient, best value outputs this applies across the board to not only the Environment Agency (EA) but all other Risk Management Authorities (RMA) delivering FCERM schemes in the 6 year period up to 2020/21. In order to demonstrate that we are achieving these targets we will have to measure and record them which is something that many in the industry have not previously done. In parallel with this we will also need to demonstrate that we are continuously improving efficiency and value for money.This workshop will bring together all stakeholders to share and discuss the issues, policy and exchange their knowledge as how we can best achieve this.
 Topics environment, fcerm, funding, flooding, flood, polick, flood risk management, risk
 Contact Email:
 Related subject(s) Ecosystems, Environment and Sustainable Development; Civil Engineering
8.IWC2016 — Water Resources In Arid Areas: The Way Forward
 Dates 13 Mar 2016 → 16 Mar 2016
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 LocationMuscat, Oman
 Abstract The international conference on Water Resources In Arid Areas: The Way Forward, will be held on March 13-16, 2016 at Sultan Qaboos University in Muscat, Sultanate of Oman.
 Topics Desalination, Waste water, Water management, Socio-hydrology, Subsurface hydrology, Isotope hydrology, Climatic changes and water resources, Flash flooding, Water quality, Water pollution.
 Contact Diana Austria; Phone: [+968 24143151]; Email:
9.IWTC — International Water Technology Conference
 Dates 30 Mar 2016 → 01 Apr 2016
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 LocationAbu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
 Abstract The International Water Technology Conference (IWTC) brings together Experts, Researchers, Equipment Manufacturers and Consultants, in order to discuss the latest state of the art in the field of water and waste-water technologies. After seventeen years of success, the Conference now aims at collecting all the multidisciplinary expertise that converge into the assessment, management and control of human-hydro-logical systems.
 Topics Hydrology, Water Resources Groundwater Flow Hydraulics, Hydraulic Structures Water Treatment Technology water, Agricultural issues, Informatics and Desalination.
 Contact Dr. Magdy Abu Rayan; Phone: [0020502202464]; Email:
 Related subject(s) Agronomy, Food Production and Food Chemistry; Applied Chemistry: Water Treatment and Reuse
10.iCAGE 2016 — International Conference on Applied Geology & Environment
 Dates 19 May 2016 → 21 May 2016
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 LocationMahdia, Tunisia
 Abstract Tunisian association of applied geology (ATGA) aimed, since its creation, to continuously held biannual meetings. Challenges arising from the implications of progressive economic development are threatening the whole ecosystem. The first International Conference on Applied Geology & Environment (iCAGE 2016), will be dealing with Earth Sciences, including the pressing naturally occurring problems and management of natural resources. The conference will provide a platform for active discussions regarding these real time issues. Examining the current practices and determining the policies of the future endeavors occupy a prominent place in this conference. In fact, many critical challenges have to be taken into account: Environmental, Scientific/Technical, Governance, Health and Socio-economic challenges.
 Topics Georesources (Prospection & Engineering tools; Conventional and non-conventional resources; Treatment; Exploitation; Valorization, etc.), Geohazards & Risk Assessment (Seismotectonics; Landslides; Floods and Droughts; Urban risk; Civil security; Natural risk assessment/management, etc.), Geomatics, GIS & Remote Sensing (Digital mapping; Spatio-temporal modeling and Analysis; GIS applications, etc.), Environment & sustainable development (Water and soil management; Waste management; Coastal protection; Mining/Quarry sites planning, etc.)
 Contact Amjad KALLEL; Phone: [+ 216 21 178 107]; Email:
 Related subject(s) Geophysics and Geology; Ecosystems, Environment and Sustainable Development
11.2nd EWaS International Conference:'Efficient & Sustainable Water Systems Management toward Worth Living Development'
 Dates 01 Jun 2016 → 04 Jun 2016
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 LocationChania, Greece
 Abstract The 2 nd EWaS International Conference is organized by the University of Thessaly and the Technical University of Crete. The conference is aiming to bring together scientists dealing with challenges encountered throughout the entire water cycle. Specifically, scientists will address and discuss issues related to efficient and sustainable water systems’ management toward worth-living development.  The Conference’s topics deal with hydraulics, hydrology, water resources systems management, urban water management, riverine systems, hydrodynamics and waves, climate change & smart cities, row and waste water treatment, waste management and groundwater and irrigation systems. We are looking forward to welcoming you in Chania in June 2016.
 Related subject(s) Ecosystems, Environment and Sustainable Development; Applied Chemistry: Water Treatment and Reuse
12.EPFDC2016 — 8th European Postgraduate Fluid Dynamics Conference
 Dates 06 Jul 2016 → 09 Jul 2016
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 LocationWarsaw, Poland
 Abstract The European Postgraduate Fluid Dynamics Conference (EPFDC) has been organized since 2007 and held initially every year and recently every other year with usually around 80 participants. The conference is organized and designed for PhD students. It is aimed in giving them opportunity to present and discuss their research in an international and young community, broadening their horizons and networking with other students from a wide area of fluid dynamics. The conference includes inspiring plenary lectures by experienced and successful academics with varied research interests. They share both experience and perspectives within their research interests. The conference also provides a friendly environment in which those new to speaking at conferences may present their work, and previous conferences have shown a very high standard of presented material. All participants are expected to give a short talk or bring a poster. Poster sessions and social events provide the opportunity for more informal feedback and a chance to network with other students as well as with plenary speakers.

The upcoming 8th EPFDC will be held in Warsaw, Poland on July 6-9, 2016 and will be a part of Warsaw Fluid Dynamics Week (3-9 July 2016). This event will be a unique opportunity to participate in both the 8th EPFDC and EuHIT School on Turbulence in one place during one week (organized by EuHIT,

 Topics fluid dynamics, cfd, computation flud dynamics,
 Contact Organising Committee:; Email:
 Related subject(s) Thermodynamics, Fluid Dynamics and Statistical Physics; Mechanical engineering
13.Singapore International Water Week
 Dates 10 Jul 2016 → 14 Jul 2016
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 LocationSingapore, Singapore
 Abstract The Singapore International Water Week (SIWW) is a global platform for the sharing and co-creation of innovative water solutions. Comprising the Water Leaders Summit, Water Convention, Water Expo and Business Forums, it culminates in the presentation of the Lee Kuan Yew Water Prize, a prestigious international water award to recognise outstanding contributions towards solving global water problems.
 Related subject(s) Ecosystems, Environment and Sustainable Development
 Dates 05 Sep 2016 → 08 Sep 2016
[ID=765549] Go to top of page
 LocationBucharest, Romania
 Abstract Land use changes are altering the hydrologic system and have potentially large impacts on water resources. In recent years, water scarcity and irrational utilization have become the pivotal threats for sustainable development of catchments. The aim of optimal water resources management is to reallocate the limited water resources rationally among different water use sectors. This has to be based on fair, effective and sustainable principles through measures such as restraining water demand reasonably, increasing water supply effectively, and protecting the ecological environment positively. Land use and land cover are considered in a historical as well as current perspective to determine the types of activities that have occurred in the watershed and their potential as sources of pollution. It is important to consider the natural and cultural resources of the watershed as well as the human activities. The knowledge of the determining factors dynamics of water resources is made through the interdisciplinary approach in small basins or at plot scale. The data acquisition through experimental field or remote sensing allows a better understanding of the genetic mechanisms. A good knowledge of the impact of land use and land cover on water resources can be made based on the assessment of extended data series. The most known and used techniques for assessing the impact of land use are hydrological models.
 Topics experimental and representative basins, evapotranspiration, changes in water quality, aquatic ecology, sediment transport, changing land use
 Contact Georgiana Patru; Phone: [+40-21-3181115]; Email:
15.WRW 2016 — 3rd International Conference “Water resources and wetlands”
 Dates 08 Sep 2016 → 10 Sep 2016
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 LocationTulcea, Romania
 Abstract The Romanian Limnogeographical Association (RLA) in collaboration with the German Limnological Societ (GLS), Polish Limnological Society (PLS), Danube Delta National Institute Tulcea (DDNI) and the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve Authority (DDBRA) would like to invite you to take part in the 3rd International Conference “Water resources and wetlands” set to take place between 8-10 September, 2016 in the “Delta” Hotel in Tulcea, Romania.
 Contact Email:
 Related subject(s) Ecosystems, Environment and Sustainable Development; Meteorology and Climate Change

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