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Conferences and Meetings on Meteorology and Climate Change offers, as part of our business activities, a directory of upcoming scientific and technical meetings. The calendar is published for the convenience of conference participants and we strive to support conference organisers who need to publish their upcoming events. Although great care is being taken to ensure the correctness of all entries, we cannot accept any liability that may arise from the presence, absence or incorrectness of any particular information on this website. Always check with the meeting organiser before making arrangements to participate in an event!

Meeting organisers can submit meetings free of charge for inclusion into the listing.


1.DWA 2014 — Fachtagung Hochwasser 2013 in Mitteldeutschland - Ein Jahr nach der Flut
 Start date17 Sep 2014
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 LocationDessau-Roßlau, Germany
 Organizer DWA - Deutsche Vereinigung für Wasserwirtschaft, Abwasser und Abfall e. V
 Contact Conventus Congressmanagement & Marketing GmbH , Franziska Niepel ; Phone: [+49 (0)3641 3116-324]; Email:
 Related subject(s) Hydrology
2.Deltas in Times of Climate Change II
 Dates 24 Sep 2014 → 26 Sep 2014
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 LocationRotterdam, Netherlands
 Related subject(s) Hydrology
3.SISC Conference 2014 — Italian Society for Climate Sciences Second Annual Conference "Climate Change: Scenarios, Impacts and Policy"
 Dates 29 Sep 2014 → 30 Sep 2014
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 LocationVenice, Italy
 Abstract The Italian Society for Climate Sciences (SISC) is pleased to announce its Second Annual Conference on “Climate Change: Scenarios, Impacts and Policy”. The Conference aims to involve scientists, researchers and policy makers, whose activities are focused on different aspects of climate change, its impacts and related policies.
 Topics adaptation, climate change, mitigation
 Contact Società Italiana per le Scienze del Clima (SISC) ; Email:
4.School on Solar Variability and Its Impact on Climate
 Dates 13 Oct 2014 → 17 Oct 2014
[ID=596002] Go to top of page
 LocationICTP - Trieste, Italy
 Organizer Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP)
 Related subject(s) Courses and Events for Physics Students
5.Meteorological Technology World Expo 2014
 Dates 21 Oct 2014 → 23 Oct 2014
[ID=633490] Go to top of page
 LocationBrussels, Belgium
 Related subject(s) Metrology and Instrumentation
6.AAGG 2014 — 27th Meeting of the Argentine Association of Geophysicists and Geodesists
 Dates 10 Nov 2014 → 14 Nov 2014
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 LocationSan Juan, Argentina
 Abstract The XXVII scientific meeting of the Argentine Association of Geophysicists and Geodesists is aimed at providing a supportive space to contribute to the dissemination of new scientific and technological knowledge in the field of geophysics and geodesy, in their basic and applied fields. During the Meeting, results are transferred to the productive sectors and the scientific community in general, stimulating and encouraging exchange between groups and research centres.
 Topics applied geophysics, seismology, geodesy, meteoroloy, hidrology, solar physics, remote sensing, geomagnetism and paleomagnetism, tectonic and geodynamic processes
 Contact Silvia Miranda/Dept of Geophysic and Astronomy. FCEFN-UNSJ Meglioli 1160 Sur. 5400. Rivadavia. San Juan, Argentina; Phone: [54 264 4234129]; Email:
 Related subject(s) Geophysics and Geology; Oceanography
7.Third International conference on ENSO
 Dates 12 Nov 2014 → 14 Nov 2014
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 LocationGuayaquil, Ecuador
 Abstract The III International Conference on ENSO in November 2014 will aim to synthesize progress on ENSO research, with a detailed view of the climate-society relationship, and to share experiences in vulnerability assessment methodologies used by the climate impact studies community. This conference will bring together scientists and experts involved in research, observations and operational climate services to build on new knowledge for improving the prediction of ENSO and its regional impacts, and to discuss decision support approaches in preparation of and response to ENSO climate anomalies. Our intent is to provide a forum for efficiently linking science with societal needs, one of the envisaged World Climate Research Program (WCRP) “Grand Challenges.”
8.ICHRCC — International Conference on Hydrometeorological Risks and Climate Change
 Dates 12 Nov 2014 → 14 Nov 2014
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 LocationCholula, Mexico
 Related subject(s) Hydrology
9.5th MetMed Conference — 5th International Conference on Meteorology and Climatology of the Mediterranean
 Dates 02 Mar 2015 → 04 Mar 2015
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 LocationIstanbul, Turkey
 Abstract The Catalan Association of Meteorology (ACAM) and the Network of Meteorology of the Mediterranean, with the support of the Istanbul Technical University, extend an invitation to participate in the 5th International Conference on Meteorology and Climatology of the Mediterranean, submitting abstracts for scientific, technical and application papers. MetMed Conferences aim to show, discuss and disseminate the contributions of the international scientific community on different aspects of the meteorology and the climatology of the Mediterranean Basin and foster communication between different research groups. Contributions accepted, may be given as an oral paper or as a poster in the meeting.
 Topics Meteorology, Climatology, Atmospheric Processes and Applications, Remote and in-situ measurements, Numerical modeling, Wind Energy, Water Cycle and Climate Change
 Contact Margalida Riutort; Email:
 Related subject(s) Environmental Physics
10.XIX INQUA Congress — Quaternary Perspectives on Climate Change, Natural Hazards and Civilization
 Dates 27 Jul 2015 → 02 Aug 2015
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 LocationNagoya, Japan
 Abstract The knowledge gained from Quaternary research, particularly from past records of unusual events and abrupt changes, is invaluable for understanding nature and taking appropriate actions to mitigate natural risks. Scientists involved in Quaternary studies must generously contribute their knowledge to help minimize the effects of disasters from hazardous natural processes.
 Related subject(s) Geophysics and Geology

Last updated: 01 August 2014