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Arithmetic of Shimura Varieties
13 Jan 2019 - 19 Jan 2019 • Oberwolfach, Germany
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Singularities and Homological Aspects of Commutative Algebra
10 Feb 2019 - 16 Feb 2019 • Oberwolfach, Germany
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Mini-Workshop: Cohomology of Hopf Algebras and Tensor Categories
03 Mar 2019 - 09 Mar 2019 • Oberwolfach, Germany
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Arbeitsgemeinschaft: Elliptic Cohomology according to Lurie
31 Mar 2019 - 06 Apr 2019 • Oberwolfach, Germany
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Priority programme of the DFG — SPP Conference “Geometry at Infinity”
01 Apr 2019 - 05 Apr 2019 • University of Münster, Germany
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Mini-Workshop: Reflection Groups in Negative Curvature
07 Apr 2019 - 13 Apr 2019 • Oberwolfach, Germany
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Algebraic and Geometric Aspects in Quantum Field Theory
16 Apr 2019 - 18 Apr 2019 • Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany
The aim of the meeting is to bring together mathematicians working on Quantum Field Theory from different perspectives through the talks by some of the most known and active international researchers. This event represents an important occasion to review recent achievements and to start fruitful discussions on the open issues and on the directions of future research.
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Foundations and New Horizons for Causal Inference
26 May 2019 - 01 Jun 2019 • Oberwolfach, Germany
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Algebraic K-theory
23 Jun 2019 - 29 Jun 2019 • Oberwolfach, Germany
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ISMM 2019 — International Symposium on Mathematical Morphology
08 Jul 2019 - 10 Jul 2019 • Saarbrücken, Germany
The International Symposium on Mathematical Morphology (ISMM) has established itself as the main scientific event in the field. We will be delighted to host the 14th International Symposium on Mathematical Morphology (ISMM 2019) at the Saarland University in Saarbrücken, Germany. The goal of the conference is to bring together researchers, students, and practitioners of mathematical morphology and related methodologies, to present and discuss new advances in the field, be they purely theoretical developments or novel applications.
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Rational Points 2019 — Workshop at Franken-Akademie Schloss Schney
14 Jul 2019 - 20 Jul 2019 • Franken-Akademie Schloss Schney, Germany
In the tradition of the earlier events, this workshop aims at bringing together the leading experts in the field, covering a broad spectrum reaching from the more theoretically-oriented over the explicit to the algorithmic aspects. The fundamental problem motivating the workshop asks for a description of the set of rational points X(Q) for a given algebraic variety X defined over Q. When X is a curve, the structure of this set is known, and the most interesting question is how to determine it explicitly for a given curve. When X is higher-dimensional, much less is known about the structure of X(Q), even when X is a surface. So here the open questions are much more basic for our understanding of the situation, and on the algorithmic side, the focus is on trying to decide if a given variety does have any rational point at all.
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Homotopy Theory
04 Aug 2019 - 10 Aug 2019 • Oberwolfach, Germany
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11 Aug 2019 - 17 Aug 2019 • Oberwolfach, Germany
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Subfactors and Applications
27 Oct 2019 - 02 Nov 2019 • Oberwolfach, Germany
The theory of subfactors of von Neumann factors, founded by Fields Medalist Vaughan Jones, is an exciting and extremely active area of mathematics that has profound connections with low dimensional topology, group theory, conformal field theory, statistical mechanics, quantum information theory and many others. At the heart of these interactions lies a surprising world of quantum symmetries that subfactors seem particularly suitable at capturing. New links between subfactor theory and quantum computing have recently been established as well.

The workshop aims at bringing together experts from these different areas to learn from each other, discuss problems and present new ideas at the frontier of these exciting developments.

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Heat Kernels, Stochastic Processes and Functional Inequalities
17 Nov 2019 - 23 Nov 2019 • Oberwolfach, Germany
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Random Matrices
08 Dec 2019 - 14 Dec 2019 • Oberwolfach, Germany
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Modular Forms
15 Dec 2019 - 21 Dec 2019 • Oberwolfach, Germany
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