Konferenzen zum Thema Nahrungsmittelchemie und Agrarwissenschaften in Spanien

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FSNH 2019 — Congress & Expo on Food Science, Nutrition and Health
18. Sep 2019 - 20. Sep 2019 • Catalonia, Spanien
Nutrition & Food Sciences conference is dedicated to provide platform for high-quality information that describe the most significant and cutting-edge research in all areas of Food Sciences. As well as reflecting the traditional core subjects of Food Safety Regulations, Parenteral Nutrition, Diabetes Nutrition, Food and economy, Food and nutritional supplements, also features a broad range of nutrition research including, but not limited to, Recommended nutrient allowances, Nutrition in cardiovascular diseases, Oatmeal Nutrition, Obesity and Weightloss. Other cross-disciplinary topics such as Brain Nutrition, Functional foods, will also be featured. The submission of manuscripts detailing multidisciplinary research performed at the interface of nutrition and other scientific fields of inquiry such as Food Technology, Nutritional Science, Food Engineering is also encouraged, where the central theme of the work - and the major advances that are reported - fall within the bounds of Food and Nutritional Sciences.
Tel.: [+1 (415) 463-8448];     Email: foodnutrition@linkinscience.com
17th Euro Fed Lipid Congress
20. Okt 2019 - 23. Okt 2019 • Sevilla, Spanien
2nd International Conference on Food Science & Nutrition
24. Okt 2019 - 25. Okt 2019 • Valencia, Spanien
We are glad to announce the “2nd International Conference on Food Science & Nutrition” scheduled on October 24-25, 2019, Valencia, Spain. The conference is organized by Colloquium LLC in collaboration with generous support and cooperation from enthusiastic academicians and Board Members.
Tel.: [13072226372];     Email: contact@foodsciencecongress.org
Food Science Nutrition
Agricultural Film 2019 — International conference on plastic film technologies used in agriculture, silage, mulch, greenhouse and tunnel films
18. Nov 2019 - 20. Nov 2019 • Barcelona, Spanien
AMI – Applied Market Information Ltd
The three-day programme will bring together agricultural and horticultural cover specifiers, raw material and film manufacturers, professional researchers and educational institutions, cooperatives, growers and associations and public and private bodies involved in agriculture to provide a forum and a networking platform with professionals active in this challenging industry and global food supply in general.
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