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QFC2017 — Quantum Gases, Fundamental Interactions, and Cosmology
25 Oct 2017 - 27 Oct 2017 • Pisa, Italy
Physics is living an era of unprecedented cross-fertilization among different areas. Concepts born in the realm of statistical mechanics and condensed matter physics,like spontaneous symmetry breaking, have fertilized the area of fundamental interactions for many decades; now concepts born in the context of quantum field theory are fertilizing condensed matter physics at various levels. The standard model of particle physics has led us to an almost complete view over fundamental interactions, in which the missing piece is represented by a renormalizable theory of quantum gravity. The Higgs phenomenon, with the associated electroweak phase transition, and the physics of strong interactions, with the associated confinement and deconfinement of quarks and gluons, represent the fundamental pillars over which a consistent description of the early stages of our Universe is built.
Maria Luisa Chiofalo;     Phone: [+39-3495805951];     Email:
Intersecting topics among the three areas of Quantum Gases, Fundamental Interactions, and Cosmology: Dark Matter, General Relativity, Black Holes, Standard and Quantum numerical approaches. More Specific Topics: Dark matter and axion cosmology, General relativity tests and precision measurements, Approaches to Quantum Gravity, Black holes and Hawking radiation, Symmetry tests: matter/antimatter and CP, QCD, Quarks and Hadrons, Efimov states: from ultra cold atoms to nuclear matter, Quantum simulators for Abelian and non-Abelian gauge theories, Magnetic monopoles, Majorana fermions, Topological phases
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