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AIPR — 2018 IEEE Applied Imagery Pattern Recognition Workshop
09 Oct 2018 - 11 Oct 2018 • Washington, DC, United States
The purpose of this 47th annual AIPR workshop continues to be the gathering of researchers from government, industry, and academia for technical interchange across a broad range of disciplines. The papers span the range from research to fielded systems and provide to scientists, developers, and managers alike, a broad vision of the applicability of image analysis and machine learning technologies. Imaging and earth observation datasets at the petabyte scale are now available in commercial clouds, with new sensors spanning the electromagnetic spectrum being deployed rapidly. Making use of this mass of images is leading to the development of novel image handling techniques. This includes unique methods of acquiring, storing, representing, retrieving, analyzing, and manipulating large amounts of image and video data in two or more dimensions. The 2018 IEEE AIPR Workshop will explore these intersections and synergies between imaging, big data, cloud computing, and hardware advances.
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BTAS 2018 — Biometrics: Theory, Applications, and Systems
22 Oct 2018 - 25 Oct 2018 • Los Angeles, CA, United States
BTAS 2018 will provide a forum for computer scientists and engineers from around the world to present their latest research findings and share new ideas and applications in biometrics technology.
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ITSS — International IEEE Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems
04 Nov 2018 - 07 Nov 2018 • Maui, Hawaii, United States
The 2018 annual flagship conference of the IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Society (ITSS) will be held in Maui, Hawaii, United States. The International Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITSC) welcomes papers and presentations in the field of Intelligent Transportation Systems, dealing with new developments in theory, analysis, simulation and modeling, experimentation, demonstration, case studies, field operational tests and deployments. ITSC2018 particularly invites and encourages prospective authors to share their work, findings, perspectives and developments as related to implementation and deployment of advanced ITS applications.
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TRECVID 2018 — TREC Video Retrieval Evaluation
04 Nov 2018 - 07 Nov 2018 • Gaithersburg, MD, United States
The main goal of the TREC Video Retrieval Evaluation (TRECVID) is to promote progress in content-based analysis of and retrieval from digital video via open, metrics-based evaluation. TRECVID is a laboratory-style evaluation that attempts to model real world situations or significant component tasks involved in such situations.
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ISVC — 13th International Symposium on Visual Computing
19 Nov 2018 - 21 Nov 2018 • Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
The purpose of the International Symposium on Visual Computing (ISVC) is to provide a common forum for researchers, scientists, engineers and practitioners throughout the world to present their latest research findings, ideas, developments and applications in visual computing. ISVC seeks papers describing contributions to the state of the art and state of the practice in the four central areas of visual computing: computer vision, computer graphics, virtual reality, and visualization. Of particular interest are papers that combine ideas from two or more areas.
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WACV — 2019 IEEE Winter Conference on Applications of Computer Vision
07 Jan 2019 - 11 Jan 2019 • Waikoloa, Hawaii, HI, United States
WACV conferences provide a forum for computer vision researchers working on practical applications to share their latest developments. WACV 2017 solicits high-quality, original submissions describing research on computer vision applications. Unlike other vision conferences, WACV emphasizes papers on systems and applications with significant, interesting vision components.
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WACV 2019 — Winter Conference on Applications of Computer Vision
07 Jan 2019 - 11 Jan 2019 • Waikoloa Village, Hawaii, United States
WACV 2019 is the IEEE’s and the PAMI-TC’s premier meeting on applications of computer vision.
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Winter Conference on Applications of Computer Vision
08 Jan 2019 - 10 Jan 2019 • Waikoloa Village, Hawaii, United States
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Computer Vision (Semester Program)
04 Feb 2019 - 10 May 2019 • ICERM/Brown University, Providence, United States
Computer vision is an inter-disciplinary topic crossing boundaries between computer science, statistics, mathematics, engineering, and cognitive science. Research in computer vision involves the development and evaluation of computational methods for image analysis. This includes the design of new theoretical models and algorithms, and practical implementation of these algorithms using a variety of computer architectures and programming languages. The methods under consideration are often motivated by generative mathematical models of the world and the imaging process. Recent approaches also rely heavily on machine learning techniques and discriminative models such as deep neural networks. The focus of the program will be on problems that involve modeling, machine learning, and optimization. The program will also bridge a gap between theoretical approaches and practical algorithms, involving researchers with a variety of backgrounds.
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Automate 2019
08 Apr 2019 - 11 Apr 2019 • Chicago, IL, United States
Automation is helping companies in every industry become stronger global competitors. To succeed, you need the right solution providers, the right technology, and the right expertise. Automate 2019 will provide it all and more! Automate showcases the full spectrum of automation technologies and solutions. From traditional industrial applications to cutting edge new technologies, you'll find ways to automate every process in your company. It's held just once every two years, so be sure to take advantage of this opportunity to find the right solutions to meet your automation challenges, all at this one great show.
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CVPR 2019 — IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition
15 Jun 2019 - 21 Jun 2019 • Long Beach, CA, United States
CVPR is the premier annual computer vision event comprising the main conference and several co-located workshops and short courses. With its high quality and low cost, it provides an exceptional value for students, academics and industry researchers.
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