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DORS 2019 — Digital Operating Room Summerschool
26 aou 2019 - 30 aou 2019 • Leipzig, Allemagne
Clinical experts and users will explain their views and expectations regarding innovative computer-assisted technologies as well as the current state of progress in clinical practice and research. Both successful developments and negative examples will be addressed and the advantages and disadvantages for therapeutic medicine set out. Moreover, the technical background of innovative infrastructure and technical standards will be examined, and various architectures, frameworks and communication technologies for computer assisted interventions in the digital operation room explained.The educational concept of the summer school provides for the strong interdisciplinary dovetailing of medical and technical aspects in a manner which is unique in the global technology landscape. Accordingly, the summer school will be organized in daily modules each devoted to a different topic and divided into lectures, visits and hands-on sessions. In addition it is also planned to establish workshops, in which the participants put their own research fields under discussion.
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computer-assisted technologies and navigation systems in head and neck interventions, in robotics and endoscopy, in cardiovascular and image-guided interventions, background infrastructure for computer-assisted technologies: patient models, workflows and technical standards in operating rooms, operating room infrastructures and future technologies
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VirtualCarBody 2019
22 oct 2019 - 23 oct 2019 • Bad Nauheim, Allemagne
Reliably reaching pre-set goals, despite highest complexity in both product and process development, is one of the key demands in automobile production. During most development stages, simulative methods play a very important, if not predominant role. CAE tools and CAE systems need to predict and control the consequences of each development decision taken in one division on all others and on any global development goal, helping to optimize the complete project result.
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ITTage — IT-Tage 2019
09 dec 2019 - 12 dec 2019 • Frankfurt am Main, Allemagne
Die IT-Tage in Frankfurt am Main bieten als einzige IT-Konferenz im DACH-Gebiet das gesamte Spektrum der Entwickler-, Architektur- und Management-Themen: Von Architektur & Design, Microservices, IT-Security, Data Access und Storage, Requirements Engineering, IT-Leadership, Performance und Optimierung bis zu Entwicklung von Anwendungen mit Java, Net und App-Umgebungen, Analyse & Optimierung, Test und Quality, Design Patterns und Clean Code sowie Systemintegration.

Integraler Bestandteil der IT-Tage waren schon immer Datenbankthemen. Der Fokus wird auch hier auf eine herstellerunabhängige Bandbreite aktueller Datenbanktechnologien gelegt: Ob Oracle DB, MS SQL Server, MariaDB/MySQL, PostgreSQL, Hadoop und Big Data, NoSQL-Datenbanken – die IT-Tage betrachten die große Vielfalt und Möglichkeiten. Über alle Themen-Tracks spielen aktuelle Entwicklerthemen wie Agile, DevOps, Continuous Integration, Microservices, Containerisierung und Industrie 4.0 – und darüber hinaus aufstrebende und zukunftsweisende Themen wie Robotic, KI und Machine Learning oder Blockchain eine wichtige Rolle. In der begleitenden Partner-Ausstellung haben die Besucher die Möglichkeit, mit namhaften Unternehmen und Top-Experten ins Gespräch zu kommen, sich über aktuelle IT-Trends zu informieren und zu diskutieren.

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12th IFK — 12th International Fluid Power Conference
09 mar 2020 - 11 mar 2020 • Dresden , Allemagne
Technische Universität Dresden, Institute of Mechatronic Engineering
The theme of the 12th IFK will be “Fluid Power – Future Technology!”. The covered topics will enable the development of 5G-ready, cost-efficient and demand-driven structures, as well as individual decentralized drives. Further topics are real-time data exchange that allows the application of numerous predictive maintenance strategies, which will significantly increase the availability of fluid power systems and their elements and ensure their improved lifetime performance. The main focus of our research is to solve technical problems in an application oriented fashion and to improve sustainable architectures and designs.
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