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ACM Multimedia 2020 — ACM International Conference on Multimedia
12 oct 2020 - 16 oct 2020 • Seattle, États-Unis
ACM Multimedia is the premier international conference in multimedia. It covers multiple emerging fields focusing on advancing the research and applications of many media, including but not limited to images, text, audio, speech, music, sensor and social data. It strongly encourages a complete and integrated approach to exchange, process and utilize information across modalities, as well as all cutting-edge research on each medium with potential of great positive impacts on everyday lives and technological breakthroughs. While the community has a tradition of developing and innovating AI and system approaches to handle big data and improve users experiences on engaging and interacting with multimedia, it is also uniquely angled towards novel applications and urgent industrial challenges. As such the conference openly embraces new intellectual perspectives from both industry and academia, and welcomes submissions from related fields, such as artificial intelligence, vision and languages, data sciences, HCI and multimedia signal processing, as well as healthcare, education and beyond.
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ISMAR 2020 — IEEE International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality
09 nov 2020 - 13 nov 2020 • RECIFE/PORTO DE GALINHAS, Brésil
IEEE Computer Society Visualization and Graphics Technical Committee
ISMAR 2020 will cover the FULL range of technologies encompassed by the Mixed Reality spectrum, from interfaces in the real world to fully immersive experiences.
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VCIP 2020 — IEEE Visual Communications and Image Processing
01 dec 2020 - 04 dec 2020 • Macau, Chine
Eurographics 2021 — Eurographics Annual Conference
03 mai 2021 - 07 mai 2021 • Vienne, Autriche
This is the major annual computer graphics conference in Europe. It brings together graphics experts from around the world to describe the latest developments. It offers an ideal opportunity to find out what is happening and to meet the people behind the developments. There are also courses at both introductory and advanced levels for managers and technical staff, offering a cost-effective training mechanism for specialised subjects.
computer graphics hardware, software, and applications
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QoMEX 2021 — 13th International Conference on Quality of Multimedia Experience
14 jui 2021 - 17 jui 2021 • Montreal, Canada
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