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AISIS 2019 — Artificial Intelligence for Science, Industry and Society
21 oct 2019 - 25 oct 2019 • Mexico City, Mexique
The symposium will take place on 21-25 October 2019 at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM), Mexico City, Mexico. The conference is organized by the Instituto de Ciencias Nucleares, the Coordinación de la Investigación Cientifica (UNAM), and the CERN Open Lab. The policy aspects will be organised by the OECD.
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Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Computing, High Energy Physics, Societal Application
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ICTAI 2019 — 31st International Conference on Tools with Artificial Intelligence
04 nov 2019 - 06 nov 2019 • Portland, Oregon, États-Unis
ICTAI 2019: The IEEE International Conference on Tools with Artificial Intelligence (ICTAI) is a leading Conference of AI in the Computer Society providing a major international forum where the creation and exchange of ideas related to artificial intelligence are fostered among academia, industry, and government agencies.
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ICAIRIOT 19 — International Conference on AI, Robotics and IoT
27 nov 2019 - 28 nov 2019 • Hong Kong, Chine
The International Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Robotics & IOT (ICAIRIOT - 19) will be held on 27th & 28th November 2019 in Hong Kong. The Digital transformation due to AI, Robotics and IoT in the world is leading to more growth in Technology and Business development. These Latest trending Technologies has a great impact on many fields like Manufacturing, Automation, Control system, healthcare, energy, Transport, Defence, Space, Data mining etc. This day to day progress in Technologies Seeks more research and exploring more to find new trends coming up in this Futuristic World.
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ICSC — IEEE International Conference on Semantic Computing
03 fév 2020 - 05 fév 2020 • San Diego, États-Unis
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ICAART 2020 — 12th International Conference on Agents and Artificial Intelligence
22 fév 2020 - 24 fév 2020 • Valletta, Malte
The purpose of the International Conference on Agents and Artificial Intelligence is to bring together researchers, engineers and practitioners interested in the theory and applications in the areas of Agents and Artificial Intelligence. Two simultaneous related tracks will be held, covering both applications and current research work. One track focuses on Agents, Multi-Agent Systems and Software Platforms, Distributed Problem Solving and Distributed AI in general. The other track focuses mainly on Artificial Intelligence, Knowledge Representation, Planning, Learning, Scheduling, Perception Reactive AI Systems, and Evolutionary Computing and other topics related to Intelligent Systems and Computational Intelligence.
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AI Net 2020 — 3rd Edition of AI Net Conference
31 mar 2020 - 02 avr 2020 • Paris, France
The conference will confirm its position as a leader event in AI and Machine Learning applied to the telecom area. The conference will focus on use cases, techniques, methodologies and best practices that leverage Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to dramatically improve IP/MPLS Networks operations and user experience.
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AAMAS 2020 — International Conference on Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems 2020
09 mai 2020 - 13 mai 2020 • Auckland, Nouvelle-Zélande
AAMAS (International Conference on Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems) is the largest and most influential conference in the area of agents and multiagent systems. The aim of the conference is to bring together researchers and practitioners in all areas of agent technology and to provide a single, high-profile, internationally renowned forum for research in the theory and practice of autonomous agents and multiagent systems.
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KES-AMSTA — 14th International KES Conference: Agents and Multi-agent Systems - Technologies and Applications
17 jui 2020 - 19 jui 2020 • Split, Croatie
KES International
KES-AMSTA is an international scientific conference for research in the field of agent and multi-agent systems. Agents and multi-agent systems are related to a modern software paradigm which has long been recognized as a promising technology for constructing autonomous, complex and intelligent systems. Consisting of keynote talks by experts in the field, oral and poster presentations, AMSTA-20 will provide an excellent opportunity for researchers to discuss modern approaches and techniques for agent and multi-agent systems and their applications, as well as intelligent systems in the field of social networks, self-organisation and trust.
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PAAMS 2020 — 18th International Conference on Practical Applications of Agents and Multi-Agent Systems
17 jui 2020 - 19 jui 2020 • L'Aquila, Italie
Research on Agents and Multi-Agent Systems has matured during the last decade and many effective applications of this technology are now deployed. PAAMS provides an international forum to present and discuss the latest scientific developments and their effective applications, to assess the impact of the approach, and to facilitate technology transfer.
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ISAIR2020 — 5th International Symposium on Artificial Intelligence and Robotics
08 aou 2020 - 10 aou 2020 • Fukuoka, Japon
The integration of artificial intelligence and robotic technologies has become a topic of increasing interest for both researchers and developers from academic fields and industries worldwide. It is foreseeable that artificial intelligence will be the main approach of the next generation of robotic research. The explosive number of artificial intelligence algorithms and increasing computational power of computers has significantly extended the number of potential applications for robotic technologies. It has also brought new challenges to the artificial intelligence community. The aim of this symposium is to provide a platform for young researchers to share up-to-date scientific achievements in this field.
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Workshop on Machine Learning for cryoEM
05 oct 2020 - 16 oct 2020 • Singapore, Singapour
Institute for Mathematical Sciences/National University of Singapore
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01 dec 2020 - 04 dec 2020 • Canberra , Australie met à la disposition de ses visiteurs des listes de conférences et réunions dans le domaine scientifique. Ces listes sont publiées pour le bénéfice des personnes qui cherchent une conférence, mais aussi, bien sûr, pour celui des organisateurs. Noter que, malgré tout le soin que nous apportons à la vérification des données entrées dans nos listes, nous ne pouvons accepter de responsabilité en ce qui concerne leur exactitude ou étendue. Pensez donc à vérifier les informations présentées avec les organisateurs de la conférence ou de la réunion avant de vous engager à y participer!

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