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SGH ENT Instructional Course Fortnight 2018
03 aou 2018 - 20 aou 2018 • Singapore, Singapour
The SGH ENT Instructional Fortnight 2018 will be held from 3 – 20 August 2018. This year’s programme will consist of the 6th Sleep Surgery Course in conjunction with Singapore Sleep Conference 2018, the 8th Functional Septorhinoplasty Course and Facial Reconstruction Symposium, the 15th Otology & Neuro-Otology Course, the 22nd Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Course, the 3rd Endoscopic Ear Surgery Course, the 2nd Cochlear Implant Course and the 4th Laryngology Course. The courses are structured to be relevant and appealing to practicing surgeons as well as ENT Residents in various stages of training.
Tél.: [+6565767658];     Email.:
ENT, Endoscopic, Ear, Surgery, Otology, Neuro-Otology, Septorhinoplasty, Facial Plastic Surgery, Sinus, Course, Cadaveric, Dissection, Lectures, Laryngology, Sleep, Cochlear, Implant, Otolaryngology, workshop
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Best Evidence ENT 2018
09 aou 2018 - 12 sep 2018 • Kohler, Wisconsin, États-Unis
Best Evidence ENT 2018 will update practicing otolaryngologists and advanced practice providers on the latest evidence-based clinical care pathways and practice guidelines for patient assessment and treatment, and will also include a focused session on hearing loss and dizziness. New this year, attendees can submit individual cases for discussion and best evidence approaches to management.
Tél.: [414-955-0827];     Email.:
otolaryngology, best evidence, clinical care pathways, practice guidelines, patient assessment, patient outcomes, best practices, hearing loss, dizziness, BPPV, sinusitis, rhinoplasty, hoarseness, sudden hearing loss, neck mass, sleep apnea, nasal obstruction
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30th International Course on Endoscopic Surgery of the Paranasal Sinuses & Skull Base 2018
29 aou 2018 - 01 sep 2018 • Gand, Belgique
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OmanORL 2018 — 21st Annual National Conference of Otolaryngology & Head & Neck Surgeons of Oman
30 aou 2018 - 01 sep 2018 • Salalah, Oman
We believe this event is an important platform to share the latest updates and excellent opportunity to meet and network with local, regional and international faculty which gives you added value to your relevant daily practice.
Tél.: [+97143116300];     Email.:
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Airway in Emergencies — 3rd Croatian Congress of Airway management with international participation
28 sep 2018 - 29 sep 2018 • Zagreb, Croatie
Dear colleagues,

Guided by the fact that the main reason for ineffective management of airway is incomplete and inadequate application of knowledge and techniques available, we find that every occasion to teach and learn airway management techniques is the good one. The motto of this meeting is “Airway in Emergencies”. The scientific program is intended for specialists and trainees in anaesthesiology, internal medicine, intensive care medicine, neurology, pulmonology, emergency medicine and emergency prehospital admission and all others who are everyday encountered with airway management and the potential difficulty in airway management. Vivid interaction between tutors and participants during hands-on workshops on basic and advanced airway management will take place to assure that everyone explores the airway in different emergency scenarios. In addition, the exhibition will be an excellent opportunity for exploring the latest technological and pharmacological advances in the airway management.

We hope that our meeting will be successful and pleasant meeting point for colleagues and friends, and so we invite you once again kindly to participate.


Assist. Prof. Tatjana Goranović, MD, PhD

President of CroMA - Croatian Society of Difficult Airway Management

Tatjana Goranović;     Tél.: [+385/91/3712 288];     Email.:
airway management, emergency surgical airway, fiberoptic bronchoscopy, tracheostomy, intubation
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American Academy Of Otorhinolayngology Head And Neck Surgery 2018
07 oct 2018 - 10 oct 2018 • Atlanta, États-Unis
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Austrian Society for Ear, Nose and Throat, Head and Neck Surgery 62nd Meeting 2018
10 oct 2018 - 14 oct 2018 • Bregenz, Autriche
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New Zealand Society of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery 71st Annual Scientific Meeting 2018
16 oct 2018 - 19 oct 2018 • Queenstown, Nouvelle-Zélande
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European Head and Neck Course 2018
17 oct 2018 - 19 oct 2018 • Poznan, Pologne
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Spanish Society of Otolaryngology and Cervical Facial Pathology 2018
19 oct 2018 - 22 oct 2018 • Madrid, Espagne
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54th South African Annual ENT Congress 2018
28 oct 2018 - 01 nov 2018 • Le Cap, Afrique du Sud
48th Brazilian Congress Of Otorhinolaryngology and Cervico Facial Surgery 2018
31 oct 2018 - 03 nov 2018 • João Pessoa, Brésil
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5th Singapore Advanced Rhinoplasty Fresh Frozen Cadaveric Dissection Course 2018
04 nov 2018 - 07 nov 2018 • Singapore, Singapour
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Indian Society of Otology 27th Annual Conference 2018
16 nov 2018 - 18 nov 2018 • Mysuru, Inde
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Chinese University of Hong Kong ENT Conference - Technological Advances in Otorhinolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery 2018
07 dec 2018 - 09 dec 2018 • Shatin , Hong Kong S.A.R., Chine
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Updates in Management of Thyroid Cancer
17 dec 2018 • Londres, Royaume-Uni
The aim of our meeting is to provide an update on what is new, clinically relevant and indeed controversial in the management of patients with thyroid cancer. We have selected what we believe to be some of the most important current issues for discussion and we have asked experts from the UK and distinguished guest speakers from abroad.
Conference Team;     Email.:
lobectomy vs total thyroidectomy, laryngotracheal invasion, bio-markers in thyroid cancer, ESMO/ETA/BTA inhibitors, ATA/ESMO guidelines, case studies
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Advances in Head and Neck Oncology Study Day
21 jan 2019 • Londres, Royaume-Uni
This study day is aimed at nurses and other healthcare professionals involved in the care and management of individuals with head and neck cancer.
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Adult Tracheostomy Care - All you need to know
18 mar 2019 • Londres, Royaume-Uni
The aim of the study day is to facilitate and enhance nurses and allied health professionals knowledge and skills to care for adult patients with a tracheostomy. The programme consists of lectures, participation, practical sessions and emergency scenarios. The day is aimed at healthcare professionals caring for adult patients with tracheostomy and working in the acute and community care settings or those with an interest in or are new to tracheostomy care.
Conference Team;     Email.:
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