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CBMS — 2018 IEEE 31st International Symposium on Computer-Based Medical Systems
18 jui 2018 - 21 jui 2018 • Karlstad, Suède
The symposium is the premier conference for computational medicine, providing a mechanism for the exchange of ideas and technologies between academics and industrial scientists, and attracts a worldwide audience.
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HSMR 18 — The Hamlyn Symposium on Medical Robotics
24 jui 2018 - 27 jui 2018 • Londres, Royaume-Uni
The theme of this year’s symposium is ' Pioneering the next generation of medical '. In its 11th year, the Hamlyn Symposium is a unique forum bringing together clinicians, scientists and engineers to discuss current clinical practice and emerging technologies in robotic surgery. It also provides a stage for showcasing new platform designs and allied technologies. There are also many opportunities for networking and socialising, providing an excellent opportunity for your organisation to gain visibility in front of a broad audience.
Surgical Robots, Medical Robots, Rehabilitation Robots, Deep Learning
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IBIOMED — 2018 2nd International Conference on Biomedical Engineering
24 jul 2018 - 26 jul 2018 • Yogyakarta, Indonésie
Biomedical Signal Processing, Biomedical Imaging and Image Processing, Bioinstrumentation and Biosensors, Biomechanics and Robotics, Neural and Rehabilitation Engineering, Biomedical Engineering Education and Society, Healthcare Information Systems, and Telemedicine
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ICBES'18 — 5th International Conference on Biomedical Engineering and Systems
21 aou 2018 - 23 aou 2018 • Madrid, Espagne
The 5th International Conference on Biomedical Engineering and Systems (ICBES'18) aims to become the leading annual conference in fields related to biomedical engineering and systems. The goal of ICBES'18 is to gather scholars from all over the world to present advances in the relevant fields and to foster an environment conducive to exchanging ideas and information. This conference will also provide an ideal environment to develop new collaborations and meet experts on the fundamentals, applications, and products of the mentioned fields.
Tél.: [6138349999];     Email.:
ICBES'18 is now accepting papers on the following topics through its OpenConf system. If you have a paper on an additional topic, please write an email to The current topics include but are not limited to: Bioelectrical Engineering Biofluid Mechanics Bioinformatics Biomaterials Biomechanics Biomechatronics Biomedical Devices Biomedical Engineering Biomedical Optics Biomems Biophotonics Biosensors Brain-Computer Interfaces Cardiovascular Biomechanics Computational Biology Computer Aided And Automated Diagnosis Drug Design Functional Imaging Gait and Posture Analysis Gene Networks Health Monitoring Devices Medical Imaging and Image Processing Molecular Sequence Analysis Nanotechnology For Biomedical Applications Neuroengineering Neuroimaging Pattern Analysis For Biomedical Applications Robotics Sensors and Instrumentation Telehealth Telemedicine Manuscripts are invited for the 5th International Conference on Biomedical Engineering and Systems (ICBES'18) on topics lying within the scope of the conference. All contributions must be original and should not have been published elsewhere. Three types of manuscripts could be published in the conference proceedings: Extended Abstracts Short Papers Full Papers You may choose to submit any of the above based on the the weight of the contributions in your manuscript. Extended abstracts are welcome for publication. These submissions should be around 500 words and must give a clear indication of the objectives, scope, and results (if available) of the research. No figures or tables are allowed. Presentation for these submissions are limited to 10 minutes (if oral) or poster. Short papers must give a clear indication of the objectives, scope, and results of the paper, and must (at least) contain an abstract, an introduction, a results/discussion section, and a reference section. Short papers are limited to 4 pages. Presentation for these submissions are limited to 20 minutes (if oral) or poster. Full Papers are limited to 8 pages and are more descriptive of the work that has been done. Also, more sections, images, graphs, and results could be presented. Presentation for these submissions are limited to 20 minutes (if oral) or poster.
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EMF-Med — 2018 EMF-Med 1st World Conference on Biomedical Applications of Electromagnetic Fields
10 sep 2018 - 13 sep 2018 • Split, Croatie
The conference is organized to promote systematical research and development of EMF-Med topics: beneficial biomedical interactions and applications of electromagnetic fields (EMFs). Inspired by promising recent studies, EMF-Med focuses on medically applicable effects of EMFs, aiming for breakthrough results, new discoveries and innovative biomedical technologies. The systematical approach to EMF-Med applications requires a dedicated community - a world-wide concerted R&D network - to sustain the required interdisciplinary knowledge: underlying biological mechanisms, knowledgable engineering, reliable setups - having medical applications and patient benefit as the final goal.
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CURAC 2018
13 sep 2018 - 15 sep 2018 • Leipzig, Allemagne
Die Veranstaltung wird durch das Innovationszentrum für computerassistierte Chirurgie (ICCAS) der Universität Leipzig organisiert. Seit mehr als 10 Jahren ist das ICCAS Vorreiter bei der Entwicklung computergestützter, integrativer Technologien und intelligenter Assistenzsysteme für den Operationssaal von morgen.
Tél.: [0341 97 12 000];     Email.:
Chirurgie, roboterassistiert, computerassistiert, computer- und roboterassistierte Chirurgie, Medizintechnik, medical informatics
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MICCAI — Medical Image Computing and Computer Assisted Intervention
16 sep 2018 - 20 sep 2018 • Granada, Espagne
Medical Innovation 2018
02 oct 2018 - 03 oct 2018 • Birmingham, Royaume-Uni
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NanoMedicine International Conference and Exhibition 2018
23 oct 2018 - 25 oct 2018 • Venise, Italie
Since the advent of nanotechnology, there has been a tremendous growth in this field of nano-bio-technology. Many products introduced into the market are based on nano-bio-technology and are useful to environment monitoring, rapid diagnostics, diseases monitoring, diseases management, and personalized health care. The ultimate aim of this approach is to make a better and healthier tomorrow for everybody. NanoMedicine 2018 will cover the most recent international developments in the field of Nanobiotechnology and Nanomedicine. Participants will get a complete overview on the state of the art in these fields and on the research carried out and the latest results. Recent advances, difficulties and breakthroughs as well as emerging and future trends of the converging fields of Nanotechnology, Biotechnology and Medicine will be discussed. The event offers to the participants from both science and industry the opportunity to discuss new cooperation projects.
Bio-nanofabrication, Nanostructured Materials, Nanoassemblies / Surfaces, Bio-Inspired nanomaterials Bio-nano measurement and microscopy, Nanobioanalysis in vitro, Nanotoxicology, Nanotechnology safety, Body Implants and Prosthesis, Stem Cell Regeneration, Tissue Engineering and Organ Transplantation, Nanosurfaces and Interactions, 3D Printing, Nano-Carriers for Drug Delivery and Drug Targeting, Nanomaterials for Drug and Gene Delivery, DNA nanotechnology, siRNA Therapeutics and Nanovectors, Nanotechnology for Vaccines, Photon based Methods in Nanomedicine, Theranostic Nanotechnologies and Biomarkers, Smart Materials for Diagnosis, Biomarkers and Nanoparticles Biosensors, Diagnostics and Imaging, Molecular Imaging and Biophotonics, Integrated Systems / Sensors, Nanodevices/ Nanoarrays, Nanomaterial Characterization and Optical Tools, Point of Care Diagnostics, Novel Drug Delivery Systems, Nanorobotics, Functional Nanofibers Nanopore Sequencing, Nanotechnology based Needle Arrays, Nanomaterials Toxicity and Immunogenicity
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Clinical Operations Strategy Meeting US East Coast 2018
06 nov 2018 • Massachusetts, États-Unis
Tél.: [2070961222];     Email.:
data acquisition technology, clinical operations, eTMF, clinical trials, clinical research, clinical outsourcing, patient recruitment
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IEEE NSS-MIC 2018 — 2018 IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium and Medical Imaging Conference
10 nov 2018 - 17 nov 2018 • Sydney, Australie
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The 2nd Medical battery conference
19 nov 2018 - 20 nov 2018 • Düsseldorf, Allemagne
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BiOS19 — Biomedical Optics 2019 | Part of SPIE Photonics West 2019
02 fév 2019 - 07 fév 2019 • San Francisco, États-Unis
BiOS 2019, part of SPIE Photonics West 2019, is the world’s largest biomedical optics and biophotonics conference. Topics range from biomedical optics, photonic diagnostic and therapeutic tools and systems, nano/biophotonics, new imaging modalities, OCT, neurophotonics, optogenetics, and tissue optics.
Tél.: [+1 360 676 3290];     Email.:
photonic, call for papers, photonics, spectroscopy, spie photonics west, photonics west, laser technology, photonic crystals, spie photonic west, photonic conference, nonlinear optics, neurosurgery conference, laser sources, photonics conferences, quantum applications, ultrafast optics, neurophotonics, photonic technology, biomedical optics, biomedical imaging, SPIE BIOS
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ISBI 2019 — 2019 IEEE 16th International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging
24 avr 2019 - 27 avr 2019 • Venezia, Italie
The IEEE International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging (ISBI) is the premier forum for the presentation of technological advances in theoretical and applied biomedical imaging. ISBI 2019 will be the 16th meeting in this series. The previous meetings have played a leading role in facilitating interaction between researchers in medical and biological imaging. The 2019 meeting will continue this tradition of fostering cross fertilization among different imaging communities and contributing to an integrative approach to biomedical imaging across all scales of observation.
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01 mai 2019 - 02 mai 2019 • Londres, Royaume-Uni
Our upcoming conference 3rd Annual Digi-Tech Pharma 2019 (Pharmaceutical technology conference 2019), will provide a platform to all its participants an opportunity to interact, share and discuss the digitalization of Pharma industry. The conference will allow its participants to discuss the various challenges faced, new strategies, case studies and use of innovative ideas in the field of Digital Pharma IT. Also, to stay updated on the latest trends in digital, social media and mobile strategies required to overcome the obstructions in the transformation. This Digi-Tech Pharma 2019 is a unique platform in the pharmaceutical conferences which will allow IT leaders to share their technologies and strategies to help the pharma industries avail new opportunities to encourage partnerships and collaborations.
Tél.: [+44 (0) 207 096 0786];     Email.:
Digitechpharma, pharma, digital, technology, conference, London, ArtificialIntelligence, TranslationalInformatics, Blockchain, HealthIT, PrecisionMedicine, Digitalization
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NSS/MIC — 2019 IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium and Medical Imaging Conference
26 oct 2019 - 02 nov 2019 • Manchester, Royaume-Uni
This conference is the annual premier meeting on the use of instrumentation in the Nuclear and Medical fields. The meeting has a very long history of providing an exciting venue for scientists to present their latest advances, exchange ideas, renew existing collaboration and form new ones. The NSS portion of the conference is an ideal forum for scientists and engineers in the field of Nuclear Science, radiation instrumentation, software engineering and data acquisition. The MIC is one of the most informative venues on the state-of-the art use of physics, engineering, and mathematics in Nuclear Medicine and related imaging modalities, such as CT and increasingly so MRI, through the development of hybrid devices
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