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Endocrine Society of Australia and the Society for Reproductive Biology Annual Scientific Meeting 2018
19 aou 2018 - 22 aou 2018 • Adelaide, Australie
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Australian Diabetes Society And Australian Diabetes Educators Association ASM 2018
22 aou 2018 - 24 aou 2018 • Adelaide, Australie
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UK Association for the Study of Obesity 2018
06 sep 2018 - 07 sep 2018 • Newcastle upon Tyne, Royaume-Uni
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Islet Society Meeting 2018
06 sep 2018 - 07 sep 2018 • Nashville, États-Unis
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9th Arab Diabetes Forum 2018
12 sep 2018 - 14 sep 2018 • Le Caire, Égypte
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French Society Of Endocrinology 35th National Congress 2018
12 sep 2018 - 15 sep 2018 • Nancy, France
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41st European Thyroid Association Meeting 2018
15 sep 2018 - 18 sep 2018 • Gateshead, Royaume-Uni
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ERCP - Interventionskurs 2018
27 sep 2018 - 28 sep 2018 • Stuttgart, Allemagne
Der ERCP-Aufbaukurs ist konzipiert für Ärzte, die bereits über ausreichend

ERCP-Erfahrung verfügen (die Spiegelung mit dem Seitenblickgerät und einfache

Eingriffe an der Papille sollten bereits eingeübt sein) oder zuvor den ERCP-Grundkurs

der EndoAkademie besucht haben. Er dient dazu, spezielle Techniken der ERCP kennenzulernen

und zu üben.

Hierzu gehören die Papillotomietechniken (inkl. PreCut, Nadelmesser),

Postoperative Anatomie, Komplexe Steintherapie

und Pankreasgangstenting sowie das Management der Gallenwegsverletzungen.

Diese Techniken werden in Videobeispielen und Vorträgen demonstriert und

an gezielt für dieseTechniken konzipierten Phantomen geübt.

Tél.: [089 - 89 06 77-0];     Email.:
ERCP, Papillotomietechniken, Gallenwegsverletzungen,
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European Society for Paediatric Endocrinology 57th Annual Meeting 2018
27 sep 2018 - 29 sep 2018 • Athènes , Grèce
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Sujets apparentés:
27 sep 2018 - 30 sep 2018 • Yogyakarta, Indonésie
Tél.: [+622163869502];     Email.:
Endocrine Internal medicine Diabetic Nutrition Thyroid Stemcell Osteoporosis
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European Association for the Study of Diabetes 54th Annual Meeting 2018
01 oct 2018 - 05 oct 2018 • Berlin, Allemagne
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Japanese Society of Paediatric Endocrinology 52nd Annual Meeting 2018
04 oct 2018 - 06 oct 2018 • Tokyo, Japon
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Sujets apparentés:
Keystone Symposia: Drivers of Type 2 Diabetes - From Genes to Environment
07 oct 2018 - 11 oct 2018 • Seoul, Corée du Sud
The prevalence of diabetes mellitus is increasing worldwide and is a major threat to global public health that requires urgent action. Over the last few decades, significant advances have been made in terms of identifying novel susceptibility genes and signaling pathways that play pivotal roles in the pathogenesis of diabetes and its related metabolic disorders. However, a major gap in understanding the current global epidemic of diabetes is the lack of knowledge regarding how molecular interactions between the environment and the susceptibility genes are regulated within an altered metabolic milieu. This meeting will address these unresolved gaps in the etiopathogenesis of diabetes and focus on the latest advances that are linked to the molecular drivers of diabetes mellitus. Topics include: systemic regulation of adipocytes in diabetes; microvesicles, noncoding RNA, and intercellular communications; physiological drivers in hunger and energy homeostasis; epigenetics and metabolic control in diabetes; novel signaling players related to insulin resistance; adaptation of beta cell to chronic metabolic stress; environmental triggers in diabetes and metabolic diseases; and molecular targets for nutrient sensing and signaling. The organizers anticipate that this meeting will bring about a major shift in addressing the causes of diabetes mellitus, as the topics emphasized in this meeting have not yet been explored widely. Through the novel discoveries of diabetes research presented at this meeting, we hope to provide evidence-based insight to favorably impact people with diabetes across the world.
Tél.: [970.262.1230];     Email.:
type 2 diabetes, metabolic diseases, diabetes mellitus, metabolic disorders
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Cadanian Society Of Endocrinology And Metabolism Professional Conference And Annual Meeting 2018
10 oct 2018 - 13 oct 2018 • Halifax, Canada
Diabetes Canada 2018
10 oct 2018 - 13 oct 2018 • Halifax, Canada
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RCPE Diabetes and Endocrinology Conference 2018
11 oct 2018 • Edinburgh, Royaume-Uni
International Congress of Diabetes and Metabolism 2018
11 oct 2018 - 13 oct 2018 • Seoul, Corée du Sud
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Diabetic Foot Global Conference 2018
11 oct 2018 - 13 oct 2018 • Houston , Texas, États-Unis
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International Society for Pediatric and Adolescent Diabetes Scientific Meeting 2018
11 oct 2018 - 14 oct 2018 • Hyderabad, Inde
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Sujets apparentés:
ObesityWeek - The Obesity Society and American Society for Metabolic & Bariatric Surgery Joint Meeting 2018
11 oct 2018 - 15 oct 2018 • Nashville, États-Unis
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44th Annual UC Davis Diabetes & Endocrinology Symposium 2018
12 oct 2018 - 13 oct 2018 • Sacramento , Sacramento, États-Unis
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18th Congress Of The European Neuroendocrine Association 2018
17 oct 2018 - 20 oct 2018 • Wroclaw, Pologne
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Thyroid Masterclass
19 oct 2018 • Abu Dhabi, Émirats arabes unis
The inaugural Thyroid Masterclass will bring together specialists from the UK to discuss the latest trends and developments thyroid. It will discuss the latest developments & how to treat and manage thyroid conditions, including thyroid Nodules, disorders, surgery & thyroid in pregnancy. Forming part of the Imperial College London Diabetes Centre Education Series, Thyroid Masterclass will provide general and specialist physicians at all levels of experience, opportunities to engage in leading-edge conversations and learning around advances in thyroid clinical practice.
Thyroid, Abu Dhabi CME, Imperial College London Diabetes Centre, Thyroid Imaging, Molecular Profiling, Risk management of indeterminate nodule, Management of Graves eye disease, thyroid cancer, toxic multinodular goiter, robotic assisted thyroid surgery
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7th Annual Diabetes Symposium
19 oct 2018 • Philadelphia, États-Unis
The 7th Annual Diabetes Symposium conference offers a unique setting of keynote lectures targeting specific topics and panel discussions with renowned experts in the field. Topics to be discussed include: How do we define value in diabetes care: The argument(s) for cost-conscientious care; Emerging New Paradigms in Type 2 Diabetes Management; Type 1 Diabetes-2019 & Beyond; Treatment of HTN in Diabetic Kidney Disease: An Update; Preventing CV disease in Type 2 Diabetes. This course is designed for practicing endocrinologists, primary care physicians, family physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, pharmacists, certified iabetes educators, dietitians, nurses and trainees.
Tél.: [215-955-6992];     Email.:
diabetes, cme, ce, type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes
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IDF Diabetes Complications and Foot Congress 2018
25 oct 2018 - 27 oct 2018 • Hyderabad, Inde
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Immunology of Diabetes Society Congress 2018
25 oct 2018 - 29 oct 2018 • Londres, Royaume-Uni
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AACE GULF 2018 — Sixth Annual Clinical Congress & AACE Gulf Chapter Meeting
01 nov 2018 - 03 nov 2018 • Dubai, Émirats arabes unis
Sixth Annual Clinical Congress & AACE Gulf Chapter Meeting is held from November 1-3, 2018 at Intercontinental Hotel Dubai UAE and presents key topics from the field of endocrinology, diabetes and metabolism.
Endocrinology, Diabetes, Metabolism
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British Society For Paediatric Endocrinology And Diabetes 46th Meeting 2018
07 nov 2018 - 09 nov 2018 • Birmingham, Royaume-Uni
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Sujets apparentés:
10th Asia Pacific Paediatric Endocrine Society Scientific Meeting 2018
07 nov 2018 - 10 nov 2018 • Chiang Mai, Thaïlande
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Sujets apparentés:
Chilean Society of Endocrinology and Diabetes 29th Congress 2018
08 nov 2018 - 10 nov 2018 • Coquimbo, Chili
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Diabetes & Cardiometabolic Syndrome in Primary Care
09 nov 2018 - 11 nov 2018 • Cambridge, États-Unis
This Harvard Medical School CME program provides comprehensive updates, practice recommendations, and the newest evidence-based strategies for the treatment and care of the person with or at risk for diabetes. By attending, you can ensure that you are current with state-of-the-art approaches to: Diabetes screening -- Pharmacological management of diabetes, including insulin and non-insulin treatments -- The latest advances in insulin delivery and glucose monitoring -- Treating complications and comorbidities, including dyslipidemia, hypertension, peripheral vascular disease, cardiovascular disease, kidney disease, and the diabetic foot -- Lifestyle interventions -- Care of elderly patients with diabetes -- Treatment of obesity -- Integrating emerging concepts and therapies into day-to-day practice
Tél.: [617-384-8600];     Email.:
diabetes, primary care, obesity, comorbidities, screening, communication, treatment, cardiovascular, nutrition, exercise, insulin delivery, glucose monitoring
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Swiss Society of Endocrinology and Diabetology Annual Meeting 2018
15 nov 2018 - 16 nov 2018 • Bern, Suisse
Austrian Diabetes Association 46th Annual Meeting 2018
15 nov 2018 - 17 nov 2018 • Salzbourg, Autriche
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3rd US National Conference on Prevention of Diabetes 2018
16 nov 2018 - 18 nov 2018 • Atlanta, États-Unis
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Society For Endocrinology BES 2018
19 nov 2018 - 21 nov 2018 • Glasgow, Royaume-Uni
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14th National Conference of the Primary Care Diabetes Society 2018
22 nov 2018 - 23 nov 2018 • Birmingham, Royaume-Uni
Research Society for the Study of Diabetes in India 46th Annual Conference 2018
22 nov 2018 - 25 nov 2018 • Ahmedabad, Inde
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12th International Diabetes Federation Western Pacific Region Congress 2018
22 nov 2018 - 25 nov 2018 • Kuala Lumpur, Malaisie
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ICHSHC 2018 — 17th International Congress on Hormonal Steroids and Hormones & Cancer
26 nov 2018 - 29 nov 2018 • Stellenbosch, Afrique du Sud
The Department of Biochemistry at Stellenbosch University has a long history in steroid research and we are excited to welcome both our local and international colleagues to our institution located in the world-famous winelands of Stellenbosch. The conference coincides with the centenary of Stellenbosch University and forms part of our celebrations. In addition, the conference precedes the 18th International Congress of Endocrinology, which will be held at the Cape Town Convention Centre, Cape Town, South Africa, from 1-4 December 2018. The objective of this conference is to promote interaction and discussion within the field of steroid hormones and hormone-dependent cancers.
Tél.: [+27 (0)21 938 9082];     Email.:
Steroidogenesis, disorders and diseases, Nuclear receptor signalling, Hormone dependent cancers
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Sujets apparentés:
16th Annual World Congress on Insulin Resistance, Diabetes, and Cardiovascular Disease 2018
29 nov 2018 - 01 dec 2018 • Universal City, États-Unis
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IOF Regional - 7th Asia-Pacific Osteoporosis Conference
30 nov 2018 - 01 dec 2018 • Sydney, Australie
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Sujets apparentés:
18th International Congress of Endocrinology 2018
01 dec 2018 - 04 dec 2018 • Le Cap, Afrique du Sud
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3rd World Congress on Clinical Trials in Diabetes 2018
03 dec 2018 - 04 dec 2018 • Vienne, Autriche
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ASPED — 4th Arab Society for Paediatric Endocrinology and Diabetes Conference
06 dec 2018 - 08 dec 2018 • Muscat, Oman
The conference mission is to share the experience, promote education, research and update the medical practice which will benefits the children and adolescents with endocrinology diseases and diabetes in Arab Region. This conference is a wonderful learning platform for healthcare professionals and provide them an opportunity to interact with regional and international experts. Plenary sessions, Industry symposia, and meet-the-expert sessions will enable exchange of high quality clinical information and basic science with international experts.
paediatrics, endocrinology, diabetes
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Sujets apparentés:
ENDO 2018 — Fourth Comprehensive Endocrine Review Course
07 dec 2018 - 08 dec 2018 • Muscat, Émirats arabes unis
Endocrine Review Course is an advanced 2-day course with internationally renowned faculty who would share their extensive knowledge and experience with the attendees over the 2-day course time. The course offers an educational platform that focuses on case-based exam questions and discussion covering various aspects of clinical endocrinology and metabolism. It is designed to cover major topics in diabetes, lipid, obesity, osteoporosis, metabolism, bone, pituitary & neuroendocrine, adrenal, thyroid, and reproductive endocrine disorders. There will be ample opportunities for interaction and participation in a quiet and convenient setting.
Saranya Jinu;     Tél.: [0097144532975];     Email.:
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DFCon — DFCon Diabetic Foot Global Conference
11 dec 2018 - 13 dec 2018 • Houston, États-Unis
DFCon is the premier international, interdisciplinary diabetic foot conference in North America. In its 18th year, the course is designed for the wide spectrum of generalists and specialists who diagnose and manage the diabetic foot. Didactic talks, panel discussions, Q&A sessions, specialty symposia and workshops will delve into diagnostic and interventional strategies for diabetic foot ulcers and amputation prevention. Featuring a world-renowned international faculty, DFCon offers the opportunity to review state-of-the-art concepts and techniques.
Tél.: [7137985755];     Email.:
limb salvage, diabetic foot, vascular surgery, amputation prevention
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Sujets apparentés:
European Society of Endocrinology Clinical Update Abu Dhabi 2019
11 jan 2019 - 12 jan 2019 • Abu Dhabi, Émirats arabes unis
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ESE — ESE Clinical Update
11 jan 2019 - 12 jan 2019 • Abu Dhabi, Émirats arabes unis
An ICLDC Education Event ESE Clinical Update 2019 conference provides essential training for all medical specialists-in training and an update for established endocrinologists. As part of a collaborative partnership, the course is being run in association with ICLDC. The interactive event is designed not only to give a vigorous update on current clinical practice but also to encourage networking between trainees and experienced endocrinologists.
Tél.: [+971 3 746 4848];     Email.:
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Mayo Clinic Endocrine Update 2019
11 fév 2019 - 15 fév 2019 • Waimea, États-Unis
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5th International Thyroid Eye Disease Symposium 2019
20 fév 2019 - 23 fév 2019 • Singapore, Singapour
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WCO-IOF-ESCEO 2019 — World Congress on Osteoporosis, Osteoarthritis and Musculoskeletal Diseases 2019
04 avr 2019 - 07 avr 2019 • Paris, France
This new edition of WCO-IOF-ESCEO aims to continue facilitating effective debate on unresolved clinical and therapeutic dilemmas, supported by evidence-based medicine and expert opinions, on issues in the fields ofOsteoporosis, Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Muscles, Pain and Joint Diseases.
Tél.: [087852652];     Email.:
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Sujets apparentés:
10th International DIP Symposium on Diabetes, Hypertension, Metabolic Syndrome & Pregnancy 2019
29 mai 2019 - 01 jui 2019 • Florence, Italie
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DIP 2019 — 10th International DIP Symposium on Diabetes, Hypertension, Metabolic Syndrome and Pregnancy
29 mai 2019 - 01 jui 2019 • Florence, Italie
The 10th DIP Symposium will highlight the progress of pregnancy - from pre-pregnancy, trimester by trimester, to labor, delivery and post-partum care. Focus will be placed on the prediction and prevention of pregnancy complications – hyperglycemia, hypertension - preeclampsia, preterm birth, NCD’s (Non-Communicable Diseases) and pregnancy, fetal growth and others, as well as the cycle of future NCD’s that begins during the intrauterine life - onto mother and offspring.
Tél.: [+972-3-5666166];     Email.:
Maternal Medicine meets Fetal Medicine – Inventions, Innovations, Winnovations, The Non Communicable Disease Global Epidemic and Maternal Fetal Medicine, Prediction and Prevention in Maternal Fetal Medicine, The Genome and Maternal Fetal Medicine, New Technologies and Maternal Fetal Medicine, The FIGO GDM Initiative, Diabetes and Pregnancy, Obesity and Maternal Fetal Medicine, Hypertension and Pregnancy, Nutrition, The Intra-Uterine University - Programming and Imprinting in Utero, The Placenta and the Great Obstetrical Syndromes, The “omics” and Maternal Fetal Medicine, Fetal Growth, Preterm labor, Multiple pregnancy, Maternal Infection and Perinatal Outcome, Non Invasive Prenatal Testing, Fetal Imaging and therapy, Fetal Congenital anomalies, Maternal and Fetal Health, Maternal Medicine meets Fetal Medicine, The “Great Obstetric Syndromes”, Beyond the Uterine Environment – Fetal Origins of Adult Disease, Perinatal Medicine and the Industry – Mutual Interests and Future Directions, The First Trimester-A Window Of Opportunities: Screening For Adverse Perinatal Outcome, Diabetes and Pregnancy, Diagnosis for GDM – The Consensus, Pharmacological Treatment in GDM, Diabetic Pregnancy and Preeclampsia, Metabolic Goals in Diabetic Pregnancy, The Diabetic Placenta: The Forgotten Compartment, Micronutrients & Diabetic Pregnancy, New Technologies in The Management of Diabetes in Pregnancy, Pharmacological Treatment in Pre-GDM; the new insulins, Programming and Imprinting in Utero – The vicious cycle of NCD, From Diabetes in Pregnancy to Diabetes After Pregnancy – From DIP to DAP, Prevention of Type 2 Diabetes and other NCD’s – mother & offspring, Diabetes in Pregnancy Amongst the Indigenous Peoples– a neglected health priority, Contraception in Diabetic Pregnancy, Pregnancy in Diabetic Animals, Infertility and Diabetes, Menopause and Diabetes, Obesity and Maternal Fetal Medicine, Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome, Bariatric surgery, Lifestyle interventions, The “omics” and Maternal Fetal Medicine, Genome, Epigenetics, Microbiome, Metabolome, Proteome, smallRNA, Placental insufficiency: Preeclampsia and fetal growth, The Maternal - Placental - Fetal Dialogue and Its Influence on Pregnancy Outcome, Early prediction and prevention of preeclampsia, Preeclampsia: identification of pre-clinical disease and management issues, Abnormal fetal growth - Challenging the extremes, Early prediction and prevention of IUGR, IUGR and SGA: Doppler management and prediction of outcome, Preterm delivery, Preterm labor: early prediction and prevention, Preterm labor and rupture of membranes: Early identification of poor outcome and infection, Multiple pregnancy, Multiple pregnancy: Issues in early and late pregnancy, Diagnosis and management of monochorionic twins, Labor and Delivery, Use of ultrasound in labor, Management of post-partum haemorrhage, Fetal Life during labor and delivery, Management of pregnancy complications during labor and delivery, Fetal monitoring during labor and delivery, Prenatal Diagnosis and Screening, Preconception, Preimplantation and Prenatal Genetic Diagnosis, Integrating advances in genetic diagnosis in prenatal diagnosis, Non-invasive prenatal testing: integration with current practice, New Genetic Technologies, Fetal Advanced Imaging and Diagnosis. 3D/4D ultrasound: From basic to advanced (with live demos). Indications and techniques of MRI for fetal evaluation. Early and advanced diagnosis of fetal brain defects and development (with live demos), Echocardiography: From basic to 3D/4D (with live demos), Congenital cardiac defects: Dagnostic issues and impact on the brain, Fetal cardiac function: Techniques and applications, First, second and third trimester ultrasound: When and what to look for, Fetal and Perinatal therapy, Current indications and results of fetal therapy, Fetal defects with perinatal surgical management, The Neonate of the Great Obstetrical Syndrome Mother
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