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MET2019 — 53. Metallographie-Tagung 2019 - Materialographie
18 Sep 2019 - 20 Sep 2019 • Dresden, Germany
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Materialkunde e.V
Die Metallographie-Tagung ist ein wissenschaftlicher Kongress, der ein breites Themenspektrum aus allen Bereichen der Materialographie abdeckt und der jährlich stattfindet. Veranstalter ist die Deutsche Gesellschaft für Materialkunde e.V. (DGM) mit ihrem Fachausschuss „Materialographie“.

Die inhaltliche Ausrichtung mit einem breiten Themenspektrum richtet sich an Fachkolleginnen und -kollegen aus allen Bereichen der Materialographie. Metallographische Methoden von der Probenpräparation, über die Mikroskopie bis zur Materialanalytik werden behandelt. Der Nutzen dieser Untersuchungsmethoden wird an verschiedenen Werkstoffen, von Stählen über Nickelbasis- und Aluminiumlegierungen sowie pulvermetallurgischen Werkstoffen bis hin zu Kunststoffen und Verbundwerkstoffen aufgezeigt. Sowohl klassische und konventionelle als auch neue Fertigungsverfahren, wie zum Beispiel die additive Fertigung, werden im Vortrags-, Poster- und Ausstellungsprogramm eine Rolle spielen. In den letzten Jahren ist es zur Tradition der Metallographie-Tagungen geworden, der Analyse von Schadensfällen eine eigene Sitzung zu widmen.

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Materialographie, Metallographie, Präparationstechniken, mikroskopische Charakterisierung, Mikroskopische Methoden, Materialentwicklung, Prozessentwicklung, Strukturwerkstoff, Funktionswerkstoff, Gefügeuntersuchung, Bewertung, Schadensfall, Gefügeanalyse, Materialeigenschaft, Anwendungen, digitale Bildverarbeitung, Analytik, Tomographie, 3D Gefügeanalyse, Verfahren, Materialklassen, Digitalisierung,
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Forming in Car Body Engineering 2019
24 Sep 2019 - 25 Sep 2019 • Bad Nauheim, Germany
The international Automotive Circle conference Forming in Car Body Engineering offers you the ideal forum to discuss latest developments in this field.
Press plant, tool shop, foundry: Advancing efficiency and quality in car body part series production
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Kurs — Korrosion - Grundlagen und Untersuchungsmethoden
22 Oct 2019 - 24 Oct 2019 • Frankfurt am Main, Germany
DECHEMA, Gesellschaft für Chemische Technik und Biotechnologie e.V.
Der Kurs behandelt in Vorträgen und Experimentalübungen die wichtigsten Erscheinungsformen, Arten, Untersuchungsverfahren und Mechanismen der Korrosion.
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Korrosion, Untersuchungsmethoden, Experimentalkurs
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Einführung in die Technologie des Aluminiums — Herstellung, Bearbeitung und Anwendung von Aluminiumprodukten
16 Mar 2020 - 19 Mar 2020 • Aachen, Germany
Weiterbildungsakademie der Rheinisch-Westfälischen Technischen Hochschule (RWTH) Aachen
Teilnehmende erlernen im Rahmen des Seminars metallkundliche Grundlagen der Aluminiumerzeugung, -verarbeitung und -anwendung. Sie erhalten einen umfassenden Überblick über die Prozessschritte bei der Herstellung und Verarbeitung von Aluminiumprodukten.
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5th BioINSP — 5th Bioinspired Materials 2020
16 Mar 2020 - 19 Mar 2020 • Irsee, Germany

We cordially invite you to join the 5th Bioinspired Materials 2020 Conference on the design of functional materials and systems inspired by principles found in living nature. The main aim is to establish an international and interdisciplinary forum for scientists from a variety of fields including biology, chemistry, materials science and engineering, physics and medicine to discuss current cutting-edge research and to identify future research directions in the field of bioinspired materials. Main topics include the formation of hierarchical structures and the properties of complex-shaped biological materials. The transfer of biological principles onto adaptive and autonomous functional materials and systems made of organic and/or inorganic components represents a further main area. Beside synthesis and formation, the conference topics also include research on the functional and mechanical materials properties, the interaction of bioinspired materials with living environments, e.g. tissues and organs, and applications related to medical aspects. A topical focus will also be covering biofabrication.

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functional materials, bioinspired materials, formation, hierarchical structure, properties of complex-shaped biological materials, biological principles, mechanical properties, Multifunctional Inorganic Materials
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Hybrid 2020 — 4th Hybrid Materials and Structures 2020
28 Apr 2020 - 29 Apr 2020 • Karlsruhe, Germany
"Hybrid Materials and Structures 2020" covers the entire spectrum of topics, from basic materials to design, from production to application, and thus provides the basis for an in-depth understanding of application-specific material and component behavior. The only limitation is the focus on material combinations that perform structural tasks in some way.
hybrid materials, structures, composites, multi-material design, material compatibility, interface properties, residual stresses, materialography, microanalytical investigations, mechanical testing, non-destructive testing, quality assurance, material modelling, construction methods, joining techniques, life cycle assessments, intrinsic hybrid composites
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4th FDMD — 4th International Symposium on Fatigue Design and Materials Defects 2020
26 May 2020 - 28 May 2020 • Potsdam, Germany
4th International Symposium on Fatigue Design and Materials Defects 2020,

26-28 May 2020, Potsdam, Germany

Following the successful symposia of Trondheim in 2011, in Paris in 2014 and in Lecco in2017 we wish to announce the 4th International Symposium on Fatigue Design and Material Defects

from May 26 – 28 2020 in Potsdam.

Material defects such as non-metallic inclusions, pores, micro-shrinkages etc. play a crucial role in fatigue crack initiation and propagation which in turn has significant consequences for structural integrity in terms of lifetime, fatigue strength and other characteristics of cyclically loaded components.

The main objectives of the symposium are to improve the understanding of the mechanisms and the impact of defects on structural integrity, and to work out measures to improve the fatigue properties of materials and components.

To that purpose presentations are welcome which address the following


• Defects and manufacturing processes

• Defect detection and monitoring

• Statistical considerations

• Defects and fatigue strength

• Short fatigue crack propagation starting at defects

• Critical defect sizes

• Defects as root causes of structural failure

• Modelling fatigue life and strength taking into account defects

All materials are concerned, particularly:

• High strength steels

• Cast aluminium alloys

• Nodular cast iron

• Sinter materials

• Weldments

• Materials generated by Additive Manufacturing

The organizers look forward receiving many contributions to the 4th International Symposium on Fatigue Design and Materials Defects 2020. In particular young scientists are very welcome to actively contribute to the conference by submitting an abstract.

The symposium will be chaired by Prof. Dr. Uwe Zerbst and Dr. Mauro Madia, Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und -prüfung, Berlin (Germany)

We are looking forward seeing you in Potsdam.


Conference Office


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53757 Sankt Augustin (Germany)

+49 (0) 2241 2355449

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functional materials, bioinspired materials, formation, hierarchical structure, properties of complex-shaped biological materials, biological principles, mechanical properties, Multifunctional Inorganic Materials, Funktionsmaterialien, bioinspirierte Materialien, Bildung, hierarchische Struktur, Eigenschaften von komplex geformten biologischen Materialien, biologische Prinzipien, mechanische Eigenschaften, multifunktionale anorganische Materialien
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Electroceramics XVII — 17th Electroceramics Conference
24 Aug 2020 - 27 Aug 2020 • Darmstadt, Germany
The 17th Electroceramics Conference will be held from 24 to 27 August 2020 at TU Darmstadt, Germany. A Summer School will also be organised on 21st and 22nd August in Darmstadt.
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