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Conferences and Meetings on Mining & Mineral Processing offers, as part of our business activities, a directory of upcoming scientific and technical meetings. The calendar is published for the convenience of conference participants and we strive to support conference organisers who need to publish their upcoming events. Although great care is being taken to ensure the correctness of all entries, we cannot accept any liability that may arise from the presence, absence or incorrectness of any particular information on this website. Always check with the meeting organiser before making arrangements to participate in an event!

Meeting organisers can submit meetings free of charge for inclusion into the listing.


1.GMTF — 5th Annual Global Mining Technology Forum
 Dates 06 Oct 2014 → 08 Oct 2014
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 LocationSantiago, Chile
 Abstract Mining technology is growing leaps and bounds, empowering the industry with technological innovations and real time analytics to enhance productivity, efficiency and safety; even venture into virtually unexplored territories. The 5th Annual Global Mining Technology Forum will lay the ground to brainstorm strategies and discuss the mining industry's way forward in technology implementation. With the theme - Reviving Global Mining Fortunes, this unique convention of technology pace setters will discuss key issues related to information mobility real time mining, underground communication, energy and water saving technologies, automation and tele-robotics, space and deep sea mining and much more.
 Topics mining technology conference, automation in mining, mine safety technology, space mining, deep sea mining, IT and communication in mining, robotics
 Contact Sonika Mendjoge; Phone: [+971 46091570]; Email:
2.4AARMC — 4th Asia Africa Ressource Mineral Conference
 Dates 13 Oct 2014 → 16 Oct 2014
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 LocationAlgiers, Algeria
 Abstract This meeting will present and discuss the latest findings that challenge the development of rare metal resources. The program committee solicits high quality papers containing original contributions related to mineral resources.
 Topics ressources minérales, environnement, valorisation des minerais, recyclage, développement durable,
 Contact Professeur Boutaleb Abdelhak ; Phone: [(+213 773 407 221)]; Email:
 Related subject(s) Geophysics and Geology; Mineralogy
3.IMPC 2014 — XXVII International Mineral Processing Congress
 Dates 20 Oct 2014 → 24 Oct 2014
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 LocationSantiago, Chile
4.Petroleum 2014 — 2nd International Conference on Petroleum and Mineral Resources
 Dates 21 Oct 2014 → 23 Oct 2014
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 LocationKoya, Kurdistan, Iraq
 Organizer Wessex Institute
 Abstract Kurdistan is now emerging as one of the fastest developing areas in the Middle East, with its universities and research institutions playing a major role in the process. The region is rich in oil, gas and mineral resources, as well as underground water.

The Conference will offer international participants, including those from industry, the possibility of establishing contacts with organisations and professionals of this uniquely promising region. Academics will have occasion to develop research and training links with Koya and other universities in the region.

 Related subject(s) Petrochemistry and petrochemical industry
5.ICGCM 2014 — Chinese International Conference on Ground Control in Mining
 Dates 24 Oct 2014 → 26 Oct 2014
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 LocationBeijing, China
 Related subject(s) Geophysics and Geology
6.Met Coke World Summit 2014
 Dates 27 Oct 2014 → 29 Oct 2014
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 LocationChicago, United States
 Abstract Now in its 17th year, the Met Coke World Summit brings together hundreds of international coke, coal and steel decision makers for networking and discussion of the most important issues facing the industry.
 Topics coke, coal, mining, minerals
 Contact Jennifer Carter; Phone: [207-781-9800]; Email:
 Related subject(s) Metallurgy and Materials Science
7.Mine to Mill
 Dates 04 Nov 2014 → 06 Nov 2014
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 LocationLivingstone, Zambia
 Abstract The “Mine to Mill” (M2M) approach identifies the conditions needed to optimise financial performance of your mining operation and maximise the profitability and sustainability of your business. This workshop uses case studies from around the world to show how a coordinated Mine to Mill approach can provide benefits in terms of increased plant throughput, better energy efficiency and lower operating costs.
 Topics mine, mill, optimisation, profit, sustainability, Mine to Mill, JKTech, Zambia, Africa
 Contact Email:
 Related subject(s) Continuing Professional Education, Courses
8.SIM Senegal — Salon International des Mines
 Start date06 Nov 2014
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 LocationDakar, Senegal
 Abstract Le secteur Minier, un moteur de croissance et Prosperite
 Contact Mor A Ndiaye; Phone: [+221338682727]; Email:
9.SPE Annual Caspian Technical Conference and Exhibition
 Dates 12 Nov 2014 → 14 Nov 2014
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 LocationAstana, Kazakhstan
 Related subject(s) Engineering (general)
10.Practical Monitoring for Improving Environmental Performance
 Dates 17 Nov 2014 → 19 Nov 2014
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 LocationMadang, Papua New Guinea
 Abstract Practical Environmental Monitoring is a short course specifically designed to boost the knowledge, skills and behaviours of participants and develop their ability to evaluate and improve environmental performance through implementing leading practice within the PNG resources sector.
 Topics environment, monitoring, JKTech, Papua New Guinea, mining, resources sector, environmental performance
 Contact Email:
 Related subject(s) Continuing Professional Education, Courses
11.Process Mineralogy '14
 Dates 17 Nov 2014 → 19 Nov 2014
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 LocationCape Town, South Africa
 Topics Quantitative mineralogy, including both X-ray and Electron Beam Techniques, Geometallurgy, Ore characterisation, Mineral Liberation and Textural Analysis, Application of process mineralogy on site, Sampling and Statistics, Advanced Process Control
 Contact Dr Barry Wills; Email:
 Related subject(s) Mineralogy
12.MWS15 — Mine Water Solutions in Extreme Environments
 Dates 12 Apr 2015 → 15 Apr 2015
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 LocationVancouver, BC, Canada
 Abstract Mine Water Solutions in Extreme Environments is the second in an innovative new conference series that aims to examine a wide range of issues associated with mine water management in extremely wet, dry, and cold climates and with extreme hydrogeological and geochemical issues. The conference will provide a forum for presentation and discussion about successful practices that enable responsible mining to be undertaken in challenging environments while minimizing water use and/or preserving water resources.

All aspects of mine water management, including hydrology, hydrogeology, diversion, containment, water conservation, minimization of water-quality impacts, seepage interception and treatment may be addressed. Management of water associated with mine dewatering, waste rock and tailings are of particular interest

 Topics Water Management in Extremely Wet Areas Water Management in Extremely Dry Areas Water Management in Extremely Cold Areas (Glacial, Periglacial and Permafrost) Water Management and Climate Change Challenging Geochemical Conditions Over Time Surface Water Over Time Groundwater Over Time Regulatory and Social Challenges Physical Control of Contaminants Water Treatment
 Contact Heather Gauthier; Phone: [(604-683-2037)]; Email:
 Related subject(s) Hydrology
13.IMCET2015 — 24th International Mining Congress and Exhibition of Turkey
 Dates 14 Apr 2015 → 17 Apr 2015
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 LocationAntalya, Turkey
 Abstract Twenty fourth of International Mining Congress and Exhibition of Turkey, that has been biannually organized, successfully sustained for almost half a century and therefore, earned a well-deserved reputation in the eyes of the mining world, will be held between 14 and 17 April 2015 in Antalya which is one of the well-known touristic cities of Turkey.
 Topics • Asteroid mining • Clean Coal Technologies • Coal Gasification and Coal Conversion Technologies • Coal Preparation • Comminution and Classification • Dewatering and Drying • Drilling Technology • Drilling, Blasting, Tunneling and Excavation Applications • Education in Mining • Exploration Studies, Mining Geology and Geostatistics • Geographic Information Systems, Global Positioning Systems and Information Technologies • Geothermal Energy • Hydrometallurgy and Biohydrometallurgy • Industrial Raw Materials and Natural Stones • Intelligent Mining and Automation • Methane Gas Production and Methane Drainage • Mine Closure, Waste Management and Reclamation/Rehabilitation • Mine Design and Planning • Mine Mechanization • Mine Ventilation • Mineral-Material Characterization and Process Mineralogy • Mining and Energy • Mining and Environment • Mining and Water • Mining Economics, Valuation and Finance • Mining Policies and Mine Legislation • Modelling, Simulation and Optimization • Occupational Health and Safety • Physical Enrichment • Plant Design and Control • Politic, Historic, Cultural and Social Aspects of Mining Sector • Precious Metals • Recycling • Risk Assessment and Management in Mining • Rock Mechanics and Geotechnical Applications • Shale Gas • Small Scale Mining • Solution Mining • Surface Chemistry and Flotation • Sustainable Mining • Undersea Mining
 Contact Bulent TOKA ; Phone: [90 533 233 20 55]; Email:
 Related subject(s) Geophysics and Geology; Mineralogy
 Dates 17 Apr 2015 → 18 Apr 2015
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 LocationSurathkal, India
 Abstract In the current context of resource scarcity, unscientific over exploitation and large scale environmental degradation, there is an urgent need to evolve sustainable mineral/mining industries strategies. The Department of Mining Engineering of NITK Surathkal intends to bring leading experts in Earth Resource Engineering pertaining to Mineral, Coal and Petroleum Sectors under one platform to discuss the policy framework and technological innovations necessary for holistic development of the sectors.
 Topics Mining of Mineral and Fossil Energy Resources, Coal Mining Technology
 Contact Phone: [+91-824-2474052]; Email:
15.ICARD - IMWA 2015 — International Conference on Acid Rock Drainage and International Mine Water Association Conference
 Dates 21 Apr 2015 → 24 Apr 2015
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 LocationSantiago, Chile
 Abstract The 10th ICARD, International Conference on Acid Rock Drainage, and IMWA, International Mine Water Association, 2015 Conference is organized by SANAP, South American Network on Acid Prevention, and Gecamin and will be held as a single conference in Santiago, Chile. This will be a unique opportunity to gather the newly-formed local and South American acid drainage and mine water community.
 Related subject(s) Hydrology; Applied Chemistry: Water Treatment and Reuse
16.Precious Metals '15
 Dates 11 May 2015 → 12 May 2015
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 LocationFalmouth, Cornwall, United Kingdom
 Abstract Precious Metals '15 will deal with all aspects of the processing of gold, silver and PGM ores, such as flotation, bio and hydrometallurgy and the associated environmental issues.
 Topics minerals, processing, extractive, metallurgy, engineering, mining, gold, silver, pgms, flotation, hydrometallurgy, biohydrometallurgy, crushing, comminution, grinding
 Contact Dr Barry Wills; Email:
 Related subject(s) Mineralogy
17.Nickel Processing '15
 Dates 13 May 2015 → 14 May 2015
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 LocationFalmouth, Cornwall, United Kingdom
 Abstract The aim of this conference is to bring together researchers and plant operators, to discuss all aspects of the physical and chemical processing of nickel ores, copper-nickel ores and laterites, and nickel concentrates.
 Topics minerals, engineering, extractive, metallurgy, engineering, mining, nickel, copper, laterites, flotation, hydrometallurgy, biohydrometallurgy, pyrometallurgy, smelting
 Contact Dr Barry Wills; Email:
 Related subject(s) Mineralogy
18.ALTA 2015 Nickel-Cobalt-Copper, Uranium-REE and Gold-Precious Metals Conference & Exhibition
 Dates 23 May 2015 → 30 May 2015
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 LocationPerth, Australia
19.AMC 2015 — Asia Mining Congress 2015
 Dates 25 May 2015 → 27 May 2015
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 LocationSingapore, Singapore
 Abstract For the past 10 years, the Asia Mining Congress has established itself as the leading industry platform in Asia for global and regional miners, resource oriented investors, commodity buyers and sellers, policy makers and industry stakeholders to meet, network and discuss the growth and investment opportunities in the global mining sector. In its 11th year, we will continue to be the only mining investment event in Southeast Asia to offer an extensive conference programme alongside a strategic 1-1 meetings facilitation service.
 Topics mining, metals, investment, exploration, capital
 Contact Lydia Sebastian; Phone: [(65) 63222750]; Email:
20.Computational Modelling '15
 Dates 09 Jun 2015 → 10 Jun 2015
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 LocationFalmouth, United Kingdom
 Abstract The aim of this conference is to bring together both users and developers of computational modelling from academia and industry to share their knowledge and expertise. This conference is aimed at the full spectrum of people involved in computational modelling in minerals processing and materials handling, from model development, validation and all the way through to application.
 Topics mining, minerals, processing, extractive, metallurgy, engineering, CFD, DEM, modelling, computational
 Contact Dr Barry Wills; Email:
 Related subject(s) Modeling and Simulation
21.Physical Separation 2015
 Dates 11 Jun 2015 → 12 Jun 2015
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 LocationFalmouth, United Kingdom
 Abstract Although there is much current emphasis on the chemical methods of mineral separation – flotation, hydrometallurgy, and bioleaching, the physical separation methods are ubiquitous, and there is no mining operation in the world which does not make use of the density differences between solids and liquids. Whether it be gravity concentration, classification or dewatering, the principles of separation are essentially the same and this, the 3rd Physical Separation conference, will bring together researchers and operators who have common interests in: - Gravity concentration methods - single and multi-G separators and dense medium separation - Classification techniques - hydrocyclones, air classifiers etc. - Solid-Liquid Separation - thickeners, clarifiers etc. - Papers dealing with magnetic separation, and electronic sorting, often utilised in conjunction with gravity concentration, are also welcome. - Microwave technology. There are many aspects of mineral processing where the use of microwaves has potential and papers dealing with the enhancement of physical processes by microwaves are encouraged.
22.FRAGBLAST11 — 11th International Symposium on Rock Fragmentation by Blasting
 Dates 24 Aug 2015 → 26 Aug 2015
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 LocationSydney, Australia
 Abstract We invite local and international delegates to join some 200 colleagues to learn, inspire, and share knowledge across the mining, quarrying and construction industries, all with a blasting focus. We encourage participation by all practitioners, academics, researchers, regulators and manufacturers. We aspire to continue the tradition of creating and sharing new science and engineering in the field of blasting.
 Topics blasting, fragblast11, fragblast, conference, international, symposium, rock fragmentation
 Contact Cassandra Benn Senior Coordinator, Events The AusIMM; Phone: [+61 3 9658 6131]; Email:
 Related subject(s) Geophysics and Geology
23.MetPlant 2015
 Dates 07 Sep 2015 → 08 Sep 2015
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 LocationPerth, Australia
 Abstract MetPlant is the conference where design and maintenance engineers, operations managers, planning engineers, metallurgists and process engineers, equipment suppliers and consultants can all review developments in metallurgical plant design and optimisation of operations. MetPlant continues its success as an established conference series and will present themes identified to appeal across multidisciplinary sectors of the mining industry, including: - Mineral processing - Hydrometallurgy - Biometallurgy - Pyrometallurgy - Water and tailings management - Emissions management - Plant control and energy efficiency  
24.International Flotation Conference 2015
 Dates 16 Nov 2015 → 19 Nov 2015
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 LocationCape Town, South Africa
 Abstract Fundamental reagent and flotation chemistry, Bubbles, froths, bubble-particle interactions, Flotation cell hydrodynamics, kinetics and scale-up. Flotation Applications and Plant Practice This two day symposium focuses on the application of flotation, and will include sessions on: Plant Operations, particularly related to new technology, and process mineralogy problems, Flotation Circuits, and their modelling, simulation, control and optimisation, Flotation machine developments, Metallic, non-metallic and coal flotation, Environmental considerations.
25.International Comminution Symposium 2016
 Dates 11 Apr 2016 → 14 Apr 2016
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 LocationCape Town, South Africa
 Abstract MEI’s Comminution conferences are established as the main events for profiling cutting edge research and innovation in all aspects of crushing, grinding and ultrafine grinding in the minerals industry. We strongly encourage industrially based research papers showing the benefits of basing practical application on scientific rigour, such as the industrial validation of models and control techniques.

Last updated: 13 September 2014