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Conferences and Meetings on Engineering (general) offers, as part of our business activities, a directory of upcoming scientific and technical meetings. The calendar is published for the convenience of conference participants and we strive to support conference organisers who need to publish their upcoming events. Although great care is being taken to ensure the correctness of all entries, we cannot accept any liability that may arise from the presence, absence or incorrectness of any particular information on this website. Always check with the meeting organiser before making arrangements to participate in an event!

Meeting organisers can submit meetings free of charge for inclusion into the listing.


1.PSE 2014 — 14th International Conference on Plasma Surface Engineering
 Dates 15 Sep 2014 → 19 Sep 2014
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 LocationGarmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany
 Abstract PSE provides an opportunity to present recent progress in research and development and industrial applications. Its topics span a wide range from fundamentals such as e.g. process modelling and simulation of plasmas or thin film physics, through empirical studies which e.g. establish the relationships between process parameters and the structural and functional properties of modified surfaces and/or thin films, towards the application in industrial production. With numerous industrial exhibitors and an exceptionally large fraction of participants from industry (30% in 2012), a special feature of PSE is the intimate and vivid interaction between those being involved in basic research and those who have to meet the rapidly increasing demands in industrial production.
 Topics Plasmas for surface engineering, Deposition technologies, Coatings properties and applications, Characterization of films and modified surfaces
 Contact Email:
 Related subject(s) Plasma and Gas-discharge Physics
2.Pipeline Inspection & Intelligent Pigging MasterClass Training
 Dates 16 Sep 2014 → 17 Sep 2014
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 LocationAberdeen, United Kingdom
 Abstract Last year we received some great feedback, with 92 % of the delegates interested in attending again and 100 % of them recommending it to their peers. The master-class will provide the delegate with a comprehensive understanding of the key aspects of pipeline inspection and intelligent pigging. This time it will be delivered by two recognised experts in the field of pipeline inspection: Dr. Michael Beller and Dr. Konrad Reber.
 Topics Intelligent Pigging technology Defects in pipelines – pipeline steel, mill defects, special types Inspection Technologies – MFL, UI, EC Inspection tools – types, overview, development Challenging pipelines – non-piggable pipelines, tools, external inspection Operational procedure, planning & safety considerations Reporting & defect assessment
 Contact For further information about the event, cost and registration please contact Ada Tobias via or call +421 257 272 155.
 Related subject(s) Petrochemistry and petrochemical industry
3.Comadem 2014 — 27th International Congress of Condition Monitoring and Diagnostic Engineering Management
 Dates 16 Sep 2014 → 18 Sep 2014
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 LocationBrisbane , Australia
 Abstract Since the very first Congress and exhibition in 1988, COMADEM has established and maintained its international reputation as one of the largest and most influential events of its kind. The 2014 Congress promises to maintain this high standard and deliver a quality technical program alongside a fantastic networking and social schedule.
 Topics Implications of life cycle analysis in asset and maintenance management
 COMS online registration
4.ETFA — 2014 IEEE Emerging Technology and Factory Automation
 Dates 16 Sep 2014 → 19 Sep 2014
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 LocationBarcelona, Spain
 Abstract Recent advances and developments in the newly emerging areas of technology, as well as actual and potential applications to industrial and factory automation.
 Topics Track 1 - Information Technology in Automation, Track 2 - Industrial Communication Systems, Track 3 - Real-Time and (Networked) Embedded Systems [RTNES], Track 4 - Automated Manufacturing Systems, Track 5 - Industrial Control, Track 6 - Computational Intelligence and Modern Heuristics in Automation, Track 7 - Intelligent Robots & Systems, Track 8 - Sensors & Actuators
5.Einführung in die Fluidtechnik
 Start date17 Sep 2014
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 LocationEssen, Germany
 Abstract Den Teilnehmern werden praxisorientiert die Grundlagen der Fluidtechnik vermittelt. Hierzu gehören sowohl das Grundwissen über physikalische Gesetze, als auch über Bauelemente der Hydraulik und Pneumatik. Wichtige Bauelemente wie Ventile, Sensoren, Stellventile, usw. sowie das Verständnis für die wesentlichen Vorgänge in einem Regelkreis werden vorgestellt. Das Seminar vermittelt auch Kenntnisse über Zulassungen im Fluid-Bereich.
 Topics Theoretische Grundlagen, Steuerelemente, Proportionaltechnik, Prozess- und Regelventile, Wichtige Zulassungen im Fluid-Bereich
 Contact Haus der Technik e.V., Essen; Phone: [0201 1803 1]; Email:
 Related subject(s) Continuing Professional Education, Courses
6.HAKONE XIV — 14th International Symposium on High Pressure Low Temperatur Plasma Chemistry
 Dates 21 Sep 2014 → 26 Sep 2014
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 LocationZinnowitz/Usedom, Germany
 Abstract HAKONE is a bi-annual symposium bringing together scientists and engineers working on subjects in the basic research and plasma processing of high pressure (typically 1 bar) and low temperature plasma chemistry. The scope of the conference covers the mechanisms of dielectric barrier discharges, corona discharges, and other plasma sources operating at atmospheric pressure (e.g. gliding arcs, plasmajets, microplasmas), ozone synthesis and basic oxidants generation, applications in water treatment and environment protection, biomedical plasma application, surface modification, alternative materials and fuels. HAKONE aims to provide a forum for sharing knowledge, experience and creative ideas in an informal atmosphere. During the symposium an industrial exhibition is planned. The symposium will be limited to about 120 participants. HAKONE XIV is jointly organized by the University of Greifswald and INP Greifswald.
 Topics Fundamental problems of high pressure discharges, Modelling opf plasmas, plasma diagnostics, molecular synthesis and decomposition, ozone generation and applications, generation of radiation in high pressure discharges, depollution and environmental applications, surface processing and technology (cleaning, coating, etching and modification, equipment), biological and medical applications of plasmas
 Contact Ronny Brandenburg, Lars Stollenwerk; Phone: [+49-3834-554-3969]; Email:
 Related subject(s) Plasma and Gas-discharge Physics
7.Laser Welding International Masterclass Training
 Dates 25 Sep 2014 → 26 Sep 2014
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 LocationAmsterdam, Netherlands
 Abstract There will be 2 days of class room lectures with background information, practical aspects of laser welding and video demonstrations. The content of the course is informative but intuitive and easy to comprehend.
 Contact Phone: [+421 257 272 155]; Email:
 Related subject(s) Optics and Lasers; Laser Safety
8.MODELS 2014 — 2014 Model Driven Engineering Languages
 Dates 29 Sep 2014 → 03 Oct 2014
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 LocationValencia, Spain
9.ic-cmtp3 — 3rd International Conference on Competitive Materials and Technology Processes
 Dates 06 Oct 2014 → 10 Oct 2014
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 LocationMiskolc, Hungary
 Abstract Among the major fields of interest are materials with extreme physical, chemical, thermal, mechanical properties and dynamic strengths; including their crystalline and nano-structures, phase-transformations as well as methods of their technological processes, tests and measurements.
10.APIEMS 2014 - 15th Asia Pacific Industrial Engineering and Management Systems Conference
 Dates 12 Oct 2014 → 15 Oct 2014
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 LocationJeju, South Korea
 Abstract Industrial engineering was sprouted from major engineering disciplines that called for better professional understanding of industrialization. Ever since, our discipline has been the star role player in confronting emerging industries; be it manufacturing, service, high tech products, outer space technology, information technology, industrial policy, ergonomics, and now world's greatest concern, sustainable development. The Core value of APIEMS is associating and exchanging the better industrial engineering education, researches, and exchange information from different countries.
11.EfW — Energy from Waste
 Dates 13 Oct 2014 → 14 Oct 2014
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 LocationLondon, United Kingdom
 Abstract SMi's 7th annual conference on Energy from Waste will feature updates on regulatory frameworks, financing models, CHP and district heating projects, feedstock in the supply chain and case studies from UK, Central Europe and Africa. The two-day conference programme will bring together key leaders in the field to provide attendees with an in-depth look into current status of Energy from Waste.
 Topics energy, waste, EfW, renewable, anaerobic, digestion, biomass, bioenergy, biofuel, disposal
 Contact SMi Group Ltd ; Phone: [+44 (0) 20 7827 6156]; Email:
 Related subject(s) Ecosystems, Environment and Sustainable Development; Events and Training in Waste Management
12.6th Edition - Corrosion under Insulation MasterClass
 Dates 15 Oct 2014 → 16 Oct 2014
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 LocationAmsterdam, Netherlands
 Abstract This training will cover technical and management issues of corrosion under insulation and external corrosion. It will give the participants a unique offer to bring along their own cases they are dealing with for a class review and discussion.
 Contact Ada Tobias; Phone: [+421 257 272 155]; Email:
 Related subject(s) Electrochemistry, Electrolysis and Corrosion
13.ICAMEM2014 — 2014 4th International Conference on Advanced Materials and Engineering Materials (4th ICAMEM2014)
 Dates 16 Oct 2014 → 20 Oct 2014
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 LocationNingbo,Hong Kong, China
 Contact Ms.Ji; Phone: [+86-24-83958379-801]; Email:
 Related subject(s) Metallurgy and Materials Science
14.GCEA — Graphene Connect – Energy Applications
 Dates 20 Oct 2014 → 21 Oct 2014
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 LocationDresden, Germany
 Abstract Would you like to deepen your knowledge about the industrial relevance of graphene in energy solutions, e.g. batteries, fuel cells, and solar cells? We welcome you to the industrial workshop Graphene Connect – Energy applications, in Dresden, Germany. Meet your future graphene collaborators and learn about the state of the art in graphene energy applications – from the laboratory to scale-up applications.
 Topics graphene, energy, application, industry
 Contact Helena Theander, PhD, Innovation Deputy, Graphene Flagship; Email:
 Related subject(s) Condensed Matter Physics: Clusters, Nanomaterials, Graphene and Fullerenes
15.ITC — IEEE International Test Conference
 Dates 21 Oct 2014 → 23 Oct 2014
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 LocationSeattle, United States
 Abstract International Test Conference, the cornerstone of TestWeek™ events, is the world’s premier conference dedicated to the electronic test of devices, boards and systems-covering the complete cycle from design verification and validation, test (DFT, ATPG, and BIST), diagnosis, failure analysis and back to process, yield, reliability and design improvement. At ITC, test and design professionals can confront the challenges the industry faces, and learn how these challenges are being addressed by the combined efforts of academia, design tool and equipment suppliers, designers, and test engineers.
 Related subject(s) Computing Hardware; Electronic Engineering
16.Practical Project Management for Offshore Decommissioning Training
 Dates 22 Oct 2014 → 24 Oct 2014
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 LocationPerth, Australia
 Abstract This 3 days training course will provide the delegate with a comprehensive understanding of the key aspects of decommissioning. The course will be delivered by Ian Prince who is a recognized expert in the field of decommissioning. KEY TOPICS ? The key components of decommissioning ? The North Sea lessons learnt ? Regulatory issues ? Decommissioning strategies ? End of field life ? Phasing and timing of decommissioning ? Challenges and identification of key risks ? Cessation of production ? Well abandonment ? Offshore preparatory work ? Sub-sea ? Removal and disposal of the offshore facility ? High level cost estimate and schedule for a typical field
 Topics offshore, decommissioning, Cessation of production, well bandonment, regulation
 Contact Phone: [+421 257 272 155]; Email:
 Related subject(s) Petrochemistry and petrochemical industry
17.ASME Dynamic Systems and Control (DSC) Conference
 Dates 22 Oct 2014 → 24 Oct 2014
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 LocationSan Antonio, United States
 Abstract The DSC Conference is the showcase technical forum of the DSCD. It provides a focused and intimate setting for dissemination and discussion of the state of the art in dynamic systems and control research, with a mechanical engineering flavor. The 2014 DSC Conference technical program will cover the modeling, simulation, analysis, design, and control of dynamical systems. Topics will include control theory, industrial applications, and innovations in dynamical systems and control education. Technical themes for the conference—including advanced manufacturing, renewable and traditional energy, bioengineering and biomedical engineering, and cybersecurity for critical infrastructure—will be featured in special tracks. The program will include contributed sessions, invited sessions, tutorial sessions, special sessions, workshops, and exhibits.
 Related subject(s) Applied Maths: Dynamic Systems, Control and Automation
18.Sicherheitsventile — Sicherheitsventile und Berstscheiben
 Start date23 Oct 2014
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 LocationEssen, Germany
 Abstract Druckapparate müssen auf Grund gesetzlicher Auflagen mit Sicherheitseinrichtungen ausgestattet sein, die einen unzulässigen Druck und dadurch u. U. verursachte Schäden zuverlässig verhindern. Solche Sicherheitseinrichtungen sind Berstscheiben und Sicherheitsventile. Viele Anlagenplaner und/oder -Betreiber sind zwar mit den Verfahren und Apparaten gut vertraut, nicht aber mit Berstscheiben und Sicherheitsventilen. Die Veranstaltung soll Ihnen das Rüstzeug liefern, auch diese Anlagenteile richtig einzuplanen bzw. zu betreiben und sowohl den Herstellern und Lieferanten als auch den Genehmigungsbehörden ein fachkundiger Verhandlungspartner zu sein.
 Topics Sicherheitsventile , Berstscheiben , Verfahrenstechnik ,
 Contact Herr Dipl.-Ing. Kai Brommann Haus der Technik e.V. Hollestraße 1 45127 Essen; Phone: [0201 / 1803 251]; Email:
 Related subject(s) Continuing Professional Education, Courses
19.SSRR — 2014 IEEE International Symposium on Safety, Security, and Rescue Robotics
 Dates 27 Oct 2014 → 30 Oct 2014
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 LocationToyako, Hokkaido, Japan
 Abstract The 12th IEEE International Symposium on Safety, Security, and Rescue Robotics with continue its tradition of attracting cutting-edge papers in the theory and practice of robots for rapid and secure inspection of critical infrastructure, travelers, luggage, and paces; disaster response and recovery; humanitarian demining, disaster mitigation and recovery; detection of chemical, biological and radiological risks and operations in these dangerous sites; etc.
 Related subject(s) Robotics, Automation & Mechatronics
20.Science of Inkjet and Printed Drops 2014
 Start date11 Nov 2014
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 Location London, United Kingdom
 Abstract This annual meeting will cover all aspects of the generation, deposition and behaviour of liquid droplets, together with applications in graphical printing as well as printed electronics, novel materials processing and 3-D printing.
 Related subject(s) Computing Hardware
21.CSD&M 2014 — Complex Systems Design & Management (CSD&M) 2014
 Dates 12 Nov 2014 → 14 Nov 2014
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 LocationParis, France
 Abstract Conférence dédiée aux industriels et académiques dans le secteur de l'ingénierie industrielle des systèmes complexes.
 Topics complex, systems, ingeneering, ingénierie, systèmes, complexes, csdm, csd&m
 Related subject(s) Modeling and Simulation
22.SPE Annual Caspian Technical Conference and Exhibition
 Dates 12 Nov 2014 → 14 Nov 2014
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 LocationAstana, Kazakhstan
 Related subject(s) Mining & Mineral Processing
23.Australian Utility Week 2014
 Dates 18 Nov 2014 → 20 Nov 2014
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 LocationMelbourne, Australia
 Organizer Clarion Events
24.EFM 2014 — Experimental Fluid Mechanics 2014
 Dates 18 Nov 2014 → 21 Nov 2014
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 LocationCesky Krumlov, Czech Republic
 Abstract The conference will focus on obtaining overviews of projects under investigation and experimental methods used in the field of fluid mechanics and thermodynamics. Its purpose is to organize a network of research scientists who are interested in experimental, and also theoretical, work in the field of fluid mechanics and thermodynamics. Furthermore, it aims to contribute to the creation of closer contacts among like-minded scientists. Thus this conference will enable them to share their experience in the application of various experimental methods, the preparation and implementation of experiments, the processing of results and numerical simulations of experiments.
 Topics fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, experiments, cavitation, cryogenic fluid dynamics, ompressible and uncompressible fluid flow, stability of flow, heat and mass transfer
 Contact Petra Dancova, Ph.D.; Phone: [+420485353406]; Email:
 Related subject(s) Thermodynamics, Fluid Dynamics and Statistical Physics
25.Kesselbetriebstechnik 2014
 Dates 20 Nov 2014 → 21 Nov 2014
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 LocationMunich, Germany
 Abstract Diese Veranstaltung bietet Ihnen den fachlichen Rahmen, um sich über alle Bereiche des Kesselbetriebs zu informieren. Sie stellt Änderungen und Neuigkeiten der Technischen Regelwerke vor, welche für das Inverkehrbringen und den Betrieb dieser Anlagen von Belang sind. Insbesondere wird auf die Novellierung der BetrSichV, auch aus haftungsrechtlicher Sicht, den aktuellen Stand zu Europäischen Normen und Verbändevereinbarungen sowie auf die Änderungen für Dampfkesselbetreiber durch die neue AwSV eingegangen.
 Topics Kesselbetrieb, Regelwerke, BetrsichV, Dampfkessel; Betriebssicherheit, Kesselwasser, wassergefährdete Stoffe, Dampfanlagen, Heißwasseranlagen
 Contact TÜV SÜD Akademie GmbH ; Phone: [089-5791-2738]; Email:
 Related subject(s) Continuing Professional Education, Courses
26.ICTTE Belgrade 2014 — International Conference on Traffic and Transport Engineering
 Dates 27 Nov 2014 → 28 Nov 2014
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 LocationBelgrade, Serbia
 Abstract The conference will cover a wide range of topics related to traffic and transport engineering, with the aim of representing the importance of all modes of traffic and transport, especially the importance of improving these industries, and their compliance to one of the most significant principles nowadays, sustainable development.
 Topics Air traffic and transport research, Road traffic and transport research, Rail traffic and transport research, Inland waterways traffic and transport research, Maritime transport and ports research, Multimodal transportation and logistics research, Postal traffic and networks research, Telecommunication traffic and networks research, Sustainable transport, Transport economics, Transport and spatial development, Transport safety and security analysis, Transportation planning and design, Traffic modeling and route planning, Transportation infrastructure systems, Information communication technology and transport, Transport and the environment protection including green vehicles, Motor vehicles, Human factor in transport systems, Transport management issues, Low-volume roads, Transport equity appraisal, Transportation policy
 Contact Ivana Cavka , City Net Scientific Research Center Ltd. Belgrade ; Phone: [(+381 11) 26 23 895]; Email:
 Related subject(s) Aviation & Spaceflight
27.Process Hazard Analysis Masterclass
 Dates 04 Dec 2014 → 05 Dec 2014
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 LocationBerlin, Germany
 Abstract The two day training course will be professionally presented in discrete yet interconnecting modules using an effective interactive seminar style and multimedia presentations.
 Topics PHA Techniques, lifecycle stages, safety, process hazard, Asset Integrity, Risk Management, Process Safety, Plant Management, Reliability Assurance
 Contact For further information about the event, cost and registration please contact Ada Tobias via or call +421 257 272 155.; Phone: [+421 257 272 155]; Email:
28.IEEM 2014 - The IEEE International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management
 Dates 09 Dec 2014 → 12 Dec 2014
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 LocationSelangor/KL, Malaysia
29.CSD&M Asia 2014 — 1st Asia-Pacific Conference on Complex Systems Design & Management (CSD&M Asia 2014)
 Dates 10 Dec 2014 → 12 Dec 2014
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 LocationSingapore, Singapore
 Abstract CSD&M is an international 3-day conference dedicated to all Asia-Pacific academic and industrial actors working on complex systems modelling and engineering. This major event, already a standard in Europe, covers the field of complex systems sciences and practices.
 Topics complex systems, complex systems design, complex system management
 Related subject(s) Modeling and Simulation
30.TICEAS 2014 — 2014 Tokyo International Conference on Engineering and Applied Science
 Dates 17 Dec 2014 → 19 Dec 2014
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 LocationTokyo, Japan
 Abstract The TICEAS Conference aims to provide a communication platform for academics, researchers, graduates and industry professionals to not only present their recent and latest researches but also share their thoughts and discuss the future development in the field of education and psychology.
 Contact Higher Education Forum , Taipei, Taiwan ; Phone: [+886227401498]; Email:
31.EMI 2015 International Conference
 Dates 07 Jan 2015 → 09 Jan 2015
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 LocationHong Kong, China
 Organizer American Society of Civil Engineers
32.RAMS — 2015 Annual Reliability and Maintainability Symposium
 Dates 26 Jan 2015 → 29 Jan 2015
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 LocationPalm Harbor, FL, United States
 Abstract This conf covers all facets of the assurance sciences.
33.FM15 — Fire and Materials 2015
 Dates 02 Feb 2015 → 04 Feb 2015
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 LocationSan Francisco, United Kingdom
 Abstract Fire and Materials is a major international forum on fire performance of materials and the products into which they are made. The conference focuses on the needs of manufacturers, their customers, designers and regulators, who require up-to-date information on fire issues, including new materials, applications, assessment techniques and regulatory requirements. Papers on Flame Retardants, FR applications and Modelling are welcomed, along with those on performance in construction, electro technical and transport applications.

The conference also addresses specific issues and general updates in the fire safety field, and over the last decade, due to demand, has introduced significant parallel session on Fire Investigation, and Wild land / Urban interface.

 Topics Fire safety engineering, fires in buildings, cables, electro technical, furniture, wildland fires, fire dynamics, transportation, fire investigation, flame retardants, modelling
 Contact Carole Franks , Interscience Communications Ltd ; Phone: [44 (0)208 692 5050]; Email:
 Related subject(s) Civil Engineering
34.Thailand Industrial Fair 2015
 Dates 05 Feb 2015 → 08 Feb 2015
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 LocationBangkok, Thailand
 Abstract Thailand Industrial Fair 2015, the trade exhibition for modern industrial technology, machinery, equipment, industrial supplies and services for Thailand’s and ASEAN’s manufacturing industry. It is the perfect platform providing visitors  great opportunities to meet  qualified exhibitors and select the latest technology and modern machinery to enhance their productivity and competitive capabilities as well as to obtain special offers from leading brands and technology leaders. In addition, numerous business activities are also contained in this trade exhibition including business networking activities such as international seminar, conferences and practical workshops, this mega industrial fair attracts all high profiles business people, industry professionals, importers and exporters, distributors and manufacturers to  develop and expand their business connections efficiently. As a result, Thailand Industrial Fair 2015 offers excellent business opportunity for both exhibitors and visitors to get the best advantage as well as to penetrate in to Thailand’s and ASEAN’s fast growing manufacturing industry.
 Dates 08 Feb 2015 → 13 Feb 2015
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 LocationSicily, Jamaica
 Abstract This is the sixth conference in this long running ECI series begun by Dr. Norman Li and Professor Enrico Drioli. Previous conferences were held in 2001 (Barga, Italy), 2004 (Irsee, Germany), 2006 (Cetraro, Italy), 2009 (Trondheim, Norway), and 2012 (Singapore). The 2015 conference will showcase the recent advancements of membrane research, development and applications related to water production, wastewater reclamation, gas and liquid separations and purifications, energy issues, the environment, special needs, etc. This ECI membrane conference will also address new frontiers of membranes, such as biomimetic membranes, graphene membranes, CNT membranes, membranes for power generation, etc.
 Topics Membranes desalination fracking challenging separations MBR advances Biomimetic nanocomposite fouling
 Contact Arlene Conway ; Phone: [12125146760]; Email:
36.SPIE AL15 — SPIE Advanced Lithography 2015
 Dates 22 Feb 2015 → 26 Feb 2015
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 LocationSan Jose, United States
 Abstract SPIE Advanced Lithography is the premier conference for the lithography community. For 40 years, SPIE has brought together this community to address challenges presented in fabricating next-generation integrated circuits.
 Contact Customer Service P.O. Box 10 Bellingham, WA 98227 United States; Phone: [+1 360 676 3290]; Email:
 Related subject(s) Condensed Matter Physics: Semiconductors
37.UT — 2015 IEEE Underwater Technology
 Dates 23 Feb 2015 → 25 Feb 2015
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 LocationChennai, India
 Abstract The symposium scope is to provide a thematic umbrella for researchers working in underwater systems across the world to discuss the problems and potential long term solutions that concern not only the Indian Ocean regional countries, but the world ocean in general.
38.Cables 2015
 Dates 03 Mar 2015 → 05 Mar 2015
[ID=626592] Go to top of page
 LocationCologne, Germany
 Abstract This well established event attracts over 250 international delegates from across the global supply chain and is recognised as the leading forum looking at polymer developments for Wire & Cable applications. The conference will bring together cable producers, raw materials and additive suppliers, compounders and equipment manufacturers.
 Topics Wire, cable, wire & cable, polymers, plastics, fire resistance
 Contact Rebecca Utteridge, AMI Ltd; Phone: [+44 117 314 8111]; Email:
 Related subject(s) Events and Training in Plastic Processing
39.Maintec 2015
 Dates 24 Mar 2015 → 26 Mar 2015
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 LocationBirmingham, United Kingdom
 Abstract Maintec is the UK's leading show for maintenance, plant and asset management and provides an annual forum for industry professionals from the maintenance community to network, do business and be inspired.
40.20th International Conference on Wear of Materials
 Dates 12 Apr 2015 → 16 Apr 2015
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 LocationToronto, Canada
 Abstract Organised every two years, the Wear of Materials Conference provides a unique international forum for researchers and practicing engineers from different disciplines to interact and exchange their latest results.
41.SysCon — 2015 Annual IEEE Systems Conference
 Dates 13 Apr 2015 → 16 Apr 2015
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 LocationVancouver, BC, Canada
 Abstract The theme of the IEEE International Systems Conference is Engineering of Complex Systems, to include Systems-of-systems, Systems Engineering, Systems Integration, and Systems Thinking.
42.China (Shanghai) International Vibrating Machinery Equipment and Technology Expo
 Dates 15 Apr 2015 → 17 Apr 2015
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 LocationShanghai, China
 Related subject(s) Applied Physics: Acoustics, Noise and Vibration
43.IRPS — 2015 IEEE International Reliability Physics Symposium
 Dates 19 Apr 2015 → 23 Apr 2015
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 LocationMonterey, California, United States
 Abstract Sharing information related to cause, effects and solutions in the deign and manufacture of electronics and related components
44.Emergency Power Systems at Nuclear Power Plants 2015
 Dates 23 Apr 2015 → 24 Apr 2015
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 LocationMunich, Germany
 Abstract In April 2013 the first international Symposium Emergency Power Systems at Nuclear Power Plants took place in Munich, Germany. With more than 140 participants from 15 countries this event with its presentations, discussions and its exchange of experience showed the importance of an international conference for users of emergency power systems in nuclear power plants. This second Symposium will again reinforce the importance of assuring reliable power supplies in case of loss of other power sources and address the objectives of designers, manufacturers, utilities, regulators, vendors and academic organizations.
 Topics Notstrom, Notstromdiesel, Kerntechnik, AUTANOVE-Project, Diesel engines with nuclear certificate, emergency power facilities, performance tests of components, special cases of engine troubles in nuclear application , diversity start installations, torsion vibration calculation, load range, Seismic qualifications for water-air coolers, Emergency Power Systems at Nuclear Power Plants, EDG, UPS, EPF/S, EPS
 Contact Ute Alius; Phone: [+49 (0)89 5791-1647]; Email:
 Related subject(s) Nuclear Energy and Radwaste
45.Structures Congress 2015
 Dates 23 Apr 2015 → 25 Apr 2015
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 LocationPortland, United States
 Abstract The program of Structures Congress 2015 will provide a forum to advance the art, science and practice of structural engineering. We are currently accepting proposals for complete sessions and abstracts for individual papers to be presented during the Structures Congress.
46.TechCon — SVC 58th Annual Technical Conference
 Dates 25 Apr 2015 → 30 Apr 2015
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 LocationSanta Clara, United States
 Abstract The SVC TechCon is a forum for the interchange of information between those engaged in the use and development of vacuum coatings for large- and small-scale applications.  The technical conference will provide a special focus on one of the industry's hot topics within the Symposium, " Coating Technologies for the Interconnected Age : advancing mobility, durability and performance of mobile electronics. "    The TechCon includes a four-day schedule of technical and industry related oral and poster presentations, a two-day Technology Exhibit featuring over 180 vacuum equipment, materials, supplies and service providers, and a six-day Education Program of 20 full and/or half day tutorial courses.  Several social and networking events are scheduled throughout the TechCon program.   In addition to the presentations made in the Symposium, the Technical Program covers the following traditional topics: Protective, Tribological and Decorative Coatings, Optical Coatings, Large Area Coatings, Plasma Processing, HIPIMS, WebTech Roll-to-Roll Coatings, Emerging Technologies, Coatings and Processes for Biomedical and Environmental Applications, Coatings for Energy Conversion and Related Processes.
 Related subject(s) Condensed Matter Physics and Materials
47.4th China International Elevator Expo 2015
 Dates 28 Apr 2015 → 30 Apr 2015
[ID=651531] Go to top of page
 LocationShanghai, China
 Related subject(s) Civil Engineering
48.GT'15 — VGB-Fachtagung
 Dates 06 May 2015 → 07 May 2015
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 LocationLübeck, Germany
 Abstract Die VGB-Fachtagung „Gasturbinen und Gasturbinenbetrieb“ findet am 6./7. Mai 2015 in der Lübecker Musik- und Kongresshallen GmbH in Lübeck statt. Ziel dieser Fachtagung ist es, den von erweiterten Anforderungen bestimmten Gasturbinenbetrieb auch in Zukunft mit hoher Verfügbarkeit, Zuverlässigkeit, guten Wirkungsgraden und einem akzeptablen Lebensdauerverbauch zu gewährleisten. Die Fachtagung richtet sich an Hersteller, Planer, Betreiber, Versicherer und alle an der Technik und deren Umfeld interessierte Fachleute, Forscher, Behörden und Verbände.
 Topics Qualitätssicherung bei Herstellung und Instandhaltung, Lifecycle-costs, Load flexibility, Minutenreserve und Sekundärregelung, Brennstoffqualitäten und -angebote, „Fuel flexibility“, Konzepte für Lifetime-extension, Technologien und neue Anlagenkonzepte, Verfügbarkeit, Zuverlässigkeit und Wirtschaftlichkeit, Anforderungen an den Klimaschutz sowie der Ressourcenschonung; NOx-Reduzierung,
 Related subject(s) Mechanical engineering
49.6th International Conference on Safety and Security Engineering
 Dates 06 May 2015 → 08 May 2015
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 LocationOpatija, Croatia
 Topics Risk analysis, assessment and management, System safety engineering, Incident management, Information and communication security, Natural disaster management, Emergency response, Critical infrastructure protection, Public safety and security, Human factors, Transportation safety and security, Modelling and experiments, Security surveillance systems
50.ISPCE — 2015 IEEE Symposium on Product Compliance Engineering
 Dates 11 May 2015 → 13 May 2015
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 LocationChicago, United States
 Abstract Focusing on product safety and regulatory compliance in the Consumer, IT, Medical Devices and Industrial Sectors in global markets.
51.OCEANS 2015 - Genova
 Dates 19 May 2015 → 21 May 2015
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 LocationGenoa, Italy
 Abstract The Marine Technology Society and the Oceanic Engineering Society of IEEE cosponsor a joint annual conference and exposition on ocean science, engineering and policy. The OCEANS conference covers four days. One day for tutorials and three for approx. 450 technical papers and 50-200 exhibits.
52.Disaster Management 2015 — 4th International Conference on Disaster Management and Human Health: Reducing Risk, Improving Outcomes
 Dates 20 May 2015 → 22 May 2015
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 LocationIstanbul, Turkey
 Organizer Wessex Institute
53.PPIC — 2015 61st IEEE Pulp and Paper Industry Conference
 Dates 15 Jun 2015 → 18 Jun 2015
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 LocationMilwaukee, WI, United States
 Abstract The Pulp and Paper Technical Operations Committee (PPIC) is a technical committee of the Process Industries Department (PID) of the Industry Applications Society (IAS) of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). The objective of the Pulp and Paper Technical Committee is To advance the theory and practice in the electrical field as related to the design and management of electrical systems within the pulp and paper industry.
54.Essential Knowledge Workshop on Deterministic Safety Assessment and Engineering Aspects Important to Safety
 Dates 13 Oct 2015 → 24 Oct 2015
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 LocationICTP Trieste, Italy
 Organizer The Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics
 Related subject(s) Courses and Events for Physics Students
55.PES ICC — 2015 IEEE PES Insulated Conductors Committee Fall Meeting
 Dates 16 Oct 2015 → 24 Oct 2015
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 LocationLas Vegas, NV, United States
 Abstract To continuously improve the fundamental technological understanding, practical application, and safe use of conductors having applied insulation or coverings.
 Related subject(s) Electrical Engineering; Condensed Matter Physics and Materials
56.RAMS — 2016 Annual Reliability and Maintainability Symposium
 Dates 25 Jan 2016 → 28 Jan 2016
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 LocationTucson, AZ, United States
 Topics Tutorials and original papers on reliability, maintainability, safety, risk management, and logistics
57.SMRLO'16 — The Second International Symposium on Stochastic Models in Reliability Engineering, Life Science and Operations Management
 Dates 15 Feb 2016 → 18 Feb 2016
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 LocationBeer Sheva, Israel
 Abstract This SCE symposium will constitute a forum for discussing different issues of Stochastic Models in Reliability Engineering, Life Science and Operations Management with respect to their applications. The symposium objective is to assemble researchers and practitioners from universities, institutions and industries from around the world, involved in these fields, and to encourage mutual exchange.
 Topics Stochastic Models and Methods in Reliability Engineering, Reliability Engineering, Reliability Theory with Applications, Reliability of Multi-state Systems, Network Reliability, Maintenance, Quality Control, Testing, Stochastic Models and Methods in Life Sciences, Bio-informatics, Data Mining, Bio-Statistics, Health Care, Ecology and Environmental Protection, Stochastic Models and Methods in Operations Management, Project Management, Manufacturing, Inventory and Chain of Supply, Information Systems, Services, Transportation, •Finance Safety and Security, Simulation, DEA Analyses,
 Contact Dr. ILia B. Frenkel; Phone: [+97286475642]; Email:
 Related subject(s) Probability and Statistics, Game Theory; Applied Maths: Operational research
58.T&D — 2016 IEEE/PES Transmission and Distribution Conference and Exposition
 Dates 03 May 2016 → 05 May 2016
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 LocationDallas, TX, United States
 Abstract The IEEE PES T & D Conference and Exposition is the largest and most comprehensive of it's type in the world. With over 12,000 attendees, 700 exhibitors the show is the best place to see the latest technology and latest equipment available in the utility industry. With over 60 countries represented the conference is international in nature from both an attendee and exhibitor perspective. The combination of a technical conference that covers all aspects of technology that faces the T&D industry today and the largest T&D exhibit floor in North America is a "must attend" for any technical personnel involved in the T & D industry, no matter at what level. If there is only one conference to attend in the year, this is it.
59.RAMS — 2017 Annual Reliability and Maintainability Symposium
 Dates 23 Jan 2017 → 26 Jan 2017
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 LocationOrlando, FL, United States
 Topics Tutorials and original papers on reliability, maintainability, safety, risk management, and logistics
 Dates 09 Sep 2017 → 15 Sep 2017
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 LocationSchaumburg, IL, United States
 Abstract IEEE AUTOTESTCON is also known as the Systems Readiness Technology Conference. This major conference and exposition provides focus on the maintenance aspects of systems readiness and providing Mission Assurance through Advanced ATE (Automatic Test Equpmenrt/Systems). This includes Maintenance Repair & Overhaul as well as factory and development automated test equipment. This conference brings military and aerospace industry principals together to share new concepts, technologies and applications in this essential field of supportability and sustainability. The conference includes a major exhibit of exciting new products from a wide variety of exhibitors, and provides the opportunity to meet with senior military and aerospace leaders to discuss their future needs and expectations and the ways in which we can satisfy those needs.
 Related subject(s) Aviation & Spaceflight

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