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A Fractured Universe? Fundamental Physics, Symmetry and Life
30 Nov 2017 - 01 Dec 2017 • Sydney, Australia
Our cosmos displays a curious mixture of symmetry and asymmetry. Why is it that some symmetries hold (electric charge, spin, mass-energy), some almost hold (baryon number, lepton number, parity, cosmic homogeneity), some are broken (chiral symmetry, electroweak gauge symmetry), and some don't hold at all (macroscopic time asymmetry)? Does the answer to these fundamental questions lie in their effect on the creation of observers like us? Or do symmetry principles, as John Wheeler argued, merely summarise while hiding the real machinery of nature?

In light of these challenges, this workshop will bring together physicists, cosmologists, astronomers and philosophers for two days of invited and contributed talks. We invite talks on such topics as:

* the role of symmetries in fundamental laws of nature

* symmetry breaking in cosmology and particle physics

* cosmic and fundamental constants

* physical theories of the multiverse

* the role of probability theory in evaluating fine-tuning and naturalness

* the connection between life and our cosmic environment

* the broader implications of our place in the cosmos.

Luke Barnes;     Phone: [+61 2 90367980];     Email:
cosmology, fundamental physics, astrobiology, astronomy
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